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Hydraxian Waterlords
These elementals have made their home on the islands east of Azshara. Sworn enemies of the armies of Ragnaros.

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Reward from killing (26)Reward from (2)Members (3)Items (4)Objective of (1)
Criteria of (8)Criteria of tree (11) Comments (New!) (55) Screenshots (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (1)
Ragnaros??A HBoss 1.11.1 0+1000
Golemagg the Incinerator??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+750
Sulfuron Harbinger??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Garr??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Baron Geddon??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Gehennas??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Magmadar??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Shazzrah??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Lucifron??A HBoss Molten Core1.11.1 1+500
Pyroguard Emberseer59A HElemental Blackrock Spire1.11.1 1+250
Molten Destroyer63A HGiant Molten Core1.11.1 9+200
Huricanian55A HElementalSilithus1.11.1 1+125
Molten Giant60A HGiant Molten Core1.11.1 13+100
Firelord61 - 62A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 18+100
Lava Surger61 - 62A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 12+100
Ancient Core Hound62A HBeast Molten Core1.11.1 15+100
Lord Incendius53A HElemental Blackrock Depths1.11.1 1+75
Firewalker61 - 62A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 13+50
Flameguard61 - 62A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 13+50
Lava Elemental61 - 62A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 14+50
Lava Reaver62 - 63A HElemental Molten Core1.11.1 6+50
Greater Obsidian Elemental50 - 51A HElementalBurning Steppes1.11.1 33+25
Desert Rumbler54 - 55A HElementalSilithus1.11.1 53+25
Dust Stormer54 - 55A HElementalSilithus1.11.1 93+25
Desert Rager54 - 55A HElementalSilithus1.11.1 4+5
Core Rager62A HBeast Molten Core1.11.1 2+4