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This Alliance capital is populated by Night Elves and is located in the Island of Teldrassil. Ruled by the Priestess of the Moon, Tyrande Whisperwind.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
True Power of the Rod+500Ashenvale2519
Mortality Wanes+500Razorfen Kraul3532 
In Search of Thaelrid+500Blackfathom Deeps2418
Twilight Falls+500Blackfathom Deeps2520
Blackfathom Villainy+500Blackfathom Deeps2718
Researching the Corruption+500Blackfathom Deeps2418
The Battle for Darkshore+500Darkshore1917 
The Offering to Azshara+500Darkshore2017 
Mr. P's Wild Ride+500Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Arcane Legacy+500Stonetalon Mountains2825 
Thal'darah's Vengeance+500Stonetalon Mountains3026 
Twilight Falls+500Blackfathom Deeps2520
Researching the Corruption+500Blackfathom Deeps2418 
In Search of Thaelrid+500Blackfathom Deeps2418
Blackfathom Villainy+500Blackfathom Deeps2718 
Knowledge in the Deeps+500Blackfathom Deeps2319
True Power of the Rod+500Ashenvale2519
In Search of Aluwyn+500Blackfathom Deeps2520
Blackfathom Villainy+500Blackfathom Deeps2820
Twilight Falls+500Blackfathom Deeps2820
Researching the Corruption+500Blackfathom Deeps2620
Knowledge in the Deeps+500Blackfathom Deeps2520
Writings of the Void+500Darkshore1210 
Put Her Down+500Blackrock Spire5955 
Seek Redemption!+500Teldrassil64 
Staghelm's Requiem+500Alterac Valley60200
The Lord of Blackrock+500Stormwind City6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Stormwind City6060
Warlord Sriss'tiz+500Azuremyst Isle106
Razormaw+500Bloodmyst Isle2119
Knowledge in the Deeps+500Blackfathom Deeps2319
Supplies to Auberdine+500Ashenvale2419
Insane Druids+350Ashenvale2219
Mage Summoner+350Ashenvale2520
Orendil's Cure+350Ashenvale2319
Fallen Sky Lake+350Ashenvale3020
A Donation of Wool+350Darnassus6012
A Donation of Silk+350Darnassus6026
Answered Questions+350Ashenvale3025
Ending the Threat+350Darkshore1410 
Call Down the Thunder+350Darkshore1613
Remembrance of Auberdine+350Darkshore1510 
Disturbing Connections+350Darkshore1510 
The Last Refugee+350Darkshore1513 
That Which Has Risen+350Ashenvale2219
Explosives Shredding+350Ashenvale2119
The Forest Heart+350Ashenvale2119
Return Fire+350Ashenvale2320
All's Well+350Ashenvale2319
Defend the Tree!+350Ashenvale2321
The Last Stand+350Ashenvale2523
King of the Foulweald+350Ashenvale2619
Return to Vahlarriel+350Desolace3330
Ferocitas the Dream Eater+350Teldrassil61 
Tears of the Moon+350Teldrassil105
Sealing the Dream+350Feralas3634 
Sasquatch Sighting+350Feralas3937 
Ysondre's Farewell+350Feralas4038
General Skessesh+350Feralas3735 
Druid of the Claw+350Teldrassil103 
Commandeer That Balloon!+350Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Dark Heart+350Feralas3634
Rumble in the Lumber... Mill+350Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Thinning the Horde+350Stonetalon Mountains2825 
Just Ask Alice+350Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Horn of the Traitor+350Thousand Needles4338
Save the Children!+350Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Putting Them to Rest+350Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Insane Druids+350Ashenvale2219
Orendil's Cure+350Ashenvale2319
Return to Nessa+350Darkshore1010 
Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: Grundig Darkcloud+350Thousand Needles4238
Grimtotem Chiefs: The Chief of Chiefs+350Thousand Needles4338
Invoking the Serpent+350Thousand Needles4338
Doling Justice+350Feralas4738
Prayer to Elune+350Searing Gorge5040
Iverron's Antidote+350Shadowglen42 
[DEPRECATED]Ancient Spirit+350Felwood5649
WANTED: Murkdeep!+350Darkshore189 
The Blackwood Corrupted+350Darkshore1815 
Ursal the Mauler+350Teldrassil94 
Return to Nyoma (Night Elf)+350Teldrassil75
A Donation of Mageweave+350Darnassus6040
A Donation of Runecloth+350Darnassus6050
Webwood Egg+350Shadowglen51 
Timberling Sprouts+350Teldrassil94 
Mossy Tumors+350Teldrassil94 
The Waters of Teldrassil+350Teldrassil111 
Mathystra Relics+350Darkshore2012 
The Powers Below+350Darkshore2010
The Ancient Statuettes+250Ashenvale2119
The Zoram Strand+250Ashenvale1914
Bathran's Hair+250Ashenvale2119
Forsaken Diseases+250Ashenvale2924
Retaking Mystral Lake+250Ashenvale2623
Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!+250Ashenvale2119
The Howling Vale+250Ashenvale3025
The Lost Gem+250Ashenvale2119
An Aggressive Defense+250Ashenvale2418
Search the Bole+250Ashenvale2321
Playing Possum+250Ashenvale2321
The Branch of Cenarius+250Ashenvale2219
Satyr Slaying!+250Ashenvale2119
Elune's Tear+250Ashenvale2319
The Ruins of Stardust+250Ashenvale2320
A New Adornment+250Ashenvale2619
Culling the Threat+250Ashenvale2518
Reclaiming the Charred Vale+250Stonetalon Mountains2720
Reclaiming the Charred Vale+250Stonetalon Mountains2720
Enraged Spirits+250Stonetalon Mountains2620
Wounded Ancients+250Stonetalon Mountains2822
Pridewings of Stonetalon+250Ashenvale2118
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore2813 
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore3113 
Darnassus (Night Elf)+250Special 65
Shatterspear Laborers+250Darkshore1310 
Remnants of the Highborne+250Darkshore1310 
Reason to Worry+250Darkshore1310 
Denying Manpower+250Darkshore1310 
Swift Response+250Darkshore1310 
War Supplies+250Darkshore1310 
Timely Arrival+250Darkshore1310
One Bitter Wish+250Darkshore1310 
Strategic Strikes+250Darkshore1410 
On the Brink+250Darkshore1410 
The Ancients' Ire+250Darkshore1410 
The Last Wave of Survivors+250Darkshore108 
The Twilight's Hammer+250Darkshore1313 
The Boon of the Seas+250Darkshore108 
Buzzbox 413+250Darkshore108 
Threat from the Water+250Darkshore108 
No Accounting for Taste+250Darkshore118 
Buzzbox 723+250Darkshore118 
The Corruption's Source+250Darkshore118 
Against the Wind+250Darkshore1513
Three Hammers to Break+250Darkshore1513
Coaxing the Spirits+250Darkshore1513
A Cure In The Dark+250Darkshore118 
Bearer of Good Fortune+250Darkshore118 
An Ocean Not So Deep+250Darkshore138 
Solace for the Highborne+250Darkshore118 
The Final Flame of Bashal'Aran+250Darkshore118 
A Love Eternal+250Darkshore118 
A Lost Companion+250Darkshore118 
Twice Removed+250Darkshore1210 
Ritual Materials+250Darkshore1210 
The Ritual Bond+250Darkshore1210 
Aroom's Farewell+250Darkshore1713 
The Eye of All Storms+250Darkshore1713 
The Front Line+250Darkshore1410 
Don't Forget the Horde+250Ashenvale2119
Of Their Own Design+250Ashenvale2119
Twilight Plans+250Darkshore1313 
Unsavory Remedies+250Darkshore1210 
Naga of the Strand+250Ashenvale2119
A Squad of Your Own+250Ashenvale2119
Respect for the Fallen+250Ashenvale2119
The Reason Why+250Ashenvale2119
Rear Guard Duty+250Ashenvale2119
Bathed in Light+250Ashenvale2119
The Valiant's Charge+250Tournament8077
The Valiant's Challenge+250Tournament8077
A Blade Fit For A Champion+250Tournament8077 
A Worthy Weapon+250Tournament8077 
The Edge Of Winter+250Tournament8077
A Valiant's Field Training+250Tournament8077
The Grand Melee+250Tournament8077
Closure is Only Natural+250Ashenvale2119
The Shadewalker+250Ashenvale2119
A Troubling Prescription+250Darkshore118 
The Looting of Althalaxx+250Darkshore1410 
Astranaar's Burning!+250Ashenvale2320
At The Enemy's Gates+250Tournament8077
Culling the Furbolg Threat+250Ashenvale2321
Corrupting Influence?+250Ashenvale2321
Recover the Remains+250Ashenvale2119
Leave No Tracks+250Darkshore1917 
The Tides Turn Against Us+250Darkshore2017 
They Took Our Gnomes+250Ashenvale2524 
In the Hands of the Perverse+250Ashenvale2319
Recover the Fallen+250Ashenvale2321
Fel Moss Corruption+250Shadowglen31 
Vile Touch (Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren Alliance)+250Shadowglen51
Resident Danger+250Teldrassil74 
Nature's Reprisal+250Teldrassil74 
Three Friends of the Forest+250Ashenvale2523
The Goblin Braintrust+250Ashenvale2523
They Set Them Up The Bomb!+250Ashenvale2523
In a Bind+250Ashenvale2623
Clear the Shrine+250Ashenvale2523
Home of the Kaldorei+250Teldrassil111 
Vahlarriel's Search+250Desolace3330
Search for Tyranis+250Desolace3330
Elixirs for the Bladeleafs+250Alchemy84
Moonglow Vest+250Leatherworking188
Plagued Lands+250Darkshore1410 
Cleansing of the Infected+250Darkshore1610 
Tharnariun's Hope+250Darkshore1810 
Easy Strider Living+250Cooking129 
Sathrah's Sacrifice+250Darnassus125
More Than Illness+250Feralas3634 
Tears of Stone+250Feralas3634 
The Land, Corrupted+250Feralas3634 
Hatecrest Forces+250Feralas3735 
The Gordunni Threat+250Feralas3735
Gordok Guards+250Feralas3735 
Forces of Nature: Wisps+250Feralas3735 
Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs+250Feralas3735 
The Sleeping Druid+250Teldrassil83 
Forces of Nature: Treants+250Feralas3735 
War on the Woodpaw+250Feralas3937 
Zukk'ash Infestation+250Feralas3937 
Taming The Tamers+250Feralas3937 
Spiteful Sisters+250Feralas4038 
Signs of Change+250Feralas3634
The Mark of Quality+250Feralas3634 
Improved Quality+250Feralas3734 
Pristine Yeti Hide+250Feralas3735
Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons+250Feralas3735
Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants+250Feralas3735
The Grimtotem are Coming+250Feralas4038
Ze Gnomecorder+250Ashenvale2524 
The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag+250Stonetalon Mountains2524 
Hellscream's Legacy+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Burn, Baby, Burn!+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Don't Look Them in the Eyes+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Windshear Mine Cleanup+250Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Free Our Sisters+250Stonetalon Mountains2625 
If the Horde Don't Get You...+250Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Preparations for the Future+250Stonetalon Mountains2725 
Capturing Memories+250Stonetalon Mountains2825 
Grimtotem in the Post+250Thousand Needles4238
Save the Sentinel+250Thousand Needles4238
It's Up There!+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Schemin' That Sabotage+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
The Lumbering Oaf Problem+250Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Last Ditch Effort+250Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Seen Better Days+250Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Back to the Depths!+250Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Mired in Hatred+250Wetlands2523 
The Threat of Flame+250Wetlands2523 
For Peat's Sake+250Wetlands2422 
The Crazed Dragonmaw+250Wetlands2523 
Return to Vestia+250Feralas3735
Reclaiming Felfire Hill+250Ashenvale2119
A Shameful Waste+250Ashenvale2119
The Lost Chalice+250Ashenvale2119
Agents of Destruction+250Ashenvale2119
Finding Teronis+250Ashenvale2119
The Lost Gem+250Ashenvale2119
The Ancient Statuettes+250Ashenvale2119 
Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!+250Ashenvale2119 
The Branch of Cenarius+250Ashenvale2219 
Satyr Slaying!+250Ashenvale2119 
Retaking Mystral Lake+250Ashenvale2623
Bathran's Hair+250Ashenvale2119
Elune's Tear+250Ashenvale2319
Search the Bole+250Ashenvale2321
Playing Possum+250Ashenvale2321
A New Adornment+250Ashenvale2619
Frost Nova (Night Elf)+250Mage32
Learning New Techniques (Night Elf)+250Warrior32
A Rogue's Advantage (Night Elf)+250Rogue32
A Woodsman's Training (Night Elf)+250Hunter32
Moonfire (Night Elf)+250Druid32
Learning the Word (Night Elf)+250Priest32
No Weapons For You!+250Thousand Needles4238
Darkcloud Grimtotem+250Thousand Needles4238
The Rattle of Bones+250Thousand Needles4238
The Writ of History+250Thousand Needles4238
The Drums of War+250Thousand Needles4238
The Captive Bride+250Thousand Needles4338
The Super Egg-O-Matic+250Tanaris4742 
The Mark of Quality+250Feralas4640
Wisps of the Woods+250Felwood4947 
Delivering the Relic+250Feralas4540
The Balance of Nature+250Shadowglen21 
Fel Moss Corruption (Night Elf)+250Shadowglen31
Demonic Thieves+250Shadowglen31 
Iverron's Antidote (Night Elf)+250Shadowglen33
Webwood Corruption (Night Elf)+250Shadowglen43
Vile Touch (Night Elf)+250Shadowglen43
Precious Waters (Night Elf)+250Shadowglen53
The Stave of Equinex+250Feralas5042
The Secret to Perfect Kimchi+250Cooking 10
Remembering the Ancestors+250Cooking 10
Back to Basics+250Cooking 10
Ribs for the Sentinels+250Cooking 10
Happy as a Clam Digger+250Fishing 10
Stocking Up+250Fishing 10
The Sister's Pendant+250Fishing 10
A Slippery Snack+250Fishing 10
Spice Bread Aplenty+250Cooking 10
An Old Favorite+250Fishing 10
The Morrow Stone+250Feralas5042
The Super Snapper FX+250Feralas4842
The High Wilderness+250Feralas4439
DEPRECATED: Gathering Evidence+250Stormwind City8585
The Art of the Monk (Night Elf)+250Monk32
In Nightmares+250Northern Barrens2510
Iverron's Antidote+250Shadowglen42 
Favored of Elune?+250Rut'theran Village4742
Un'Goro Soil+250Darnassus5047
Morrowgrain Research+250Darnassus5047
The Mystery of Morrowgrain+250Ruins of Feathermoon5047
The Newest Member of the Family+250Feralas4738
Recipe of the Kaldorei+250Cooking61 
Dragonkin Menace+250Burning Steppes5448
Freed from the Hive+250Feralas4640
Food for Baby+250Feralas4738
Trolling Them+250Suramar110110
Trolling Them+250Suramar110110
The Balance of Nature+250Shadowglen21 
Nature's Dues+250Shadowglen31 
Demonic Thieves+250Shadowglen31 
Washed Ashore+250Darkshore1411 
Gnarlpine Corruption+250Teldrassil64 
The Fragments Within+250Darkshore1412 
The Relics of Wakening+250Teldrassil84 
The Road to Darnassus+250Teldrassil95 
Glyphed Oaken Branch+250Western Plaguelands5651
The Sleeper Has Awakened+250Darkshore2017 
One Shot. One Kill.+250Darkshore1510 
Improved Quality+250Feralas4840
Pristine Yeti Hide+250Feralas4840
Webwood Corruption+250Shadowglen41 
Timberling Seeds+250Teldrassil94 
Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects (Night Elf)+250Teldrassil61
The Glowing Fruit+250Teldrassil94
The Shimmering Frond+250Teldrassil94
Twisted Hatred+250Teldrassil74 
Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn+250Teldrassil91 
Planting the Heart+250Teldrassil129
Therylune's Escape+250Darkshore1810 
Cave Mushrooms+250Darkshore1712 
The Twilight Camp+250Darkshore1712 
Reclaiming the Ruins+250Azuremyst Isle86
A Shameful Waste+250Ashenvale2119
Agents of Destruction+250Ashenvale2119
The Lost Chalice+250Ashenvale2119
Grove of the Ancients+250Darnassus116 
Reclaiming Felfire Hill+250Ashenvale2119
All That Remains+250Azuremyst Isle106
A Cry For Help+250Azuremyst Isle106
The Fall of Ameth'Aran+250Darkshore129 
A Map to Where?+250Bloodmyst Isle1613
Nolkai's Words+250Bloodmyst Isle1613
Tools of the Highborne+250Darkshore129 
The Way to Auberdine+250Bloodmyst Isle1515
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore1813 
Restoring Sanctity+250Bloodmyst Isle1815
Into the Dream+250Bloodmyst Isle1916
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore2113 
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore2413 
Moontouched Wildkin+250Rut'theran Village5552
The Tower of Althalaxx+250Darkshore3113 
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea+250Darkshore1713 
How Big a Threat?+250Darkshore1410 
A Lost Master+250Darkshore2010 
Finding Teronis+250Ashenvale2119
Escape Through Force+250Darkshore2210 
Raene's Cleansing+150Ashenvale2818
Dartol's Rod+150Ashenvale2519
Onward to Ashenvale+150Ashenvale2018
The Shatterspear Invaders+150Darkshore1310 
Grimclaw's Return+150Darkshore1210 
Easy As Pie+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Vahlarriel's Search+150Desolace3330
Vahlarriel's Search+150Desolace3330
The Emerald Dreamcatcher+150Teldrassil61 
Preparations (Worgen)+150Gilneas115
It's Not "Ogre" Yet+150Feralas3937 
The Northspring Menace+150Feralas3634 
Illegible Orc Letter+150Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Minx'll Fix It+150Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Orders from High Command+150Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Dartol's Rod+150Ashenvale2519
The Ruins of Solarsal+150Feralas4340
Against the Hatecrest+150Feralas4340
Against Lord Shalzaru+150Feralas4540
The Woodland Protector (Night Elf)+150Shadowglen31
Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth (Night Elf)+150Shadowglen53
Return to Troyas+150Feralas4842
Freedom for All Creatures+150Feralas4738
Doling Justice+150Feralas4738
Washed Ashore+150Darkshore1311 
The Corruption Abroad+150Stormwind City2418
The Missing Courier+150Feralas4340
The Woodpaw Gnolls+150Feralas4440
The Writhing Deep+150Feralas4640
The True Masters+150Burning Steppes5448
Thalanaar Delivery+150Feralas4440
A Good Friend+150Shadowglen41 
The Cliffspring River+150Darkshore1511 
Guardians of the Altar+150Winterspring5952
Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei+150Teldrassil91
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth+150Shadowglen51 
Crown of the Earth+150Teldrassil111 
Return to Onu+150Darkshore1712 
For Love Eternal+150Darkshore1611 
The Tower of Althalaxx+150Darkshore1813 
How Big a Threat?+150Darkshore1410 
Dryad Delivery+75Ashenvale2321
The Barrens Port+75Ashenvale3025
Journey to Stonetalon Peak+75Ashenvale1818
On Guard in Stonetalon+75Ashenvale2117
Update for Sentinel Thenysil+75Stonetalon Mountains2217
Peering Into the Vortex (DEPRECATED)+75Darnassus1513 
The Blackwood Pledge+75Darkshore1513 
The Wildkin's Oath+75Darkshore1613 
The Waking Nightmare+75Darkshore1713 
A Trip to the Moonwell+75Ashenvale2319
Naga In Our Midst+75Darkshore1917 
They're Ravenous In Darnassus+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Slow-roasted Turkey+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
The Blackwald (Worgen)+75Gilneas85
Gnome on the Inside+75Stonetalon Mountains2826 
No Time for Goodbyes!+75Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Ferilon Leafborn+75Wetlands2422 
Who Wards The Greenwarden+75Wetlands2422
General Shandris Feathermoon+75Feralas3634
Dryad Delivery+75Ashenvale2321
Flight to Auberdine+75Darkshore1010 
Forbidden Sigil (Night Elf, Draenei)+75Mage32
Return to Feathermoon Stronghold+75Feralas4340
Priestess of the Moon (Night Elf)+75Shadowglen32
Signs of Things to Come (Night Elf)+75Shadowglen53
Teldrassil: Passing Awareness (Night Elf)+75Shadowglen53
Simple Sigil (Night Elf, Worgen)+75Warrior32
Calligraphed Sigil (Night Elf)+75Monk32
Etched Sigil (Night Elf)+75Hunter32
Encrypted Sigil (Night Elf)+75Rogue32
Hallowed Sigil (Night Elf)+75Priest32
Verdant Sigil (Night Elf, Worgen)+75Druid32
Morrowgrain to Darnassus+75Darnassus5547
A Short Incubation+75Feralas4738
The Woodland Protector+75Shadowglen21 
Beached Sea Turtle+75Darkshore1311
Beached Sea Creature+75Darkshore1311
Beached Sea Turtle+75Darkshore1512
Beached Sea Turtle+75Darkshore1512
Beached Sea Creature+75Darkshore1412
Beached Sea Creature+75Darkshore1612
Beached Sea Turtle+75Darkshore1913
Beached Sea Turtle+75Darkshore1913
Beached Sea Creature+75Darkshore1913
A Troubling Breeze+75Teldrassil64
The Red Crystal+75Darkshore1412
As Water Cascades+75Darkshore1412
An Unexpected Gift (Night Elf)+75Teldrassil75
Additional Runecloth+75Darnassus6050
Rellian Greenspyre+75Teldrassil94 
The Moss-twined Heart+75Teldrassil125
Teldrassil: Passing Awareness+75Shadowglen51 
The Enchanted Glade+75Teldrassil106 
The Master's Glaive+75Darkshore1712 
Newfound Allies+75Bloodmyst Isle1515
The Tower of Althalaxx+75Darkshore1813 
Find Ranshalla+75Rut'theran Village5752
A Lost Master+75Darkshore2010 
Escape Through Stealth+75Darkshore2010 
Denalan's Earth+75Teldrassil94 
Velinde Starsong+25Ashenvale3025
Velinde's Effects+25Ashenvale3025
Raene's Cleansing+25Ashenvale2818
Kaela's Update+25Stonetalon Mountains2217
The Tower of Althalaxx+25Darkshore2813 
In Aid of the Refugees+25Darkshore1513 
Delivery for Orendil+25Ashenvale2119
To Raene Wolfrunner+25Ashenvale2319
Soggoth and Kronn+25Darkshore1917 
He Who Would Be Forgiven+25Ashenvale2319
To the Spire+25Ashenvale2523
Check in on the Edunes+25Ashenvale2523
He Who Would Be Forgiven+25Ashenvale2319
Dolanaar Delivery+25Teldrassil53
To New Thalanaar+25Feralas4038
To New Thalanaar+25Feralas4038
Field Test: Gnomecorder+25Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!+25Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Free Freewind Post+25Thousand Needles4238
In Aid of the Refugees+25Darkshore1514 
Breaking Waves of Change (Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Pandaren Alliance)+25Darkshore108
Breaking Waves of Change (Worgen)+25Darkshore108
Ashes in Ashenvale+25Ashenvale2017 
Malfurion Stormrage+25Darnassus129 
Nessa Shadowsong (Night Elf)+25Darnassus1010
The Bounty of Teldrassil (Night Elf)+25Darkshore1010
In Search of Knowledge+25Feralas4742
Feralas: A History+25Feralas4742
Against the Hatecrest+25Feralas4340
A Friend in Need+25Shadowglen42 
Jonespyre's Request+25Stormwind City5047 
Jonespyre's Request+25Ruins of Feathermoon5047
Morrowgrain to Feathermoon Stronghold+25Ruins of Feathermoon5547
An Orphan Looking For a Home+25Feralas4738
Becoming a Parent+25Feralas4837
Calm Before the Storm+25Tanaris5450
Kayneth Stillwind+25Ashenvale2924
To Darnassus (Night Elf)+25Teldrassil75
Reminders of Home (Night Elf)+25Teldrassil75
Trek to Ashenvale+25Ashenvale1915
Return to Raene+10Ashenvale2319
Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm+10The Exodar5047
Malfurion's Return+10Darkshore1513 
Protector of Ameth'Aran+10Darkshore1513 
West to the Strand+10Ashenvale2119
Astranaar Bound+10Ashenvale2319
A Valiant Of Darnassus (Night Elf, Worgen)+10Tournament8077
Valiant Of Darnassus (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei)+10Tournament8077
The Sprouted Fronds+10Teldrassil104
Return to Denalan+10Teldrassil94 
The Temple of the Moon+10Darnassus105
Do Yourself a Favor+10Stonetalon Mountains2524 
Return to Stardust+10Stonetalon Mountains2524 
Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!+10Stonetalon Mountains2624 
Fallowmere Beckons+10Stonetalon Mountains2826 
Warn Master Thal'darah+10Stonetalon Mountains2926 
Return to Raene+10Ashenvale2319
The Temple of the Moon (Night Elf)+10Priest2020
Together Again+10Thousand Needles4238
An Extraordinary Egg+10Tanaris6042 
A Fine Egg+10Tanaris6042 
An Ordinary Egg+10Tanaris6042 
A Bad Egg+10Tanaris6042 
Hero's Call: Darkshore!+10Darkshore109
Hero's Call: Ashenvale!+10Ashenvale2019
Hero's Call: Thousand Needles!+10Thousand Needles4039
Hero's Call: Feralas!+10Feralas3534
Hero's Call: Stonetalon Mountains!+10Stonetalon Mountains2524
A Favor for Melithar+10Shadowglen31 
Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm+10Darnassus5047
Morrowgrain Research+10Darnassus5047
Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm+10Stormwind City5047
Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm+10Ironforge5047
March of the Silithid+10Darnassus5350 
Thundris Windweaver+10Darkshore1511 
[DEPRECATED]To Winterspring!+10Felwood5653
Starfall+10Rut'theran Village5653
The New Frontier+10Darnassus5554
Staghelm's Mojo Jamboree+10Alterac Valley60200
Tenaron's Summons+10Shadowglen51 
Rune Covered Tablet+10Azuremyst Isle86
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601