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The Consortium
Led by Nexus-Prince Haramad, the Consortium is a loosely affiliated cartel of ethereal smugglers, traders and thieves that has come to Outland to benefit from its riches.

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Reward from killing (35)Reward from (96)Members (67)Items (31)Criteria of (8)
Referenced by (2)
Tavarok (Heroic)??A HBoss Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+250
<Void Hound of Shaffar>
72A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+250
Pandemonius (Heroic)??A HBoss Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+250
Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Heroic)??A HBoss Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+250
Nexus-Prince Shaffar66 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+70
Tavarok66 - 72A HGiant Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+70
Pandemonius66 - 72A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 1+70
Nexus Terror (Heroic)70A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 8+22
Ethereal Scavenger (Heroic)70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 7+15
Ethereal Crypt Raider (Heroic)70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 13+15
Ethereal Priest (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 18+15
Nexus Stalker (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 5+15
Ethereal Darkcaster (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 12+15
Ethereal Beacon (Heroic)70 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 3+15
Arcane Fiend (Heroic)70 - 71A HElemental Mana-Tombs2.2.0 2+15
Ethereal Theurgist (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 3+15
Ethereal Spellbinder (Heroic)72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 8+15
Ethereal Sorcerer (Heroic)71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 19+15
Nexus Terror64 - 70A HDemon Mana-Tombs2.2.0 8+10
Arcane Fiend64 - 71A HElemental Mana-Tombs2.2.0 2+7
Ethereal Crypt Raider64 - 70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 13+7
Ethereal Spellbinder65 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 8+7
Ethereal Sorcerer64 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 19+7
Ethereal Priest64 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 18+7
Ethereal Darkcaster65 - 71A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 12+7
Ethereal Beacon65 - 70A HUnspecified Mana-Tombs2.2.0 3+7
Ethereal Scavenger64 - 70A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 7+7
Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen66A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+7
Shadow Lord Xiraxis66A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+7
Nexus Stalker65 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 5+7
Ethereal Wraith65 - 72A HElemental 2.2.0 0+7
Ethereal Theurgist66 - 72A HHumanoid Mana-Tombs2.2.0 3+7
Ethereal Apprentice65 - 71A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+7
Mana Leech (Heroic)70A HBeast Mana-Tombs2.2.0 24+3
Mana Leech64 - 70A HBeast Mana-Tombs2.2.0 24+1