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Darkmoon Faire
A carnival that showcases the weird and the extraordinary, located on a mysterious island only accessible for the first week of every month.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Darkmoon Blessings Deck+350Darkmoon Faire701 
Darkmoon Storms Deck+350Darkmoon Faire701 
Darkmoon Furies Deck+350Darkmoon Faire701 
Darkmoon Lunacy Deck+350Darkmoon Faire701 
Darkmoon Prisms Deck+350Darkmoon Faire801 
Darkmoon Chaos Deck+350Darkmoon Faire801 
Darkmoon Nobles Deck+350Darkmoon Faire801 
Darkmoon Undeath Deck+350Darkmoon Faire801 
Darkmoon Volcanic Deck+350Darkmoon Faire851 
Darkmoon Hurricane Deck+350Darkmoon Faire851 
Darkmoon Tsunami Deck+350Darkmoon Faire851 
Darkmoon Earthquake Deck+350Darkmoon Faire851 
Darkmoon Crane Deck+350Darkmoon Faire901 
Darkmoon Ox Deck+350Darkmoon Faire901 
Darkmoon Serpent Deck+350Darkmoon Faire901 
Darkmoon Tiger Deck+350Darkmoon Faire901 
Darkmoon Iron Deck+350Darkmoon Faire1001 
Darkmoon Moon Deck+350Darkmoon Faire1001 
Darkmoon Visions Deck+350Darkmoon Faire1001 
Darkmoon War Deck+350Darkmoon Faire1001 
Darkmoon Beast Deck+350Darkmoon Faire 1 
Darkmoon Portals Deck+350Darkmoon Faire 1 
Darkmoon Warlords Deck+350Darkmoon Faire 1 
Darkmoon Elementals Deck+350Darkmoon Faire 1 
Test Your Strength+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Tonk Commander+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
The Humanoid Cannonball+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
He Shoots, He Scores!+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
A Curious Crystal+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
An Exotic Egg+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
An Intriguing Grimoire+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
A Wondrous Weapon+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
A Curious Crystal+250Darkmoon Faire 15
An Exotic Egg+250Darkmoon Faire 15
An Intriguing Grimoire+250Darkmoon Faire 15
A Woundrous Weapon+250Darkmoon Faire 15
The Master Strategist+250Darkmoon Faire8515 
The Master Strategist+250Darkmoon Faire8585
Target: Turtle+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
A Captured Banner+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
The Enemy's Insignia+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
The Captured Journal+250Darkmoon Faire 15 
A Captured Banner+250Darkmoon Faire 15
The Enemy's Insignia+250Darkmoon Faire 15
The Captured Journal+250Darkmoon Faire 15
It's Hammer Time+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Tools of Divination+250Darkmoon Faire8560 
Tools of Divination+250Darkmoon Faire8585
Talkin' Tonks+250Mulgore 1
Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes+250Mulgore 1 
Rearm, Reuse, Recycle+250Mulgore 1
Tan My Hide+250Mulgore 1 
Writing the Future+250Mulgore 1 
Eyes on the Prizes+250Mulgore 1 
Putting the Carnies Back Together Again+250Mulgore 1
Putting Trash to Good Use+250Mulgore 1 
A Fizzy Fusion+250Mulgore 1 
Herbs for Healing+250Mulgore 1 
Banners, Banners Everywhere!+250Mulgore 1
Keeping the Faire Sparkling+250Mulgore 1
Putting the Crunch in the Frog+250Mulgore 1 
Fun for the Little Ones+250Mulgore 1
A Fizzy Fusion+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Fun for the Little Ones+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Putting the Crunch in the Frog+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Putting Trash to Good Use+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Talkin' Tonks+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Putting the Carnies Back Together Again+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Herbs for Healing+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Writing the Future+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Keeping the Faire Sparkling+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Eyes on the Prizes+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Rearm, Reuse, Recycle+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Tan My Hide+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Banners, Banners Everywhere!+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Den Mother's Demise+250Darkmoon Faire9090 
Iron Joker+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Firebird's Challenge+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Welcome to the Darkmoon Races+250Darkmoon Island 1 
The Real Race+250Darkmoon Island 1 
The Real Big Race+250Darkmoon Island 1 
Carnival Boots+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Carnival Jerkins+250Darkmoon Faire 10 
The World's Largest Gnome!+250Darkmoon Faire 20 
Crocolisk Boy and the Bearded Murloc+250Darkmoon Faire 30 
Armor Kits+250Darkmoon Faire 40 
Coarse Weightstone+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Heavy Grinding Stone+250Darkmoon Faire 10 
Green Iron Bracers+250Darkmoon Faire 20 
Big Black Mace+250Darkmoon Faire 30 
Rituals of Strength+250Darkmoon Faire 40 
Copper Modulator+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Whirring Bronze Gizmo+250Darkmoon Faire 10 
Green Fireworks+250Darkmoon Faire 20 
Mechanical Repair Kits+250Darkmoon Faire 30 
Thorium Widget+250Darkmoon Faire 40 
Small Furry Paws+250Darkmoon Faire 1 
Torn Bear Pelts+250Darkmoon Faire 10 
Soft Bushy Tails+250Darkmoon Faire 20 
Vibrant Plumes+250Darkmoon Faire 30 
Evil Bat Eyes+250Darkmoon Faire 40 
Glowing Scorpid Blood+250Darkmoon Faire 40 
<UNUSED> Armor Kits+250Darkmoon Faire6040 
The Darkmoon Faire+75Ironforge 6
The Darkmoon Faire+75Orgrimmar 6
Your Fortune Awaits You...+75Darkmoon Faire 10 
Your Fortune Awaits You...+75Darkmoon Faire 10 
Your Fortune Awaits You...+75Darkmoon Faire 10 
Your Fortune Awaits You...+75Darkmoon Faire 10 
Rogues Deck+25Inscription1510 
Mages Deck+25Inscription3530 
Swords Deck+25Inscription2520 
Demons Deck+25Inscription4540 
Plenty of Plump Frogs0Mulgore 1