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Thunder Bluff
Baine Bloodhoof leads his people, the proud Tauren, from this mighty Horde capital.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Compendium of the Fallen (Orc, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf)+500Scarlet Monastery3828
A Vengeful Fate+500Razorfen Kraul2723 
[DEPRECATED] Frostmaw+500Thunder Bluff3726
Break Sharptusk!+500Red Cloud Mesa53 
Disharmony of Fire+500Blackrock Depths5648
For The Horde!+500Blackrock Spire6055
Testing an Enemy's Strength+500Ragefire Chasm159
Returning the Lost Satchel+500Ragefire Chasm169
Blackfathom Villainy+500Blackfathom Deeps2718
The Feast of Winter Veil+500Seasonal 10
Ally of the Tauren+500Alterac Valley60200
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
Test of Strength+350Thousand Needles3025
The Sacred Flame+350Thunder Bluff2520
Portals of the Legion+350Desolace3531 
Rites of the Earthmother+350Mulgore143 
Rite of Honor+350Mulgore51 
Wildmane Cleansing (Tauren)+350Mulgore104
To the Walls!+350Southern Barrens3331 
The Hunt Completed+350Ashenvale3020
Sabotage!+350Southern Barrens3532 
Dark Heart+350Feralas3634
Sasquatch Sighting+350Feralas3937 
Ysondre's Farewell+350Feralas4038
Horn of the Traitor+350Thousand Needles4338
Supervisor Fizsprocket+350Mulgore86
Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs+350Thousand Needles4338
Invoking the Serpent+350Thousand Needles4338
Twilight Scheming (Tauren)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Dark Heart+350Feralas5045
Portals of the Legion+350Desolace3531
Return to Varg (Tauren)+350Mulgore75
Freedom to Ruul+350Ashenvale2419
Rite of Strength+350Red Cloud Mesa41 
Wildmane Cleansing (Tauren)+350Mulgore104
Swoop Hunting+350Mulgore64 
Gathering Leather+350Thunder Bluff84
Rites of the Earthmother+350Mulgore143
The Battleboars+350Red Cloud Mesa41 
A Donation of Wool+350Thunder Bluff6012
A Donation of Silk+350Thunder Bluff6026
A Donation of Mageweave+350Thunder Bluff6040
A Donation of Runecloth+350Thunder Bluff6050
Isha Awak+350Northern Barrens2710
Ishamuhale+350Northern Barrens1910
The Harvester+350Northern Barrens2410
Enraged Thunder Lizards+350Northern Barrens1810
Cry of the Thunderhawk+350Northern Barrens2010
[DEPRECATED] Journey to Tarren Mill+250Thunder Bluff1813 
Kyle's Gone Missing!+250Mulgore75
Steelsnap+250Thunder Bluff3020
Test of Endurance+250Thousand Needles3025
The Sacred Flame+250Thunder Bluff2920
Deadmire+250Dustwallow Marsh4135
Thunder Bluff (Tauren)+250Special 65
The Valiant's Charge+250Tournament8077
The Valiant's Challenge+250Tournament8077
A Blade Fit For A Champion+250Tournament8077
A Worthy Weapon+250Tournament8077
The Edge Of Winter+250Tournament8077
A Valiant's Field Training+250Tournament8077
The Grand Melee+250Tournament8077
At The Enemy's Gates+250Tournament8077
Dwarven Digging+250Mulgore86 
Sharing the Land+250Mulgore64
Stop the Thorncallers+250Mulgore31 
Rite of Courage+250Mulgore31
The Battleboars+250Mulgore41 
Feed of Evil+250Mulgore41 
Poison Water (Tauren)+250Mulgore54
Winterhoof Cleansing (Tauren)+250Mulgore64
Thunderhorn Totem (Tauren)+250Mulgore74
Thunderhorn Cleansing (Tauren)+250Mulgore84
Clear the High Road+250Southern Barrens3028 
Raptor Scraps+250Southern Barrens3028 
Signals in the Sky+250Southern Barrens3129 
Wildmane Totem (Tauren)+250Mulgore104
Keeping the Dogs at Bay+250Southern Barrens3129 
Bad to Worse+250Southern Barrens3230 
Speaking Their Language+250Southern Barrens3230 
When Plants Attack+250Southern Barrens3129 
A Family Divided+250Southern Barrens3230 
A Line in the Dirt+250Southern Barrens3230 
Lion's Pride+250Southern Barrens3331 
Honoring the Dead+250Southern Barrens3330 
Flightmare+250Southern Barrens3432 
A Weezil in the Henhouse+250Southern Barrens3532 
Dwarf Fortress+250Southern Barrens3532 
Our Tribe, Imprisoned+250Mulgore21 
Attack on Camp Narache (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf)+250Red Cloud Mesa41
Signs of Change+250Feralas3634
More Than Illness+250Feralas3634 
Tears of Stone+250Feralas3634 
The Land, Corrupted+250Feralas3634 
Sealing the Dream+250Feralas3634 
The Battle Plans+250Feralas3836 
The Mark of Quality+250Feralas3634 
Improved Quality+250Feralas3734 
Perfect Yeti Hide+250Feralas3734
The Grimtotem are Coming+250Thousand Needles4038
Return to Sage Palerunner+250Feralas3735
Grimtotem in the Post+250Thousand Needles4238
The Brave and the Bold+250Thousand Needles4238
The Venture Co.+250Mulgore75
No Weapons For You!+250Thousand Needles4238
Darkcloud Grimtotem+250Thousand Needles4238
The Rattle of Bones+250Thousand Needles4238
The Writ of History+250Thousand Needles4238
The Drums of War+250Thousand Needles4238
The Captive Bride+250Thousand Needles4338
The Super Egg-O-Matic+250Tanaris4742 
The Mark of Quality+250Feralas4640
The Battle Plans+250Feralas4339
Pond Predators+250Fishing 10
The Ring's the Thing+250Fishing 10
The Race to Restock+250Fishing 10
Craving Crayfish+250Fishing 10
Shiny Baubles+250Fishing 10
Pining for Nuts+250Cooking 10
"Magic" Mushrooms+250Cooking 10
Mulgore Spice Bread+250Cooking 10
Corn Mash+250Cooking 10
Perfectly Picked Portions+250Cooking 10
Seeing What Happens+250Thunder Bluff5045
A Future Task+250Thunder Bluff5045
Mura Runetotem+250Northern Barrens1510
In Nightmares+250Northern Barrens2510
Un'Goro Soil+250Thunder Bluff5047
Morrowgrain Research+250Thunder Bluff5047
Disharmony of Flame+250Blackrock Mountain5248
The Strength of Corruption+250Feralas5247
Homeward Bound+250Thousand Needles2925
Alien Egg+250Thousand Needles2624
Pacify the Centaur+250Thousand Needles2523
Assassination Plot+250Thousand Needles2823
Guarding Secrets+250Winterspring5952
Free at Last+250Thousand Needles2925
Protect Kanati Greycloud+250Thousand Needles2823
Glyphed Oaken Branch+250Western Plaguelands5651
Grimtotem Spying+250Thousand Needles2824
Arikara+250Thousand Needles2824
Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem+250Thousand Needles2920
Hand of Iruxos+250Desolace3832
Harpies Threaten+250Stonetalon Mountains2618
Bloodfury Bloodline+250Stonetalon Mountains2618
Arachnophobia+250Stonetalon Mountains2112
New Life+250Stonetalon Mountains2517
Boulderslide Ravine+250Stonetalon Mountains1814
Earthen Arise+250Stonetalon Mountains2014
Avenge My Village+250Stonetalon Mountains1812
Dangers of the Windfury+250Mulgore86 
Preparation for Ceremony+250Mulgore108
Sharing the Land+250Mulgore61 
Dwarven Digging+250Mulgore86 
The Hunt Begins+250Red Cloud Mesa21
Poison Water (Tauren)+250Mulgore54
The Hunt Continues+250Red Cloud Mesa31 
A Humble Task+250Red Cloud Mesa31 
Winterhoof Cleansing (Tauren)+250Mulgore64
Rites of the Earthmother+250Red Cloud Mesa31 
Thunderhorn Totem (Tauren)+250Mulgore74
Thunderhorn Cleansing (Tauren)+250Mulgore84
Wildmane Totem (Tauren)+250Mulgore104
Supervisor Fizsprocket+250Mulgore125 
The Demon Scarred Cloak+250Mulgore126
Rite of Vision+250Mulgore73 
Rite of Wisdom+250Mulgore103
Improved Quality+250Feralas4840
Perfect Yeti Hide+250Feralas4840
Attack on Camp Narache+250Red Cloud Mesa41
Gann's Reclamation+250Northern Barrens2317
Revenge of Gann+250Northern Barrens2617
Revenge of Gann+250Northern Barrens2617
The Hunter's Way+250Mulgore108
The Stagnant Oasis+250Northern Barrens1610
Altered Beings+250Northern Barrens1410
New Year Celebrations!+250Seasonal 1
Test of Lore+150Thousand Needles3025
Easy As Pie+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Rites of the Earthmother+150Red Cloud Mesa51 
Rite of Vision (Tauren)+150Mulgore74
Rites of the Earthmother+150Mulgore51 
Rite of the Winds+150Mulgore51 
Vengeance on the Northspring+150Feralas3634
War on the Woodpaw+150Feralas3836 
Alpha Strike+150Feralas3836 
The Hilltop Threat+150Feralas3937 
Taming The Tamers+150Feralas3937 
To Camp Mojache+150Feralas3836 
War on the Woodpaw+150Feralas4239
Alpha Strike+150Feralas4339
Vengeance on the Northspring+150Feralas5045
Wind Rider+150Thousand Needles2925
Family Tree+150Thousand Needles3532
Catch of the Day+150Desolace3732
Cycle of Rebirth+150Stonetalon Mountains2317
Kaya's Alive+150Stonetalon Mountains1812
The Ravaged Caravan+150Mulgore85 
The Ravaged Caravan+150Mulgore85 
Rites of the Earthmother+150Red Cloud Mesa51 
The Venture Co.+150Mulgore105 
Rite of Vision+150Mulgore73 
A Sacred Burial+150Mulgore107 
The Forgotten Pools+150Northern Barrens1310
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Lakota'mani+150Northern Barrens2210
Owatanka+150Northern Barrens2410
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Washte Pawne+150Northern Barrens2510
A Dip in the Moonwell+150Thousand Needles2824
Test of Faith+75Thousand Needles2625
Test of Lore+75Thousand Needles3025
Cranberry Chutney+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Journey into Thunder Bluff+75Mulgore103 
A Humble Task+75Red Cloud Mesa11 
Seal of Righteousness+75Mulgore21 
Journey into Thunder Bluff (Tauren)+75Mulgore103
Tauren Vengeance+75Southern Barrens3432 
Next of Kin+75Dustwallow Marsh3532 
Woodpaw Investigation+75Feralas3836 
Hallowed Note (Tauren)+75Priest32
Consecrated Note (Tauren, Blood Elf)+75Paladin32
The First Lesson (Tauren)+75Warrior32
The Hunter's Path (Tauren)+75Hunter32
The Way of the Sunwalkers (Tauren, Blood Elf)+75Paladin32
Primal Strike (Tauren)+75Shaman32
Learning the Word (Tauren, Troll)+75Priest32
Moonfire (Tauren)+75Druid32
Woodpaw Investigation+75Feralas4339
Simple Note (Tauren)+75Warrior32
Etched Note (Tauren)+75Hunter32
Rune-Inscribed Note (Tauren)+75Shaman32
Verdant Note (Tauren, Troll)+75Druid32
Calligraphed Note (Tauren)+75Monk32
Tiger Palm (Tauren)+75Monk32
Morrowgrain to Thunder Bluff+75Thunder Bluff5547
Serpent Wild+75Thousand Needles2624
Calling in the Reserves+75Stonetalon Mountains2823
Ride to Thunder Bluff (Tauren)+75Mulgore75
A Humble Task+75Red Cloud Mesa21 
Kodo Hide Bag+75Thunder Bluff104
Journey into Thunder Bluff+75Mulgore103 
Additional Runecloth+75Thunder Bluff6050
[DEPRECATED] Forsaken Aid+25Thunder Bluff1813
The Sacred Flame+25Thunder Bluff2920
Go to Adana+25Mulgore21
Hamuul Runetotem+25Wailing Caverns1610
A Task Unfinished+25Red Cloud Mesa51 
Rite of Vision (Tauren)+25Mulgore63
Last Rites, First Rites+25Mulgore51 
To the Summit+25Thousand Needles4038
To the Summit+25Thousand Needles4038
Free Freewind Post+25Thousand Needles4238
Message to Freewind Post+25Thousand Needles2523
A Bundle of Hides (Tauren)+25Mulgore75
Tal the Wind Rider Master (Tauren)+25Mulgore75
The Ashenvale Hunt+25Northern Barrens2020
Rite of Vision+25Mulgore63 
Journey to the Crossroads (Tauren)+25Mulgore129
Mahren Skyseer+25Northern Barrens279
The New Frontier+10Thunder Bluff5554
The New Frontier+10Undercity5554
The New Frontier+10Orgrimmar5554
A Valiant Of Thunder Bluff (Tauren)+10Tournament8077
Valiant Of Thunder Bluff (Tauren)+10Tournament8077
Rite of Strength+10Mulgore21 
Nara Wildmane+10Wailing Caverns1610
The Ashenvale Hunt+10Orgrimmar2020
The Platinum Discs+10Thunder Bluff4740
Holdout at Hunter's Hill+10Southern Barrens3028 
Together Again+10Thousand Needles4238
Follow the Sun (Tauren, Blood Elf)+10Paladin2020
An Extraordinary Egg+10Tanaris6042 
An Ordinary Egg+10Tanaris6042 
A Bad Egg+10Tanaris6042 
Meet with Seer Liwatha (Tauren)+10Orgrimmar5050
Warchief's Command: Feralas!+10Feralas3534
Warchief's Command: Southern Barrens!+10Southern Barrens3029
Portents of Uldum+10Thunder Bluff5045
Return to Thunder Bluff+10Thunder Bluff5045
[DEPRECATED in 4.x] Jorn Skyseer+10Northern Barrens1810
Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem+10Thunder Bluff5047
Morrowgrain Research+10Thunder Bluff5047
Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem+10Undercity5047
The Ashenvale Hunt+10Thunder Bluff2020
Tuft it Out+10Alterac Valley60200
Sergra Darkthorn+10Northern Barrens1010
The Barrens Oases+10Northern Barrens1010
Assisting Arch Druid Runetotem+10Orgrimmar5047
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
Leaders of the Fang0Wailing Caverns2210