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This trading post is run by the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel and it sits in the crossroads of Winterspring's main trade routes.

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Southsea Cannoneer14 - 15A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 5+3
Southsea Cutthroat14 - 15A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 20+3
Southsea Privateer14 - 15A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 10+3
Southsea Pirate44 - 45A HHumanoidTanaris1.11.1 30+3
Southsea Taskmaster46A HHumanoidTanaris4.0.3 1+3