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Argussian Reach
Although many struggled to oppose the Burning Legion's conquest of Argus, not all were able to escape. Emboldened by the arrival of new allies, these refugees and outcasts stand united in their mission to reclaim their home.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Argussian Reach+1500Mac'Aree110110 
Fuel of a Doomed World+1000Antoran Wastes110110 
Invasion Onslaught+1000Invasion Point110110 
Antorus, the Burning Throne: The Death of a Titan+500Antorus, the Burning Throne110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge+350The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
The Defiler's Legacy+350Mac'Aree110110 
Across the Universe+350Mac'Aree110110 
The Seat of the Triumvirate: Armor of the Triumvirate+350The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
Khazaduum, First of His Name+250Mac'Aree110110 
A Strike at the Heart+250Krokuun110110 
Consecrating Ground+250Mac'Aree110110 
The Sigil of Awakening+250Mac'Aree110110 
The Burning Throne+250Antoran Wastes110110 
The Power to Reforge+250Mac'Aree110110 
Recovering the Pieces+250Mac'Aree110110 
Talgath's Forces+250Mac'Aree110110 
Strike Back+250Krokuun110110 
Duskcloak Problem+250Krokuun110110 
Strike Back+250Krokuun110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: Voidmaw+250The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: Darkcaller+250The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: Void-Blade Zedaat+250The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: Dark Fissures+250The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
Seat of the Triumvirate: Twilight-Harbinger Tharuul+250The Seat of the Triumvirate110110 
The Burning Throne+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Targets of Opportunity: Terminus+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Invasion of Space+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Fragments of the Abyss+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Out With The Inquisitors+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Defenseless and Afraid+150Mac'Aree110110 
Threat Reduction+150Krokuun110110 
Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning+150Mac'Aree110110 
Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery+150Mac'Aree110110 
Invasive Species+150Mac'Aree110110 
Gatekeeper's Challenge: Tenacity+150Mac'Aree110110 
A Non-Prophet Organization+150Mac'Aree110110 
Conservation of Magic+150Mac'Aree110110 
An Argus Roper+150Krokuun110110 
Remnants of Darkfall Ridge+150Krokuun 110 
Nath'raxas Hold: Preparations+150Krokuun 110 
Nath'raxas Hold: Rescue Mission+150Krokuun 110 
A Stranger's Plea+150Krokuun110110 
Woah, Nelly!+150Krokuun110110 
Prisoners No More+75Krokuun110110 
The Path Forward+75Mac'Aree110110 
For Their Own Good+75Krokuun110110 
Shadow of the Triumvirate+75Mac'Aree110110 
Calming the Void+75Krokuun110110 
Siegemaster Voraan+75Krokuun110110 
Lessons of Fire and Pain+75Krokuun110110 
Mistress Il'thendra+75Krokuun110110 
Spirits of the Fallen+75Krokuun110110 
Bury It+75Krokuun110110 
The Ritual We Share+75Krokuun110110 
Rope Around+75Krokuun110110 
Behind Legion Lines+75Krokuun110110 
Talestra the Vile+75Krokuun110110 
Memories of the Fallen+75Mac'Aree110110 
Shadowcaster Voruun+75Mac'Aree110110 
Recurring Madness+75Mac'Aree110110 
What Might Have Been+75Mac'Aree110110 
Security: Engaged+75Mac'Aree110110 
The Longest Vigil+75Mac'Aree110110 
Tereck the Selector+75Krokuun110110 
Vagath the Betrayed+75Krokuun110110 
Void Clot+75Mac'Aree110110 
Dark Experimentation+75Mac'Aree110110 
Core Mechanics+75Mac'Aree110110 
Gatekeeper's Review: Cunning+75Mac'Aree110110 
Garden Pests+75Mac'Aree110110 
Hostile Echology+75Mac'Aree110110 
The Defense of Mac'Aree+75Mac'Aree110110 
Bully Pulpit+75Mac'Aree110110 
Scale Samples+75Mac'Aree110110 
Gatekeeper's Review: Tenacity+75Mac'Aree110110 
Peer Review+75Mac'Aree110110 
No Love Lost+75Mac'Aree110110 
Hidden in the Hollows+75Mac'Aree110110 
Tar Spitter+75Krokuun110110 
Fragment of the Past+75Mac'Aree110110 
Imp Mother Laglath+75Krokuun110110 
Jed'hin Tournament+75Mac'Aree110110 
Naroua, King of the Forest+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Sathrenael+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Vecaya+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Endaxis+75Krokuun110110 
Sister Subversia+75Krokuun110110 
Soultwisted Monstrosity+75Mac'Aree110110 
Wrangler Kravos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Kaara the Pale+75Mac'Aree110110 
Baruut the Bloodthirsty+75Mac'Aree110110 
Feasel the Muffin Thief+75Mac'Aree110110 
Vigilant Thanos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Vigilant Kuro+75Mac'Aree110110 
Venomtail Skyfin+75Mac'Aree110110 
Turek the Lucid+75Mac'Aree110110 
Captain Faruq+75Mac'Aree110110 
Sorolis the Ill-Fated+75Mac'Aree110110 
Herald of Chaos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Jed'hin Champion Vorusk+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Beda+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Sorna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Morna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Instructor Tarahna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Zul'tan the Numerous+75Mac'Aree110110 
Commander Xethgar+75Mac'Aree110110 
Skreeg the Devourer+75Mac'Aree110110 
Varga+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Lieutenant Xakaar+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Wrath-Lord Yarez+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Inquisitor Vethroz+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Commander Texlaz+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Admiral Rel'var+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Worldsplitter Skuul+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Houndmaster Kerrax+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Watcher Aival+75Antoran Wastes110110 
All-Seer Xanarian+75Antoran Wastes110110 
The Broken Blacksmith+75Krokuun110110 
Void Warden Valsuran+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Chief Alchemist Munculus+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Supplying Krokuun+75Krokuun 110 
Void Inoculation+75Mac'Aree 110 
Not-So-Humble Beginnings+25Mac'Aree110110 
Work Order: Empyrium+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Empyrium+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Fiendish Leather+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Fiendish Leather+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Florid Malachite+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Hesselian+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Lightweave Cloth+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Lightweave Cloth+25Krokuun110110 
Forging a Key to the Past+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Lightblood Elixirs+10Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Tears of the Naaru+10Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Astral Glory+10Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Astral Glory+10Krokuun110110 
More Void Inoculation+10Mac'Aree 110 
Beneath Oronaar+10Mac'Aree 110