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Led by Sylvanas Windrunner, the Forsaken have joined a tenuous alliance with the Horde and established this capital in the vast depths under the Ruins of Lordaeron.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Dark Lady, Watch Over Us+1000Tirisfal Glades95 
The Great Escape+1000Silverpine Forest1613 
Rise, Godfrey+1000Silverpine Forest1613 
Cities in Dust+1000Silverpine Forest2015 
The Book of Ur+500Shadowfang Keep2616
Arugal Must Die+500Shadowfang Keep2718 
Into The Scarlet Monastery+500Scarlet Monastery4230
Vorrel's Revenge+500Scarlet Monastery3325
Deathstalkers in Shadowfang+500Shadowfang Keep2518 
Going, Going, Guano!+500Razorfen Kraul2622
Hearts of Zeal+500Scarlet Monastery3330
Test of Lore+500Scarlet Monastery3625
Into The Scarlet Monastery+500Scarlet Monastery4230
The Power to Destroy...+500Ragefire Chasm169
Going, Going, Guano!+500Razorfen Kraul2622 
Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment+500Deathknell52
The Red Messenger+500Deathknell52
Going, Going, Guano!+500Razorfen Kraul3530 
Scholomancer+500Western Plaguelands3534
Waiting to Exsanguinate+500Silverpine Forest119 
Ace in the Hole+500Western Plaguelands4038
Orcs are in Order+500Silverpine Forest1310 
Lordaeron+500Silverpine Forest1311 
No Escape+500Silverpine Forest1311 
Brute Strength+500Western Plaguelands3534
Nowhere to Run+500Silverpine Forest1311 
The Waters Run Red...+500Silverpine Forest1311
Korok the Colossus+500Ruins of Gilneas1512 
A Man Named Godfrey+500Ruins of Gilneas1613 
Resistance is Futile+500Ruins of Gilneas1613 
Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III+500Silverpine Forest1914 
On Her Majesty's Secret Service+500Silverpine Forest2015 
This Land is Our Land+500Shadowfang Keep1816
Plague...Plague Everywhere!+500Shadowfang Keep1916
Orders Are For the Living+500Shadowfang Keep2016
Sweet, Merciless Revenge+500Shadowfang Keep2116
Deep Mine Rescue+500Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Do the Right Thing+500Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
A Blight Upon the Land+500Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Helcular's Rod Giveth...+500Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Heroes of the Horde!+500Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
Yetimus the Yeti Lord+500Hillsbrad Foothills2521 
Stormpike Apocalypse+500Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000+500Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
Summoning Shadra+500The Hinterlands5540
Venom to the Undercity+500The Hinterlands5540
Bring the End+500Razorfen Downs3733
The Red Messenger+500Deathknell52
The Rise of the Machines+500Burning Steppes5452
A Recipe For Death+500Silverpine Forest189 
The Darkstone Tablet+500Blackrock Spire6057 
For The Horde!+500Blackrock Spire6055
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Agony+500Hillsbrad Foothills3024
The Key to Scholomance+500Western Plaguelands6055
The Power to Destroy...+500Ragefire Chasm169
The Last Element+500Blackrock Depths5448
The Human Condition+500Alterac Valley60200
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
The Lord of Blackrock+500Orgrimmar6060
[DEPRECATED] The Flying Machine Airport+350Thunder Bluff2313
Nothing But The Truth+350Duskwood4237
Stinking Up Southshore+350Seasonal 25 
Smarts-is-Smarts+350Southern Barrens3432 
Night Web's Hollow+350Deathknell42
A Scarlet Letter+350Tirisfal Glades65
The Mills Overrun+350Tirisfal Glades86
The Grasp Weakens+350Tirisfal Glades96
A Daughter's Embrace+350Tirisfal Glades106
The Real Threat+350Arathi Highlands2725
Alina's Reward+350Arathi Highlands2725 
Shadra the Venom Queen+350The Hinterlands3532
Those That Couldn't Be Saved (Undead)+350Deathknell11
War Machines+350Western Plaguelands3534
Araj the Summoner+350Western Plaguelands3534
Combat Training+350Western Plaguelands3734
Iterating Upon Success+350Silverpine Forest119 
Supporting the Troops+350Western Plaguelands4038
It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It+350Silverpine Forest1210 
Lost in the Darkness+350Silverpine Forest1210 
Deeper into Darkness+350Silverpine Forest1310 
Rise, Forsaken+350Silverpine Forest1311 
Araj the Summoner+350Western Plaguelands3534
Honor the Dead+350Silverpine Forest1311 
Losing Ground+350Ruins of Gilneas1412 
Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost+350Ruins of Gilneas1412 
On Whose Orders?+350Ruins of Gilneas1512 
What Tomorrow Brings+350Ruins of Gilneas1512 
Breaking the Barrier+350Silverpine Forest1714 
Ley Energies+350Alterac Mountains1814 
Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II+350Silverpine Forest1814 
Pyrewood's Fall+350Silverpine Forest1915 
From the Belly of the Beast+350Silverpine Forest1915 
Sowing Discord+350Silverpine Forest2015 
Past Their Prime+350Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
The Battle for Hillsbrad+350Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Protocol+350Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Do it for Twinkles+350Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Burnside Must Fall+350Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Trail of Filth+350Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Terrible Little Creatures+350Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Preemptive Strike+350Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Twilight Scheming (Undead)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Breaking the Hand+350Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
The Durnholde Challenge: Zephyrus+350Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
The Durnholde Challenge: Teracula+350Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
The Durnholde Challenge: Bloodvenom+350Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
The Durnholde Challenge: Infernus+350Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
The Mindless Ones (Undead)+350Deathknell21
Scavenging Deathknell+350Deathknell32
The Mills Overrun+350Tirisfal Glades86
Assault on Fenris Isle+350Silverpine Forest2010 
Melding of Influences+350Undercity5548
Wand to Bethor+350Silverpine Forest1812 
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Agony+350Hillsbrad Foothills3024 
[DEPRECATED] The Crown of Will+350Hillsbrad Foothills4334
[DEPRECATED] Prison Break In+350Hillsbrad Foothills3430
[DEPRECATED] Souvenirs of Death+350Hillsbrad Foothills2520
[DEPRECATED] Humbert's Sword+350Hillsbrad Foothills3026
[DEPRECATED] Helcular's Revenge+350Hillsbrad Foothills3329
The Scarlet Oracle, Demetria+350Eastern Plaguelands6056 
Return to Morris (Undead)+350Tirisfal Glades75
A Donation of Wool+350Undercity6012
A Donation of Silk+350Undercity6026
A Donation of Mageweave+350Undercity6040
A Donation of Runecloth+350Undercity6050
Return to Apothecary Zinge+350Undercity4638
[DEPRECATED] Blood of Innocents+250Thunder Bluff2313
To Steal From Thieves+250Undercity3627
The Undercity (Undead)+250Special 65
Sample for Helbrim+250Undercity1510 
The Valiant's Charge+250Tournament8077
The Valiant's Challenge+250Tournament8077
A Blade Fit For A Champion+250Tournament8077
A Worthy Weapon+250Tournament8077
The Edge Of Winter+250Tournament8077
A Valiant's Field Training+250Tournament8077
The Grand Melee+250Tournament8077
At The Enemy's Gates+250Tournament8077
Befouled by Satyr+250Orgrimmar3325
The Burning of Spirits+250Orgrimmar3325
The Crimson Courier+250Eastern Plaguelands6056
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills3219
Piercing the Veil+250Warlock 1
The Corrupter+250Desolace3325
The Corrupter+250Desolace3525
Reclaimed Treasures+250Uldaman4333
Parts-is-Parts+250Southern Barrens3432 
Hearts-is-Hearts+250Southern Barrens3432 
Ever So Lonely+250Tirisfal Glades65
Fields of Grief+250Tirisfal Glades65
Variety is the Spice of Death+250Tirisfal Glades65
Reaping the Reapers+250Tirisfal Glades65
The Scarlet Palisade+250Tirisfal Glades65
A Thorn in our Side+250Tirisfal Glades85
The Chill of Death+250Tirisfal Glades85
Darkhound Pounding+250Tirisfal Glades66
Annihilate the Worgen+250Tirisfal Glades85
Doom Weed+250Tirisfal Glades76
Off the Scales+250Tirisfal Glades86
Holland's Experiment+250Tirisfal Glades65
Graverobbers+250Tirisfal Glades76
Maggot Eye+250Tirisfal Glades96
Planting the Seed of Fear+250Tirisfal Glades86
The Family Crypt+250Tirisfal Glades96
At War With The Scarlet Crusade+250Tirisfal Glades96
A Little Oomph+250Tirisfal Glades107
Deaths in the Family+250Tirisfal Glades96
Grisly Grizzlies+250Tirisfal Glades97
Call to Arms+250Arathi Highlands2725 
Sigil of Strom+250Arathi Highlands2725
Sigil of Thoradin+250Arathi Highlands2725
Sigil of Arathor+250Arathi Highlands2725
Clearing the Highlands+250Arathi Highlands2725
Prime Slime+250The Hinterlands3230 
Dark Vessels+250The Hinterlands3331 
Venomous Secrets+250The Hinterlands3331 
The Eye of Shadra+250The Hinterlands3432 
Can't Make An Omelette Without...+250The Hinterlands3432 
Starvation Diet+250The Hinterlands3432 
The Fang of Shadra+250The Hinterlands3432 
The Shell of Shadra+250The Hinterlands3532 
To Steal From Thieves+250Arathi Highlands2725 
Prime Slime+250The Hinterlands3229 
Scourge on our Perimeter+250Deathknell31
The Damned+250Deathknell33
Scourge First... Alliance Later+250Western Plaguelands3534
The Endless Flow+250Western Plaguelands3534
Foxes and Hounds+250Western Plaguelands3634
Foes Before Hoes+250Western Plaguelands3634
Latent Disease+250Western Plaguelands3634
When Death is Not Enough+250Western Plaguelands3634
Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!+250Silverpine Forest109
Who Needs Cauldrons?+250Western Plaguelands3634
The Gilneas Liberation Front+250Silverpine Forest119 
Agony Abounds+250Silverpine Forest119 
Guts and Gore+250Silverpine Forest119 
Steel Thunder+250Silverpine Forest1210 
Give 'em Hell!+250Silverpine Forest1210 
Playing Dirty+250Silverpine Forest1210
The Farmers' Militia+250Western Plaguelands4038
Ashes to Ashes+250Western Plaguelands4038
Andorhal, Once and For All+250Western Plaguelands4038
Skitterweb Menace+250Silverpine Forest1210 
The Reckoning+250Western Plaguelands4038
Excising the Taint+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Seek and Destroy+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Cornered and Crushed!+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Hair of the Dog+250Silverpine Forest1311 
Reinforcements from Fenris+250Silverpine Forest1311 
To Forsaken Forward Command+250Ruins of Gilneas1412 
In Time, All Will Be Revealed+250Ruins of Gilneas1412 
Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard+250Ruins of Gilneas1412 
Vengeance for Our Soldiers+250Ruins of Gilneas1512 
Fall Back!+250Ruins of Gilneas1512 
Unyielding Servitors+250Silverpine Forest1714 
Dalar Dawnweaver+250Silverpine Forest1814 
Relios the Relic Keeper+250Alterac Mountains1814 
Practical Vengeance+250Alterac Mountains1814 
Only One May Enter+250Silverpine Forest1814 
A Wolf in Bear's Clothing+250Silverpine Forest1814 
Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I+250Silverpine Forest1814 
Of No Consequence+250Silverpine Forest1915 
Lessons in Fear+250Silverpine Forest1915 
I Never Forget a Face+250Silverpine Forest1915 
7th Legion Battle Plans+250Silverpine Forest1915 
Empire of Dirt+250Hillsbrad2019 
Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019
Welcome to the Machine+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Glorious Harvest+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Human Infestation+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Thieving Little Monsters!+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Coastal Delicacies!+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Muckgill's Flipper or Something...+250Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
No One Here Gets Out Alive+250Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Discretion is Key+250Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
For Science!+250Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Freedom for Lydon+250Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Studies in Lethality+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Green Living+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Angry Scrubbing Bubbles+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Helcular's Command+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Stormpike Rendezvous+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Kasha Will Fly Again+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
[DND] ORKUS QUEST FLAG [DO NOT LOCALIZE]+250Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
The Road to Purgation+250Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
They Will Never Expect This...+250Hillsbrad Foothills2320 
The Heart of the Matter+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
Humbert's Personal Problems+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
Stagwiches+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
A Fighting Chance+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
March of the Stormpike+250Hillsbrad Foothills2321 
Cry of the Banshee+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Decimation+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!+250Silverpine Forest109
Matters of Loyalty+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Infiltration+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Deception and Trickery+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Domination+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
The Shadow Grave (Undead)+250Deathknell11
Extinction+250Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
A Haunting in Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
Silence of the Dwarves+250Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
Fungus Among Us+250Cooking 10
Fish Head+250Fishing 10
Tadpole Terror+250Fishing 10
Like Pike?+250Fishing 10
Time for Slime+250Fishing 10
Venom Bottles+250The Hinterlands4340
Lily, Oh Lily+250Cooking 10
Escargot A Go-Go+250Cooking 10
Roach Coach+250Cooking 10
Undamaged Venom Sac+250The Hinterlands4540
Would You Like Some Flies With That?+250Cooking 10
Moat Monster!+250Fishing 10
Lines of Communication+250The Hinterlands4742
Deaths in the Family+250Tirisfal Glades117
Rear Guard Patrol+250Tirisfal Glades116
Seeping Corruption+250Undercity5245 
Graverobbers+250Tirisfal Glades84
Fields of Grief+250Tirisfal Glades74
A New Plague (Undead)+250Tirisfal Glades66
A New Plague (Undead)+250Tirisfal Glades96
At War With The Scarlet Crusade+250Tirisfal Glades95
At War With The Scarlet Crusade+250Tirisfal Glades105
At War With The Scarlet Crusade+250Tirisfal Glades125
Proof of Demise+250Tirisfal Glades75
The Chill of Death+250Tirisfal Glades87
The Damned+250Deathknell22
Night Web's Hollow+250Deathknell42
The Scarlet Crusade+250Deathknell42
Rattling the Rattlecages (Undead)+250Deathknell31
The Last Element+250Blackrock Depths5448 
Wanted: Maggot Eye+250Tirisfal Glades104
The Family Crypt+250Tirisfal Glades137
The Prodigal Lich Returns+250Tirisfal Glades125
Prove Your Worth+250Silverpine Forest109 
Arugal's Folly+250Silverpine Forest119 
Arugal's Folly+250Silverpine Forest149 
Arugal's Folly+250Silverpine Forest159 
At War With The Scarlet Crusade+250Tirisfal Glades85
A Sample of Slime...+250Undercity5248
... and a Batch of Ooze+250Undercity5648
Escorting Erland+250Silverpine Forest1110 
The Dead Fields+250Silverpine Forest1410 
Rot Hide Ichor+250Silverpine Forest1710 
A Recipe For Death+250Silverpine Forest129 
A Recipe For Death+250Silverpine Forest159 
[DEPRECATED]Well of Corruption+250Felwood5449
[DEPRECATED]Corrupted Sabers+250Felwood5449
Pyrewood Ambush+250Silverpine Forest1512 
Border Crossings+250Silverpine Forest1410 
Ambermill Investigations+250Silverpine Forest1610 
The Weaver+250Silverpine Forest2210 
A New Plague (Undead)+250Tirisfal Glades116
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Suffering+250Hillsbrad Foothills2219
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Pain+250Hillsbrad Foothills2421
The Jeremiah Blues+250Undercity5250
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Agony+250Hillsbrad Foothills2824
Scarlet Diversions+250Western Plaguelands5350
All Along the Watchtowers+250Western Plaguelands5650
[DEPRECATED] The Crown of Will+250Hillsbrad Foothills3934
[DEPRECATED] The Crown of Will+250Hillsbrad Foothills4134
[DEPRECATED] The Crown of Will+250Hillsbrad Foothills4334
Target: Felstone Field+250Western Plaguelands5350
Target: Dalson's Tears+250Western Plaguelands5550
Target: Writhing Haunt+250Western Plaguelands5550
Target: Gahrron's Withering+250Western Plaguelands5850
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2419
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2519
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2619
A Husband's Revenge+250Silverpine Forest2010 
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2619
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills2819
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills3019
Doom Weed+250Tirisfal Glades65
[DEPRECATED] WANTED: Syndicate Personnel+250Hillsbrad Foothills2217
[DEPRECATED] Battle of Hillsbrad+250Hillsbrad Foothills3219
[DEPRECATED] Helcular's Revenge+250Hillsbrad Foothills3329
[DEPRECATED] Stone Tokens+250Hillsbrad Foothills3230
[DEPRECATED] Bracers of Binding+250Hillsbrad Foothills3430
[DEPRECATED] WANTED: Baron Vardus+250Hillsbrad Foothills4017
[DEPRECATED] Dangerous!+250Hillsbrad Foothills2817
To Kill With Purpose+250Eastern Plaguelands5854 
Un-Life's Little Annoyances+250Eastern Plaguelands5854
The Ranger Lord's Behest+250Eastern Plaguelands6054 
Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee...+250Eastern Plaguelands6056 
The Corpulent One+250Eastern Plaguelands6056
The Crimson Courier+250Eastern Plaguelands6056
Marla's Last Wish+250Deathknell53
Tanaris Field Sampling+250Tanaris4638
Brotherly Love+250Alterac Valley 51
[DEPRECATED] Soothing Turtle Bisque+250Cooking3128
Fungal Spores+250Northern Barrens1510
Journey to Undercity (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Pandaren Horde)+250Undercity1515
Journey to Undercity (Blood Elf)+250Undercity1515
Serpentbloom+250Wailing Caverns1814
Arugal's Folly+250Silverpine Forest159 
[DEPRECATED] Return to Thunder Bluff+150Thunder Bluff2313
Nothing But The Truth+150Duskwood4237
She Says Potato+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?+150Pilgrim's Bounty 1
The Wakening (Undead)+150Deathknell11
The Truth of the Grave+150Deathknell32
Vital Intelligence+150Deathknell52
Proving Allegiance+150Tirisfal Glades95 
The Prodigal Lich Returns+150Tirisfal Glades95 
Take to the Skies+150Tirisfal Glades106
A Putrid Task+150Tirisfal Glades64
After the Crusade+150Western Plaguelands3634
The Warchief Cometh+150Silverpine Forest119 
The Lich's Identity+150Undercity85
A Letter Undelivered+150Tirisfal Glades74
Slake That Thirst+150Tanaris4638
Vital Intelligence+150Deathknell52
A Putrid Task+150Tirisfal Glades64
Proving Allegiance+150Tirisfal Glades125
Ivar the Foul+150Silverpine Forest1210 
Return to Quinn+150Silverpine Forest1110 
The Decrepit Ferry+150Silverpine Forest1610 
Delivery to Silverpine Forest+150Tirisfal Glades109
Maps and Runes+150Silverpine Forest1410 
Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills+150Silverpine Forest2019 
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Pain+150Hillsbrad Foothills2421
Beren's Peril+150Silverpine Forest2116 
[DEPRECATED] Dalaran Patrols+150Hillsbrad Foothills3530
Garments of Darkness+150Priest45
[DEPRECATED] Apothecary Zamah+150Northern Barrens1510
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Ten Commendation Signets+150Reputation601
Fire Training+75Hallow's End 1 
Test of Lore+75Thousand Needles3025
Spice Bread Stuffing+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
Undersupplied in the Undercity+75Pilgrim's Bounty 1
The Corrupter+75Desolace3325
Into the Field+75Tanaris4638
Trail-Worn Scroll (Undead)+75Hunter32
The Thrill of the Hunt (Undead)+75Hunter32
Magic Training (Undead)+75Mage32
Of Light and Shadows (Undead)+75Priest32
Stab! (Undead)+75Rogue32
Dark Deeds (Undead)+75Warlock32
Charging into Battle (Undead)+75Warrior32
Return to the Magistrate+75Tirisfal Glades85
Escaped From Gilneas+75Tirisfal Glades75
A Deadly New Ally+75Tirisfal Glades106
The Haunted Mills+75Tirisfal Glades96
Gordo's Task+75Tirisfal Glades65
Have You Seen Anything Weird Out There?+75Tirisfal Glades75
Beast Training+75Hunter 10 
Beyond the Graves (Undead)+75Deathknell11
Trol'kalar+75Arathi Highlands2725
Lower the Boom+75Western Plaguelands3634
Strange New Faces+75Western Plaguelands3634
Rin'ji's Secret+75The Hinterlands4742
Little Girl Lost+75Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
*Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*+75Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
The Executor In the Field+75Deathknell33
Simple Scroll (Undead)+75Warrior32
Encrypted Scroll (Undead)+75Rogue32
Hallowed Scroll (Undead, Blood Elf)+75Priest32
Glyphic Scroll (Undead)+75Mage32
Tainted Scroll (Undead)+75Warlock32
Scribbled Scroll (Undead)+75Monk32
Tiger Palm (Undead)+75Monk32
Seeping Corruption+75Undercity5245
Return to the Magistrate+75Tirisfal Glades96
The Haunted Mills+75Tirisfal Glades107
Rude Awakening (Undead)+75Deathknell11
Return the Book+75Tirisfal Glades85
Wild Hearts+75Silverpine Forest1110 
The Engraved Ring+75Silverpine Forest1610 
Raleigh and the Undercity+75Silverpine Forest1610 
Report to Hadrec+75Silverpine Forest1610 
The Deathstalkers' Report+75Silverpine Forest1110 
Resting in Pieces+75Silverpine Forest1712
The Hidden Niche+75Silverpine Forest1812 
[DEPRECATED] Time To Strike+75Hillsbrad Foothills2019
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Agony+75Hillsbrad Foothills2824
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Agony+75Hillsbrad Foothills3024
Return to the Bulwark+75Western Plaguelands5350
Return to the Bulwark+75Western Plaguelands5550
Return to the Bulwark+75Western Plaguelands5550
Return to the Bulwark+75Western Plaguelands5850
Gordo's Task+75Tirisfal Glades55
A Rogue's Deal+75Deathknell51
Return to Nathanos+75Eastern Plaguelands6056
Ride to the Undercity (Undead)+75Tirisfal Glades75
Additional Runecloth+75Undercity6050
Oran's Gratitude+75The Hinterlands4742 
Envoy to the Horde (Blood Elf)+75Undercity2115
Envoy to the Horde (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll)+75Undercity2115
Nothing But The Truth+25Duskwood4237
Nothing But The Truth+25Duskwood4237
Halgar's Summons (Undead)+25Warlock 10
Mennet Carkad+25Rogue1010
Johaan's Experiment+25Tirisfal Glades65
Forsaken Duties+25Tirisfal Glades85
The Prodigal Lich+25Tirisfal Glades85 
Speak with Sevren+25Tirisfal Glades96
East... Always to the East+25Tirisfal Glades96
Head for the Mills+25Tirisfal Glades96
The Battle for Andorhal+25Western Plaguelands3534
Trouble at Southshore+25Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
The Battle for Andorhal+25Western Plaguelands3534
Eastpoint Tower+25Hillsbrad Foothills2523 
The Battle for Andorhal+25Western Plaguelands3534
Forsaken Duties+25Tirisfal Glades96
A New Plague (Undead)+25Tirisfal Glades116
The Prodigal Lich+25Tirisfal Glades85
Fields of Grief+25Tirisfal Glades74
Lost Deathstalkers+25Silverpine Forest1210 
Rot Hide Clues+25Silverpine Forest1610
Rot Hide Origins+25Silverpine Forest1710 
Thule Ravenclaw+25Silverpine Forest1610 
[DEPRECATED] Elixir of Suffering+25Hillsbrad Foothills2219
In Favor of Darkness+25Priest45
The Champion of the Banshee Queen+25Undercity5654
Supplying Brill (Undead)+25Tirisfal Glades75
Michael Garrett (Undead)+25Tirisfal Glades75
A Rogue's Deal+25Deathknell51
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!+10Western Plaguelands5050
Zinge's Delivery+10Undercity1510 
A Valiant Of Undercity (Undead)+10Tournament8077
Valiant Of Undercity (Orc, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf)+10Tournament8077
Pilgrim's Bounty+10Pilgrim's Bounty 1
The Call to Command+10Eastern Plaguelands6056 
Errand for Apothecary Zinge+10Undercity4538
Errand for Apothecary Zinge+10Undercity4538
Fresh out of the Grave (Undead)+10Deathknell11
No Better Than the Zombies+10Deathknell43
The New Forsaken+10Tirisfal Glades75
Garren's Haunt+10Tirisfal Glades85
To Bigger and Better Things+10Tirisfal Glades106
Victory, For Now+10Western Plaguelands3534
The Menders' Stead+10Western Plaguelands3735
Belmont's Report+10Silverpine Forest119 
The Warchief's Fleet+10Silverpine Forest1210 
The Battle Resumes!+10Western Plaguelands4038
Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed+10Western Plaguelands4038
The Menders' Stead+10Western Plaguelands3735
The Menders' Stead+10Western Plaguelands3735
The Menders' Stead+10Western Plaguelands3735
Dark Cleric Cecille (Undead)+10Priest2020
Taking the Battlefront+10Silverpine Forest1915 
[TEMP PH] What We Have Done+10Silverpine Forest2015 
Trouble at Azurelode+10Hillsbrad Foothills2019 
Trouble at the Sludge Fields+10Hillsbrad Foothills2119 
Meet with Dark Cleric Cecille (Undead)+10Orgrimmar5050
Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking?+10Hillsbrad Foothills2220 
Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!+10Hillsbrad Foothills2019
Warchief's Command: Arathi Highlands!+10Arathi Highlands2524
Warchief's Command: Western Plaguelands!+10Western Plaguelands3534
Aid of the Frostwolf+10Hillsbrad Foothills2421 
Warchief's Command: Arathi Highlands!+10Arathi Highlands2524
A Friend in Need+10Hallow's End 10
Speak with Renferrel+10Silverpine Forest1210 
Speak with Sevren+10Tirisfal Glades107
Vivian Lagrave and the Darkstone Tablet+10Blackrock Spire6057 
Dalar's Analysis+10Silverpine Forest1410 
Dalaran's Intentions+10Silverpine Forest1410 
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!+10Western Plaguelands5050
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!+10Western Plaguelands5050
A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!+10Western Plaguelands5050
The Scourge Cauldrons+10Western Plaguelands5350
The Call to Command+10Eastern Plaguelands6056 
A Strange One+10Winterspring5449
I've Got A Fever For More Bone Chips+10Alterac Valley60200
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601
One Commendation Signet+5Reputation601