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Founded by Thrall, this Horde capital city is home to many of the proud orc clans of Durotar.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Saurfang's Blessing+6000Death Knight5555
The Battle For The Undercity+500Undercity7471
[DEPRECATED]The Temple of Atal'Hakkar+500Sunken Temple5038 
Necklace Recovery, Take 2+500Uldaman4137 
A Most Puzzling Circumstance+500Orgrimmar8080 
Burning Blade Medallion+500Valley of Trials51 
Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise+500Valley of Trials31 
Mr. D's Wild Ride+500Stonetalon Mountains2724 
BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!+500Stonetalon Mountains2724
In Defense of Krom'gar Fortress+500Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Da Voodoo: Resonite Crystal+500Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Jin'Zil's Blessing+500Stonetalon Mountains3026 
All's Quiet on the Southern Front+500Stonetalon Mountains3026 
To Be Horde...+500Stonetalon Mountains3026
Repel the Invasion (Human, Orc, Dwarf, Night Elf, Undead, Tauren, Gnome, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Draenei, Worgen)+500Ragefire Chasm1513,
Taragaman the Hungerer (Human, Orc, Dwarf, Night Elf, Undead, Tauren, Gnome, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Draenei, Worgen)+500Ragefire Chasm1613,
Elemental Tampering+500Ragefire Chasm1513 
Give 'em Hell!+500Silverpine Forest1210 
Orcs are in Order+500Silverpine Forest1310 
The Waters Run Red...+500Silverpine Forest1311
Justice Dispensed+500Dustwallow Marsh3836
A Fitting Weapon+500Warrior2020
A Marksman's Weapon+500Hunter2020
Blade of the Shattered Hand+500Rogue2020
Terga's Task+500Shaman2020
Mastering the Arcane+500Mage2020
Token of Power+500Warlock2020
A True Sunwalker (Tauren, Blood Elf)+500Paladin2020
The Adept's Path (Blood Elf)+500Paladin2020
A Seer's Staff (Tauren, Goblin)+500Priest2020
The Shadow-Walker's Task (Troll)+500Priest2020
The Dark Cleric's Bidding (Undead)+500Priest2020
Staff of the Light (Blood Elf)+500Priest2020
A Seer's Staff (Goblin)+500Priest2020
Only the Beginning+500The Deadmines1615
Traitors!!!+500The Deadmines1615
Not Quite There+500The Deadmines1615
Good Intentions...Poor Execution+500The Deadmines1615
The Defias Kingpin+500The Deadmines1715
Heroes of the Horde!+500Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
Rig Wars+500New Tinkertown3525
Stormpike Apocalypse+500Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Necessary Refreshment (Backup Groundspawn Quest)+500Echo Isles31 
Commander Gor'shak+500Blackrock Depths5248
What Is Going On?+500Blackrock Depths5448
KILL ON SIGHT: Dark Iron Dwarves+500Blackrock Depths5248
KILL ON SIGHT: High Ranking Dark Iron Officials+500Blackrock Depths5448
Operation: Death to Angerforge+500Blackrock Depths5852
Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise+500Valley of Trials31 
The Pack Mistress+500Blackrock Spire5955
Warlord's Command+500Blackrock Spire6055
For The Horde!+500Blackrock Spire6055
Hidden Enemies+500Ragefire Chasm169
The Battle for Alterac+500Alterac Valley 51
Legendary Heroes+500Alterac Valley 51
The Eye of Command+500Alterac Valley 51
Wanted: DWARVES!+500Alterac Valley60200
Victory for the Horde+500Orgrimmar6060
For All To See+500Orgrimmar6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
Burning Blade Medallion+500Valley of Trials51
Betrayal from Within+500Northern Barrens2517
Messenger to Thrall+500Hellfire Peninsula6260
Gorat's Vengeance+350Ashenvale2119 
Khan Dez'hepah+350Desolace3530
Centaur Bounty+350Desolace3130
[DEPRECATED]Pool of Tears+350Swamp of Sorrows4338
Warchief's Revenge (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles71
[DEPRECATED]Threat From the Sea+350Swamp of Sorrows4335
Sisters of the Sea+350Azshara1311 
The Blackmaw Doublecross+350Azshara1715 
Return to Fel'Zerul+350The Hinterlands4438
The Conquest of Azshara+350Azshara2018 
The Butcher of Taurajo+350Southern Barrens3432 
Vile Familiars+350Valley of Trials43 
Lazy Peons+350Valley of Trials43 
Thazz'ril's Pick+350Valley of Trials43 
The War of Northwatch Aggression+350Durotar64
Watershed Patrol+350Durotar84
Ignoring the Warnings+350Durotar108
Gaur Icehorn+350Durotar108
Message for Saurfang (Goblin)+350Orgrimmar111
Might of the Stonemaul+350Feralas3734 
Some People Just Need Killing+350Blasted Lands5554
Mission Complete+350Blasted Lands5554
Protecting Our Rear+350Blasted Lands5654
Krom'gar Fortress+350Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Seek and Destroy+350Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Dream of a Better Tomorrow+350Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Spy Infestation+350Stonetalon Mountains3026 
To Battlescar!+350Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Never Again!+350Ashenvale2219
Lost in the Darkness+350Silverpine Forest1210 
Deeper into Darkness+350Silverpine Forest1310 
SMASH BROODQUEEN+350Dustwallow Marsh3634
The Lost Report+350Dustwallow Marsh3634
Distract Them for Me+350Twilight Highlands8584
Water of Life+350Twilight Highlands8584
We're Under Attack!+350Swamp of Sorrows5452 
A Dangerous Alliance+350Blackrock Depths5050
The Pyromancer's Grimoire+350Blackrock Depths5050
Stones of Binding+350Blackrock Depths5050
The Golem Lord's Creations+350Blackrock Depths5050
The Dark Iron Army+350Blackrock Depths5050
Slaves of the Firelord+350Blackrock Depths5050
Weapons of Darkness (Tauren, Blood Elf)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Breaking the Hand+350Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
A Grim Discovery+350Feralas4537
A New Enemy+350Ragefire Chasm1615
Animal Control+350Ragefire Chasm1615
The Dark Shaman+350Ragefire Chasm1615
No Orc Left Behind+350Ragefire Chasm1615
[DEPRECATED 4.x] Betrayed+350Orgrimmar5644 
The Runed Scroll+350Northern Barrens2515
Horde Presence+350Northern Barrens2915
Lazy Peons+350Valley of Trials43 
What Is Going On?+350Blackrock Depths5448
Counterattack!+350Northern Barrens2011
Precarious Predicament+350Blackrock Depths5852
[DEPRECATED] The Rescue+350Hillsbrad Foothills2217
[DEPRECATED] Taretha's Gift+350Hillsbrad Foothills4029 
Lazy Peons+350Valley of Trials43 
Mok'thardin's Enchantment+350Northern Stranglethorn4433
Hidden Enemies+350Orgrimmar169
Return to Razor Hill (Orc, Tauren, Troll)+350Durotar75
Thazz'ril's Pick+350Valley of Trials43 
The Warsong Reports+350Ashenvale1917
Torek's Assault+350Ashenvale2420
Warsong Supplies+350Ashenvale2722
The Real Threat+350Arathi Highlands4030
Earned Reverence+350Alterac Valley 51
Service to the Horde+350Dustwallow Marsh4030
A Donation of Runecloth+350Orgrimmar6050
A Donation of Wool+350Orgrimmar6012
A Donation of Silk+350Orgrimmar6026
A Donation of Mageweave+350Orgrimmar6040
Vile Familiars+350Valley of Trials42
Broken Alliances+350Badlands5040
Need for a Cure+350Durotar97
Chen's Empty Keg+350Northern Barrens1511
Serena Bloodfeather+350Northern Barrens1812
Echeyakee+350Northern Barrens1310
The Demon Seed+350Durotar149
Never Again!+350Ashenvale2219
Goblin Invaders+250Stonetalon Mountains1913
Shredding Machines+250Stonetalon Mountains2313
Free at Last!+250Hallow's End 60
The Swarm Grows+250Thousand Needles3529
A New Ore Sample+250Northern Barrens2925
Theramore Spies+250Dustwallow Marsh3530
Test Quest for Craig+250Dragonblight6258 
The Theramore Docks+250Dustwallow Marsh3530
Marg Speaks+250Dustwallow Marsh4030
Report to Zor+250Dustwallow Marsh4030
Orgrimmar (Troll)+250Special 65
Orgrimmar (Orc)+250Special 65
Herald of War+250Borean Tundra7471
Mor'shan Defense+250Ashenvale2119 
Rescue the Fallen+250Ashenvale2119 
Empty Quivers+250Ashenvale2119 
Find Gorat!+250Ashenvale2119 
Final Report+250Ashenvale2119 
Got Wood?+250Ashenvale2119 
Management Material+250Ashenvale2119 
Needs a Little Lubrication+250Ashenvale2119
The Valiant's Charge+250Tournament8077
The Valiant's Challenge+250Tournament8077
Playing With Felfire+250Ashenvale2119 
A Blade Fit For A Champion+250Tournament8077
A Worthy Weapon+250Tournament8077
The Edge Of Winter+250Tournament8077
A Valiant's Field Training+250Tournament8077
The Grand Melee+250Tournament8077
Dead Elves Walking+250Ashenvale2119 
Pierce Their Heart!+250Ashenvale2219
Demon Duty+250Ashenvale2219 
Making Stumps+250Ashenvale2219 
At The Enemy's Gates+250Tournament8077
Wet Work (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf)+250Ashenvale2219
Gurtar's Request+250Ashenvale2219 
Lousy Pieces of Ship+250Ashenvale2219 
Keep the Fires Burning+250Ashenvale2219 
Deep Despair+250Ashenvale2219 
Before You Go...+250Ashenvale2219 
Set Us Up the Bomb+250Ashenvale2321 
Breathing Room+250Ashenvale2321 
Crossroads Caravan Pickup+250Northern Barrens129 
Thinning the... Herd?+250Ashenvale2523
They're Out There!+250Ashenvale2523
Building Your Own Coffin+250Ashenvale2523 
The Eyes of Ashenvale+250Azshara108 
Venison for the Troops+250Azshara108 
Coyote Thieves+250Badlands4030
Weed Whacker (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Infrared = Infradead (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles71
Get to the Gyrochoppa! (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles71
To Gut a Fish+250Azshara1311 
[DEPRECATED]Threat From the Sea+250Swamp of Sorrows4335
[DEPRECATED]Continued Threat+250Swamp of Sorrows4535
[DEPRECATED]Fresh Meat+250Swamp of Sorrows4435
Alliance Relations+250Orgrimmar3330
The First Quest+250Northern Barrens52 
The Blackmaw Scar+250Azshara1715 
A Pale Brew+250Azshara1715 
Diplomacy by Another Means+250Azshara1715 
Lightning Strike Assassination+250Azshara2018 
Push the Button!+250Azshara2018 
Sharptalon's Claw+250Ashenvale2319
Between a Rock and a Thistlefur+250Ashenvale2321
Ursangous' Paw+250Ashenvale2419
Shadumbra's Head+250Ashenvale2419
Let Them Feast on Fear+250Azshara2018 
Warriors' Redemption+250Southern Barrens3028 
Eye for an Eye+250Southern Barrens3028
Put the Fear in Them+250Southern Barrens3129 
Stalling the Survey+250Southern Barrens3129 
Meet the New Boss+250Southern Barrens3230 
Siegebreaker+250Southern Barrens3230 
Taking Back Taurajo+250Southern Barrens3330 
Changing of the Gar'dul+250Southern Barrens3330 
Claim the Battle Scar+250Southern Barrens3432 
Intelligence Warfare+250Southern Barrens3432 
Silithissues+250Southern Barrens3432 
Simmer Down Now+250Ashenvale2523
Repel the Paratroopers (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Darkmist Extermination+250Dustwallow Marsh3634
The Heads of the SI:7 (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Cutting Teeth+250Valley of Trials21 
Sting of the Scorpid+250Valley of Trials31 
Sarkoth+250Valley of Trials51 
Valley of Trials: PRK - H - Warlock Pet Imp+250Warlock 1 
Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile+250Durotar64
Breaking the Chain+250Durotar64
Purge the Valley+250Durotar64
Cleaning Up the Coastline+250Durotar64
Invaders in Our Home+250Valley of Trials31 
From Bad to Worse+250Durotar74 
Exploiting the Situation+250Durotar74 
Storming the Beaches+250Durotar74
Shipwreck Searching+250Durotar74
Loss Reduction+250Durotar74
Spirits Be Praised+250Durotar84
Raggaran's Rage+250Durotar84
Raggaran's Fury+250Durotar94
Lost But Not Forgotten+250Durotar84
The Wolf and The Kodo+250Durotar108
The Gordunni Threat+250Feralas3634
Prophecies Of Doom+250Cataclysm 5
Southseas Scum (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles121
The Burning Blade+250Durotar108
Thunder Down Under+250Durotar108
Rulers of Dire Maul+250Feralas3734 
Signs Of The Times+250Orgrimmar 5 
Griswold Hanniston+250Durotar108
Skull Rock+250Durotar124 
Feeding the Fear+250Southern Barrens3028 
The Missing+250Cataclysm 5
The Gordunni Orb+250Feralas3634 
Thwarting Twilight's Hammer+250Cataclysm 5
Alert Our Leaders+250Cataclysm 5
A New Cloak's Sheen+250Feralas3836 
A Grim Discovery+250Feralas3836 
Gordunni Cobalt+250Feralas3937 
Futile Pride+250Blasted Lands5554
Ogre Combat+250Blasted Lands5554
It's All Mine+250Blasted Lands5554
Pick Your Fate+250Blasted Lands5554
That's Not Us+250Blasted Lands5554
The Dreadmaul Furnace+250Blasted Lands5554
Watching Our Back+250Blasted Lands5654
Buy Us Some Time+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Traveling on Our Stomachs+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Girding Our Loins+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Helm's Deep+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Finders, Keepers+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Bring It On!+250Kelp'thar Forest8180
Barrier to Entry+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
The Missing Blastgineer+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Alliance Attack Plans+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Lessons from the Lost Isles+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Ashes to Ashes+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Enemy of the Horde: Marshal Paltrow+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Orders from Base Camp+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
I Got Your Parts Right Here...+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Between a Rock and a Hard Place+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
And That's Why They Call Them Peons...+250Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Da Voodoo: Stormer Heart+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Da Voodoo: Ram Horns+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
The Queen and Her Court+250Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Fight On Their Stomachs+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Reinforcements...+250Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Kobold Fury!+250Stonetalon Mountains3026 
The Turd Problem+250Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Proof of Lies+250Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Betrayal at the Grove+250Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Is This Justice?+250Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Raising Spirits+250Arathi Highlands2826
Guile of the Raptor+250Arathi Highlands2826
Defending the Rift+250Abyssal Depths8280
Everything Is Better with Bacon+250Cooking 10
Crawfish Creole+250Cooking 10
Careful, This Fruit Bites Back+250Cooking 10
Stealing From Our Own+250Cooking 10
Stealing From Our Own (Troll)+250Cooking 10
Even Thieves Get Hungry+250Cooking 10
The Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk+250Northern Stranglethorn2524
The Defense of Grom'gol: Ogre Oppression+250Northern Stranglethorn2524
The Defense of Grom'gol: Murloc Menace+250Northern Stranglethorn2524
Weapons of Mass Dysfunction+250Orgrimmar8484 
Unfamiliar Waters+250Orgrimmar8484 
Beating the Market+250Azshara8484 
Ready the Ground Troops+250Azshara8484 
Twilight Skies+250Azshara8484 
Walk With The Earth Mother (Tauren)+250Orgrimmar1210
Walk With The Earth Mother (Orc, Undead, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf)+250Orgrimmar1210
Crush the Witherbark+250Arathi Highlands3028 
Destroy the Legion+250Ashenvale2119
Clammy Hands+250Fishing 10
Madness+250Twilight Highlands8484 
No Dumping Allowed+250Fishing 10
A Staggering Effort+250Fishing 10
A Golden Opportunity+250Fishing 10
A Furious Catch+250Fishing 10
A Shambling Threat+250Dustwallow Marsh3634
Muddied Waters+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Cementing Our Victory+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Traitor's Bait+250Orgrimmar8484 
The Essence of Aku'Mai+250Ashenvale2217 
Cleanup on Isle E.+250Durotar104 
Steel Thunder+250Silverpine Forest1210 
Skitterweb Menace+250Silverpine Forest1210 
Hair of the Dog+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Reinforcements from Fenris+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Kor'kron Drop+250Twilight Highlands8584
Call in the Artillery+250Twilight Highlands8584
Four Heads are Better than None+250Twilight Highlands8584
Up to the Citadel+250Twilight Highlands8584
A Wolf in Bear's Clothing+250Silverpine Forest1814 
Four Heads are Better than None+250Twilight Highlands8584
Scouting the Shore+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Blood on the Sand+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Dark Assassins+250Twilight Highlands8584
Bring the Hammer Down+250Twilight Highlands8584
The Elementium Axe+250Twilight Highlands8584
Dragon, Unchained+250Twilight Highlands8584
Coup de Grace+250Twilight Highlands8584
The Hammer of Twilight+250Twilight Highlands8584
Skullcrusher the Mountain+250Twilight Highlands8584
I Said the Words...+250Cataclysm 5
Show Me Your Papers+250Cataclysm 5
Arrest the Infiltrators+250Cataclysm 5
Orcs and Humans+250Swamp of Sorrows5452 
Lumbering Oafs+250Swamp of Sorrows5452 
Tides of Darkness+250Swamp of Sorrows5452 
Reinforcements Denied+250Swamp of Sorrows5452 
Marking the Fallen+250Swamp of Sorrows5452 
Survival of the Fattest+250Badlands4744
Half-Ton Holdouts+250Badlands4744
Prayerblossom+250Swamp of Sorrows5553 
Secrets of the Mire+250Swamp of Sorrows5553 
The Purespring+250Swamp of Sorrows5553 
Last Regrets+250Swamp of Sorrows5553 
Purple is Your Color+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Whispers in the Wind+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Dressed to Kill+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Thog's Nightlight+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Night Terrors+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Stormpike Rendezvous+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Kasha Will Fly Again+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
[DND] ORKUS QUEST FLAG [DO NOT LOCALIZE]+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
The Road to Purgation+250Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
They Will Never Expect This...+250Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
March of the Stormpike+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
Matters of Loyalty+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Ridin' the Rocketway+250Children's Week 10
The Banshee Queen+250Children's Week 10
The Fallen Chieftain+250Children's Week 10
You Scream, I Scream...+250Children's Week 10
Taking Precautions+250Hallow's End 10
What Now?+250Hallow's End 10
Nogg's Ring Redo+250Orgrimmar3524
A New Cloak's Sheen+250Feralas4538
A Grim Discovery+250Feralas4538
Dark Ceremony+250Feralas4638
The Ogres of Feralas+250Feralas4438
DEPRECATED: Claiming Kalimdor+250Orgrimmar8585
DEPRECATED: Where Are Those Ships?+250Orgrimmar8585
DEPRECATED: Shadow Hunter Urko'jin+250 8585 
DEPRECATED: Captain Cartheron+250Orgrimmar8585 
Gordunni Cobalt+250Feralas4338
[DEPRECATED] Stolen Silver+250Northern Barrens189
Krom'Grul+250Burning Steppes5348
Wild Guardians+250Felwood5652
Wild Guardians+250Felwood5952
Wild Guardians+250Felwood5852
Eitrigg's Wisdom+250Orgrimmar6055
Bijou's Reconnaissance Report+250Blackrock Spire5955 
[DEPRECATED] Gol'dir+250Hillsbrad Foothills3629
Supplies for the Crossroads+250Northern Barrens129
[DEPRECATED] Infiltration+250Hillsbrad Foothills3429
The Defense of Grom'gol+250Northern Stranglethorn3633
The Defense of Grom'gol+250Northern Stranglethorn3733
Mok'thardin's Enchantment+250Northern Stranglethorn3833
Mok'thardin's Enchantment+250Northern Stranglethorn4133
Mok'thardin's Enchantment+250Northern Stranglethorn4133
Hidden Enemies+250Orgrimmar129
[DEPRECATED]A Husband's Last Battle+250Felwood5146
The Broken Sigil+250Arathi Highlands4032
Ripple Recovery+250Orgrimmar4842 
The Lost Pages+250Ashenvale3023
Raising Spirits+250Arathi Highlands3429
Call to Arms+250Arathi Highlands3230
Call to Arms+250Arathi Highlands3830
Call to Arms+250Arathi Highlands4030
[DEPRECATED]Lack of Surplus+250Swamp of Sorrows4035
[DEPRECATED]Lack of Surplus+250Swamp of Sorrows4235
Guile of the Raptor+250Arathi Highlands3729
The Graveyards of Alterac+250Alterac Valley 51
Towers and Bunkers+250Alterac Valley 51
Capture a Mine+250Alterac Valley 51
Proving Grounds+250Alterac Valley 51
Rise and Be Recognized+250Alterac Valley 51
Honored Amongst the Clan+250Alterac Valley 51
The Legend of Korrak+250Alterac Valley6051
Enemy Booty+250Alterac Valley 51
In Defense of Frostwolf+250Alterac Valley 51
Brotherly Love+250Alterac Valley 51
Fallen Sky Lords+250Alterac Valley 51
Defusing the Threat+250Alterac Valley 51
A Sticky Situation+250The Hinterlands4842 
Broken Alliances+250Badlands4340
Vanquish the Betrayers+250Durotar73
Thwarting Kolkar Aggression+250Durotar85
Cutting Teeth+250Valley of Trials21
Sting of the Scorpid+250Valley of Trials31
Sarkoth+250Valley of Trials51 
Carry Your Weight+250Durotar74
Dark Storms+250Durotar124
Minshina's Skull+250Durotar94
Ripple Delivery+250Orgrimmar4842 
Break a Few Eggs+250Durotar86
Lost But Not Forgotten+250Durotar118
Practical Prey+250Durotar85
A Solvent Spirit+250Durotar75
Chen's Empty Keg+250Northern Barrens1511
From The Wreckage....+250Durotar83
Skull Rock+250Durotar124
The Admiral's Orders+250Durotar71
The Admiral's Orders+250Durotar71
Winds in the Desert+250Durotar97
Securing the Lines+250Durotar97
Crossroads Conscription+250Durotar1210
Plainstrider Menace+250Northern Barrens129
The Zhevra+250Northern Barrens1310
Guile of the Raptor+250Arathi Highlands3729
Centaur Bracers+250Northern Barrens1815
Dig Rat Stew+250Cooking2315
Harpy Raiders+250Northern Barrens1715
In Defense of Far Watch+250Northern Barrens129
The Far Watch Offensive+250Northern Barrens129
Harpy Lieutenants+250Northern Barrens1612
Tribes at War+250Northern Barrens2114
Weapons of Choice+250Northern Barrens2417
Consumed by Hatred+250Northern Barrens1210
Hunting the Huntress+250Northern Barrens1310
Into the Raptor's Den+250Northern Barrens1410
Destroy the Legion+250Ashenvale2119
Meeting the Orcs (Blood Elf)+250Orgrimmar2115
Meeting the Orcs (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll)+250Orgrimmar2115
The Swarm Grows+150Orgrimmar3329
The Lost Report+150Dustwallow Marsh3530
The Severed Head+150Dustwallow Marsh3530
Crisis at Splintertree+150Ashenvale2119
To the Rescue!+150Ashenvale2119
Dirty Deeds+150Ashenvale2219 
Bad News Bear-er+150Ashenvale2219
Sheelah's Last Wish+150Ashenvale2219 
Tweedle's Tiny Package+150Ashenvale2321 
Can't Get Enough Turkey+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Don't Forget The Stuffing!+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Return of the Highborne?+150Azshara108 
Report to Helgrum+150Badlands4030
Report to Twocrush+150Azshara1311 
Necklace Recovery+150Uldaman4137 
The Low Road+150Southern Barrens3129
Riding On+150Durotar64
The Doomsday Plan+150Cataclysm 5
Where Is My Warfleet?+150Orgrimmar8484 
Mosh'Ogg Handiwork+150Northern Stranglethorn2524
Emergency Aid+150Twilight Highlands8484 
Return to Eitrigg (Goblin)+150Orgrimmar105
Missing Heirlooms+150Hallow's End 10
Fencing the Goods+150Hallow's End 10
Shopping Around+150Hallow's End 10
The Ogres of Feralas+150Feralas4338
[DEPRECATED 4.x] Betrayed+150Orgrimmar5344 
Lost in Battle+150Northern Barrens2014
Blood Shards of Agamaggan+150Northern Barrens2114
[DEPRECATED] Blackmoore's Legacy+150Hillsbrad Foothills3629 
Burning Shadows+150Durotar114
Kolkar Leaders+150Northern Barrens1411
Verog the Dervish+150Northern Barrens1613
Hezrul Bloodmark+150Northern Barrens1915
Betrayal from Within+150Northern Barrens2517
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Emblem of the Fel Horde+150Hellfire Citadel7067
Fire Training+75Hallow's End 1 
The Swarm Grows+75Northern Barrens3329
Parts of the Swarm+75Thousand Needles3528
Blood of the Weak+75Ashenvale2219
Mission Improbable+75Ashenvale2219
Pumpkin Pie+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Candied Sweet Potatoes+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Slow-roasted Turkey+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Neeka Bloodscar+75Swamp of Sorrows3530
Precious Cargo (Goblin)+75The Lost Isles71
Alliance Relations+75Orgrimmar3030 
Deliver the Gems+75Uldaman4437
Simple Parchment (Orc)+75Warrior32
Desolation Hold Inspection+75Southern Barrens3330 
Report to Sen'jin Village+75Valley of Trials51 
Steady Shot (Orc)+75Hunter32
Swine Hunting+75Hunter11 
Eviscerate (Orc)+75Rogue32
Into the Shadows+75Rogue33 
Primal Strike (Orc)+75Shaman32
Rock Meets Flesh+75Shaman33 
Corruption (Orc, Goblin)+75Warlock32
A Demonic Fire+75Warlock11 
Charge (Orc)+75Warrior32
Hone Your Holler+75Warrior33 
Your Place In The World+75Valley of Trials11 
Arnak Fireblade+75Durotar124 
To Stonemaul Hold+75Feralas3634 
Heartstrike+75Blasted Lands5554
Beginning of the End+75Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Final Delivery+75Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Hammerfall+75Arathi Highlands2725 
Nothing Left for You Here+75Stonetalon Mountains3027 
Diabolical Plans+75Ashenvale2119
Stalled Negotiations+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Dangerous Compassion+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Preserving the Barrens+75Northern Barrens129 
Myzrael's Tale+75Arathi Highlands2725
The Southern Flank+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Just You and Garona+75Twilight Highlands8584
Just You and Garona+75Twilight Highlands8584
*Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*+75Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Twilight Skies+75Azshara8484 
They Call Him Swiftdagger. He Kills Harpies.+75Northern Barrens1512 
The Gordunni Scroll+75Feralas4338
Etched Parchment (Orc)+75Hunter32
Encrypted Parchment (Orc)+75Rogue32
Rune-Inscribed Parchment (Orc)+75Shaman32
Tainted Parchment (Orc, Goblin)+75Warlock32
Calligraphed Parchment (Orc)+75Monk32
Tiger Palm (Orc)+75Monk32
A Strange Request+75Feralas4540
Your Place In The World+75Valley of Trials11
Guarding Secrets+75Winterspring5952
Hidden Enemies+75Orgrimmar129
Ride to Orgrimmar (Orc, Tauren, Troll)+75Durotar75
A Gallon of Blood+75Alterac Valley 51
Additional Runecloth+75Orgrimmar6050
A Strategic Alliance+75Durotar85 
The New Horde+75Valley of Trials11 
Report to Sen'jin Village+75Valley of Trials51
Chen's Empty Keg+75Northern Barrens2411
Report to Orgnil+75Durotar74
Neeru Fireblade+75Durotar124
Conscript of the Horde+75Durotar1010
Diabolical Plans+75Ashenvale2119
The Spirits of Stonetalon+25Stonetalon Mountains1713
Regthar Deathgate+25Desolace3230
The Kolkar of Desolace+25Desolace3230
Tell No One!+25Ashenvale2219 
All Apologies+25Ashenvale2219 
As Good as it Gets+25Ashenvale2219
Small Hands, Short Fuse+25Ashenvale2321 
Alliance Relations+25Orgrimmar3030 
The Befouled Element+25Ashenvale2723
A Peon's Burden+25Durotar51
Hana'zua+25Valley of Trials53
Back to the Den+25Valley of Trials51 
The Dranosh'ar Blockade+25Durotar108
Victory! (Goblin)+25The Lost Isles111
Warchief's Emissary (Goblin)+25Durotar111
Into the Mountain+25Blasted Lands5554
Where Are the Parts?+25Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Eyes and Ears: Malaka'jin+25Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Machines of War+25Orgrimmar8484 
Well, Come to the Jungle+25Northern Stranglethorn2524
Call of the Warmatron+25Blasted Lands5454 
A Threat in Feralas+25Orgrimmar4338
Coldtooth Supplies+25Alterac Valley 51
Meats to Orgrimmar (Orc, Tauren, Troll)+25Durotar75
Doras the Wind Rider Master (Orc, Tauren, Troll)+25Durotar75
Hammerfall+25Arathi Highlands3429
Raising Spirits+25Arathi Highlands3429
Raising Spirits+25Arathi Highlands3429
Irondeep Supplies+25Alterac Valley 51
Guile of the Raptor+25Arathi Highlands3729
The Return of Korrak+25Alterac Valley6051
Sarkoth+25Valley of Trials51 
Through the Dark Portal+10Hellfire Peninsula6054
A Life Without Regret+10Orgrimmar7471
To Dinah, at Once!+10Ashenvale2119 
A Valiant Of Orgrimmar (Orc, Goblin, Pandaren Horde)+10Tournament8077
Valiant Of Orgrimmar (Orc, Goblin)+10Tournament8077
To Hellscream's Watch+10Ashenvale2219 
Tweedle's Dumb+10Ashenvale2321 
Mass Production+10Ashenvale2421 
The Enemy of My Enemy (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
The Vicious Vale (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
Forward Movement (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
To the Cliffs (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Back to Aggra (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Meet Me Up Top (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Vile Familiars (Orc, Troll)+10Warlock 1
Old Friends (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
The Warchief Wants You (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
Borrow Bastia (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
Sent for Help+10Durotar108
Report to the Labor Captain (Goblin)+10Azshara111
Beyond Durotar+10Durotar108
We're Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two...+10Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Report to Bombgutz+10Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Spare Parts Up In Here!+10Stonetalon Mountains2724 
Nura Pathfinder+10Stonetalon Mountains3028 
The General is Dead+10Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Might Makes Right+10Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Ready the Navy+10Azshara8484 
Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire+10Northern Stranglethorn2524
Securing the Beach Head+10Twilight Highlands8484 
Saurfang Will be Pleased+10Twilight Highlands8484 
Missing Reports (Goblin)+10Orgrimmar105
Flight to Razor Hill (Goblin)+10Orgrimmar105
Reports to Orgrimmar (Goblin)+10Orgrimmar105
Return to the Highlands+10Twilight Highlands8484 
The Warchief's Fleet+10Silverpine Forest1210 
An Audience with Ureda+10Mage2020
Grimshot's Call+10Hunter2020
The Shattered Hand+10Rogue2020
The Earthbreaker Calls+10Shaman2020
Grezz Ragefist+10Warrior2020
Kranosh's Behest+10Warlock2020
The Seer's Call (Tauren)+10Priest2020
Seek the Shadow-Walker (Troll)+10Priest2020
Warchief's Command: Vashj'ir!+10Orgrimmar8080
Warchief's Command: Deepholm!+10Orgrimmar8282
Might of the Krom'gar+10Stonetalon Mountains2524
The Gates of Grim Batol+10Twilight Highlands8584
The Gates of Grim Batol (DO NOT DELETE, DO NOT DEPRECATE!)+10Twilight Highlands8584
Seek Brother Silverhallow (Goblin)+10Priest2020
Meet with Grezz Ragefist+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Ormak Grimshot+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Gordul+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Kranosh+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Ureda+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Terga Earthbreaker+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Sunwalker Atohmo (Tauren, Blood Elf)+10Orgrimmar5050
Meet with Master Pyreanor (Blood Elf)+10Orgrimmar5050
Warchief's Command: Ashenvale!+10Ashenvale2019
Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens!+10Northern Barrens109
Warchief's Command: Thousand Needles!+10Thousand Needles4039
Warchief's Command: Stonetalon Mountains!+10Stonetalon Mountains2524
Warchief's Command: Dustwallow Marsh!+10Dustwallow Marsh3534
Aid of the Frostwolf+10Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Warchief's Command: Burning Steppes!+10Burning Steppes5049
Warchief's Command: Blasted Lands!+10Blasted Lands5554
Warchief's Command: Northern Stranglethorn Vale!+10Northern Stranglethorn2524
Warchief's Command: Outland!+10Blasted Lands6058
Warchief's Command: Twilight Highlands!+10Orgrimmar8484
To the Depths+10Orgrimmar8080 
Blasted Lands: The Other Side of the World+10Blasted Lands5554
To the Mor'shan Rampart+10Ashenvale2019 
Sauranok Will Point the Way+10Orgrimmar8484 
March of the Silithid+10Orgrimmar5350 
More Booty!+10Alterac Valley 51
Lokholar the Ice Lord+10Alterac Valley 51
Call of Air - Guse's Fleet+10Alterac Valley 51
Call of Air - Jeztor's Fleet+10Alterac Valley 51
Call of Air - Mulverick's Fleet+10Alterac Valley 51
Zinfizzlex's Portable Shredder Unit+10Alterac Valley6051
Launch the Attack!+10Alterac Valley 1
Empty Stables+10Alterac Valley 51
Ram Hide Harnesses+10Alterac Valley 51
Speak with our Quartermaster+10Alterac Valley 51
Wanted: MORE DWARVES!+10Alterac Valley60200 
Hero of the Frostwolf+10Alterac Valley 51
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
Condition Critical!0Ashenvale2321 
Lost in the Floods0Durotar84
Negotiations Terminated0Twilight Highlands8484 
DEPRECATED: Spies in Our Midst0Orgrimmar8585