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The League of Arathor
The League of Arathor seeks to reclaim the lost land of Arathi Basin for their benefactors in Stormwind.

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Reward from (37)Members (13)Items (1)Objective of (2)Criteria of (7)
Criteria of tree (9) Comments (New!) (22) Screenshots (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (1)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Control Four Bases+1000Arathi Basin6060
The Battle for Arathi Basin!+500Arathi Basin5550 
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin7070 
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin5550
The Battle for Arathi Basin!+500Arathi Basin5550
Control Five Bases+500Arathi Basin6060
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin4540
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin2520
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin3530
The Battle for Arathi Basin!+500Arathi Basin4540
The Battle for Arathi Basin!+500Arathi Basin3530
The Battle for Arathi Basin!+500Arathi Basin2520
Arathi Basin Resources!+500Arathi Basin6060
Test Quest for Craig+250Dragonblight6258 
Claiming Arathi Basin+250Arathi Basin2920
Claiming Arathi Basin+250Arathi Basin3930
Claiming Arathi Basin+250Arathi Basin4940
Claiming Arathi Basin+250Arathi Basin5950
Claiming Arathi Basin+250Arathi Basin6060
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin7070 
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin5550
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin4540
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin2520
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin3530
More Resource Crates+75Arathi Basin6060
Claiming Arathi Basin+75Arathi Highlands2920
Claiming Arathi Basin+75Arathi Basin3930
Claiming Arathi Basin+75Arathi Basin4940
Claiming Arathi Basin+75Arathi Basin5950
Claiming Arathi Basin+75Arathi Basin6060
Arathor Basic Care Package+10Arathi Basin3425
Arathor Standard Care Package+10Arathi Basin4435
Arathor Advanced Care Package+10Arathi Basin7045
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 71 
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 71
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 61
Concerted Efforts0Battlegrounds 61