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Once a high elf town, Tranquillien became abandoned after the Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas. It has now been reclaimed by the Forsaken and the blood elves who seek to rid the Ghostlands of the Scourge.

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Reward from (42)Members (20)Items (15)Criteria of (4)Criteria of tree (5)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Traitor's Destruction+8000Ghostlands2115
Windrunner Village+3000Ghostlands149
Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran+3000Ghostlands219
Captives at Deatholme+3000Ghostlands2017
Dar'Khan's Lieutenants+3000Ghostlands2017
War on Deatholme+3000Ghostlands2017
The Twin Ziggurats+2000Ghostlands1715
Investigate the Amani Catacombs+2000Ghostlands1714
Suncrown Village+1000Ghostlands109
Goldenmist Village+1000Ghostlands119
The Fallen Courier+1000Ghostlands109
The Plagued Coast+1000Ghostlands1310
Salvaging the Past+1000Ghostlands129
Tomber's Supplies+1000Ghostlands119
Down the Dead Scar+1000Ghostlands1410
Forgotten Rituals+1000Ghostlands129
Investigate An'daroth+1000Ghostlands1111
Into Occupied Territory+1000Ghostlands1411
Deactivate An'owyn+1000Ghostlands1611
Culinary Crunch+1000Ghostlands1512
Retaking Windrunner Spire+1000Ghostlands1515
Vanquishing Aquantion+1000Ghostlands139
The Lady's Necklace+1000Ghostlands1515
Trouble at the Underlight Mines+1000Ghostlands1411
Troll Juju+1000Ghostlands1714
Underlight Ore Samples+1000Ghostlands1411
A Little Dash of Seasoning+1000Ghostlands1916
Clearing the Way+1000Ghostlands1815
Rotting Hearts+500Ghostlands1615
More Rotting Hearts+500Ghostlands1615
Spinal Dust+500Ghostlands1815
More Spinal Dust+500Ghostlands1815
Heart of Deatholme+350Ghostlands2016 
Delivery to Tranquillien+250Ghostlands109
The Sanctum of the Sun+250Ghostlands2017
Deliver the Plans to An'telas+250Ghostlands1611
Report to Magister Kaendris+250Ghostlands1615
The Forsaken (Blood Elf)+250Ghostlands109
The Forsaken+250Ghostlands109
Return to Arcanist Vandril+250Ghostlands109
A Restorative Draught+250Ghostlands2017