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Silvermoon City
The capital of Quel'Thalas, home of the blood elves. Though nearly destroyed by Arthas' attack on the Sunwell, Silvermoon is once again a thriving city.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Altar of Storms+500Blasted Lands5554
The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn+500Blasted Lands5955
What's in the Box?+500Pandaren Campaign9090
For The Horde!+500Blackrock Spire6055
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
Allegiance to the Horde (Blood Elf)+500Silvermoon City2115
True Masters of the Light (Blood Elf)+500Paladin 60
A Donation of Wool+350Silvermoon City6012
A Donation of Silk+350Silvermoon City6026
A Donation of Mageweave+350Silvermoon City6040
A Donation of Runecloth+350Silvermoon City6050
The Demons and the Druid+350Blasted Lands5855
Demoniac Vessel+350Blasted Lands5855
Do it for Twinkles+350Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Weapons of Darkness (Blood Elf)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Twilight Scheming (Blood Elf)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Felendren the Banished (Blood Elf)+350Sunstrider Isle51
The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll+350Eversong Woods95
Bring Me Kel'gash's Head!+350Ghostlands209
Defiling Uther's Tomb+350Western Plaguelands5855
Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage+350Hellfire Peninsula6358
Arelion's Mistress+350Hellfire Peninsula6260
Frost Nova (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Ways of the Light (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Steady Shot (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Evisceration (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Learning the Word (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Corruption (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Whitebark's Memory+250Eversong Woods107
Silvermoon (Blood Elf)+250Special 65
The Valiant's Challenge+250Tournament8077
A Blade Fit For A Champion+250Tournament8077
A Worthy Weapon+250Tournament8077
The Edge Of Winter+250Tournament8077
A Valiant's Field Training+250Tournament8077
The Grand Melee+250Tournament8077
At The Enemy's Gates+250Tournament8077
Furien's Footsteps+250Desolace3027 
A Thousand Stories in the Sand+250Azshara1210 
Memories of the Dead+250Azshara1210 
Mystery of the Sarcen Stone+250Azshara1210 
Nothing a Couple of Melons Won't Fix+250Desolace3027
The Dreadmaul Furnace+250Blasted Lands5554
The First Step+250Blasted Lands5554
Not Just Any Body+250Blasted Lands5554
A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too+250Blasted Lands5554
The Amulet of Allistarj+250Blasted Lands5654
The Amulet of Sevine+250Blasted Lands5654
The Amulet of Grol+250Blasted Lands5654
Charge! (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
The Morons' League+250Badlands4644
Forcible Acquisition+250Badlands4644
It's Not About History, It's About Power+250Badlands4644
A Fighting Chance+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
Tiger Palm (Blood Elf)+250Monk32
Thirst Unending (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
A Fistful of Slivers (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Solanian's Belongings (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
The Shrine of Dath'Remar (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Solanian's Belongings (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle11
Unfortunate Measures (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle31
Solanian's Belongings (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Aggression (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle41
A Fistful of Slivers (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Tainted Arcane Sliver (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle41
Windows to the Source+250Warlock 1
The Shrine of Dath'Remar (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle42
Thirst Unending (Blood Elf)+250Sunstrider Isle32
Unstable Mana Crystals+250Eversong Woods54
Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer+250Eversong Woods64
Major Malfunction+250Eversong Woods54
A Somber Task+250Eversong Woods96
Old Whitebark's Pendant+250Eversong Woods107
The Dead Scar+250Eversong Woods64
Amani Encroachment+250Eversong Woods107
The Spearcrafter's Hammer+250Eversong Woods107
Lost Armaments+250Eversong Woods75
Incriminating Documents+250Eversong Woods64
The Dwarven Spy+250Eversong Woods74
Arcane Instability+250Eversong Woods64
Corrupted Soil+250Eversong Woods97
Unexpected Results+250Eversong Woods97
Powering our Defenses+250Eversong Woods108
Pelt Collection+250Eversong Woods74
Fish Heads, Fish Heads...+250Eversong Woods75
Grimscale Pirates!+250Eversong Woods85
Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters+250Eversong Woods85
Word from the Spire+250Eversong Woods108
Abandoned Investigations+250Eversong Woods108
Situation at Sunsail Anchorage+250Eversong Woods75
Cleaning up the Grounds+250Eversong Woods108
Swift Discipline+250Eversong Woods64
The Party Never Ends+250Eversong Woods97
Wretched Ringleader+250Eversong Woods85
Malfunction at the West Sanctum+250Eversong Woods54
Return to Sathiel (Blood Elf)+250Eversong Woods75
Dealing with Zeb'Sora+250Ghostlands129
Bearers of the Plague+250Ghostlands1411
Curbing the Plague+250Ghostlands1511
The Traitor's Shadow+250Ghostlands1615
Hints of the Past+250Ghostlands1615
Vanquishing Aquantion+250Ghostlands139
Escape from the Catacombs+250Ghostlands1714
Shadowpine Weaponry+250Ghostlands1815
Defending Fairbreeze Village+250Eversong Woods97
Spirits of the Drowned+250Ghostlands129
Attack on Zeb'Tela+250Ghostlands1815
Assault on Zeb'Nowa+250Ghostlands1915
The Great Fissure+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
Darnassian Intrusions+250Eversong Woods64
Amani Invasion+250Eversong Woods118
Warning Fairbreeze Village+250Eversong Woods118
In Need of Felblood+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
The Cleansing Must Be Stopped+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
Arelion's Journal+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
The Road to Falcon Watch+250Hellfire Peninsula6361
A Pilgrim's Plight+250Hellfire Peninsula6361
Thirsting For Power+250Hellfire Peninsula6361
Trueflight Arrows+250Hellfire Peninsula6361
Source of the Corruption+250Hellfire Peninsula6360
Marking the Path+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
Magic of the Arakkoa+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
Birds of a Feather+250Hellfire Peninsula6260
A Different Approach+250Thousand Needles2824
Testing the Tonic+250Thousand Needles2824
Bloodscalp Insight+250Northern Stranglethorn2624
Twilight of the Dawn Runner+250Dustwallow Marsh3733
Unclaimed Baggage+250Badlands4036
[DEPRECATED]Little Morsels+250Swamp of Sorrows3835
The So-Called Mark of the Lightbringer+250Western Plaguelands5855
An Unusual Patron+250Northern Stranglethorn2624
<NYI>Return to Knight-Lord Bloodvalor+250Paladin 12 
A Demonstration of Loyalty (Blood Elf)+250Paladin 60
True Masters of the Light (Blood Elf)+250Paladin 60
Arelion's Secret+150Hellfire Peninsula6260
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Return of the Highborne?+150Azshara108 
All Becoming Clearer+150Desolace3127 
Hacking the Construct+150Azshara1816 
Deactivating the Spire+150Eversong Woods108
True Masters of the Light (Blood Elf)+150Paladin 60
Additional Runecloth+75Silvermoon City6050
Fire Training+75Hallow's End 1 
The Sunveil Excursion+75Blasted Lands5755
Get My Results!+75Pandaren Campaign9090
Mage Training (Blood Elf)+75Mage32
Warlock Training (Blood Elf)+75Warlock32
Priest Training (Blood Elf)+75Priest32
Soaked Pages+75Eversong Woods64
Fly to Silvermoon City (Blood Elf)+75Eversong Woods75
Missing in the Ghostlands+75Ghostlands1010
Delivery to the Sepulcher+75Silverpine Forest1515
The Wayward Apprentice+75Eversong Woods97
Research Notes+75Eversong Woods97
Fairbreeze Village+75Eversong Woods76
Hero of the Sin'dorei (Blood Elf)+75Ghostlands2115
Rogue Training (Blood Elf)+75Rogue32
Hunter Training (Blood Elf)+75Hunter32
Report to Tarren Mill (Blood Elf)+75Hillsbrad Foothills2018
Report to Splintertree Post (Blood Elf)+75Ashenvale2018
Paladin Training (Blood Elf)+75Paladin32
Package Recovery+75Sunstrider Isle54
A Gesture of Commitment (Blood Elf)+75Paladin 60
Friend of the Sin'dorei (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin)+75Ghostlands2115
The Mistress Revealed+25Hellfire Peninsula6260
My Time Has Passed+25Desolace3027 
Attune the Bloodstone+25Blasted Lands5554
Blood Ritual+25Blasted Lands5554
I'm A Huge Liar and a Fraud+25The Cape of Stranglethorn3226
Monk Training (Blood Elf)+25Sunstrider Isle32
Warrior Training (Blood Elf)+25Sunstrider Isle32
Completing the Delivery+25Sunstrider Isle54
Delivery to the North Sanctum+25Eversong Woods64
Taking the Fall+25Eversong Woods64
Goods from Silvermoon City (Blood Elf)+25Eversong Woods75
Skymistress Gloaming (Blood Elf)+25Eversong Woods75
Runewarden Deryan+25Eversong Woods108
The Scorched Grove+25Eversong Woods108
Slain by the Wretched+25Sunstrider Isle54
A Valiant Of Silvermoon (Blood Elf)+10Tournament8077
Valiant Of Silvermoon (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin)+10Tournament8077
Avenge Furien!+10Desolace3027 
How Best to Proceed+10Blasted Lands5855
Seek Out Master Pyreanor (Blood Elf)+10Paladin2020
Journey to Orgrimmar (Blood Elf)+10Priest2020
Bloodwatcher Point+10Badlands4644
Meet with Tyelis (Blood Elf)+10Orgrimmar5050
Warchief's Command: Desolace!+10Desolace3029
Warchief's Command: Ghostlands!+10Ghostlands109
Report to Lanthan Perilon (Blood Elf)+10Sunstrider Isle31
Aiding the Outrunners (Blood Elf)+10Sunstrider Isle54
The Magister's Apprentice+10Eversong Woods108
Roadside Ambush+10Eversong Woods64
Report to Aeldon Sunbrand+10Eversong Woods54
Ranger Sareyn+10Eversong Woods98
Where's Wyllithen?+10Eversong Woods108
Saltheril's Haven+10Eversong Woods98
The Second Trial (Blood Elf)+10Paladin 20
A Summons from Lord Solanar (Blood Elf)+10Paladin 60
The Master's Path (Blood Elf)+10Paladin 60
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601