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Zandalar Tribe
These trolls have come to Yojamba Isle in an effort to recruit help against the resurrected Blood God and his Atal'ai Priests in Zul'Gurub.

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Reward from killing (41)Reward from (81)Members (22)Items (21)Objective of (32)
Criteria of (7)Criteria of tree (10)Referenced by (2) Comments (New!) (36) Screenshots (New!) (3)
Hakkar??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+400
Jin'do the Hexxer??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+200
Bloodlord Mandokir??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+200
High Priestess Mar'li??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+100
High Priestess Jeklik??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+100
High Priest Venoxis??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+100
High Priestess Arlokk??A HBoss 1.11.1 0+100
High Priest Thekal??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+100
Gri'lek??A HBoss Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+25
Ohgan??A HBoss 1.11.1 0+25
Witherbark Speaker
<Witherbark Troll Ambassador>
61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+15
Sandfury Speaker
<Sandfury Troll Ambassador>
61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+15
Vilebranch Speaker
<Vilebranch Troll Ambassador>
61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 1+15
Razzashi Adder60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 31+5
Razzashi Cobra60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 4+5
Razzashi Raptor60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 32+5
Razzashi Serpent60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 33+5
Razzashi Skitterer56 - 58A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 6+5
Soulflayer61A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 8+5
Voodoo Slave60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 9+5
Withered Mistress60A HUndead Zul'Gurub1.11.1 28+5
Zulian Guardian61A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 2+5
Mad Servant61A HDemon Zul'Gurub1.11.1 13+5
Razzashi Broodwidow61A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 7+5
Hakkari Blood Priest61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 7+5
Razzashi Venombrood60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 31+5
Gurubashi Blood Drinker60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 34+5
Gurubashi Champion61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 24+5
Gurubashi Headhunter60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 9+5
Hakkari Priest60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 33+5
Hakkari Shadow Hunter61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 12+5
Hakkari Shadowcaster61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 5+5
Hakkari Witch Doctor60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 8+5
Atal'ai Mistress60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 18+3
Zulian Panther60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 52+3
Zulian Crocolisk60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 41+3
Gurubashi Axe Thrower60A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 33+3
Gurubashi Berserker85A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 18+3
Gurubashi Bat Rider61A HHumanoid Zul'Gurub1.11.1 9+3
Hooktooth Frenzy60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 31+3
Zulian Tiger60A HBeast Zul'Gurub1.11.1 35+3