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Silverwing Sentinels
Staunch defenders of Ashenvale, locked in battle against the Warsong Outriders in Warsong Gulch.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Vanquish the Invaders!+500Warsong Gulch2520
Vanquish the Invaders!+500Warsong Gulch3530
Vanquish the Invaders!+500Warsong Gulch4540
Vanquish the Invaders!+500Warsong Gulch5550
Vanquish the Invaders+500Warsong Gulch1510 
Vanquish the Invaders!+500Warsong Gulch6060
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch1910
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch2920
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch3930
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch4940
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch5950
Fight for Warsong Gulch+250Warsong Gulch6060
Report from the Northern Front+75Ashenvale2521
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch5550
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch3530
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch4540
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch2520
Ribbons of Sacrifice+75Warsong Gulch6010
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch1510 
Talismans of Merit+75Warsong Gulch6060
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75Warsong Gulch1910
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75 2920
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75 3930
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75 4940
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75Warsong Gulch5950
Fight for Warsong Gulch+75 6060
Report from the Northern Front+75Ashenvale2521
Ribbons of Sacrifice+25Warsong Gulch6010
Sentinel Basic Care Package+10Ashenvale3425
Sentinel Standard Care Package+10Ashenvale4435
Sentinel Advanced Care Package+10Ashenvale7045
Silverwing Sentinels <NYI> <TXT>+10Warsong Gulch6060 
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 71 
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 71
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 61
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 61