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Army of the Light
After the fall of Argus, the draenei's finest warriors followed the prime naaru Xe'ra across the cosmos in an eternal war to bring about the Legion's end. Since then, other survivors of the Burning Crusade have joined the ranks of the Lightforged.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Army of the Light+1500Krokuun110110 
Commander's Downfall+1000Invasion Point110110 
Fuel of a Doomed World+1000Antoran Wastes110110 
Invasion Onslaught+1000Invasion Point110110 
The Child of Light and Shadow+500Krokuun110110 
Lord of the Spire+500Krokuun110110 
Antorus, the Burning Throne: The Death of a Titan+500Antorus, the Burning Throne110110 
Light's Return+350Krokuun110110 
Dawn of Justice+350Krokuun110110 
A Strike at the Heart+250Krokuun110110 
Long Overdue+250Krokuun110110 
Fire At Will+250Krokuun110110 
Bringing the Big Guns+250Krokuun110110 
Flanking Maneuvers+250Mac'Aree110110 
Heralds of Apocalypse+250Krokuun110110 
A Touch of Fel+250Krokuun110110 
Dark Machinations+250Krokuun110110 
The Burning Throne+250Antoran Wastes110110 
Where They Least Expect It+250Krokuun110110 
Invasion Point Offensive+250Invasion Point110110 
An Offering of Light+250Artifact110110 
An Offering of Shadow+250Artifact110110 
The Burning Throne+250Antoran Wastes110110 
A Grim Equation+150Krokuun110110 
Crystals Not Included+150Krokuun110110 
Overwhelming Power+150Krokuun110110 
Imprisoned Inquisitor+150Krokuun110110 
Foiling the Legion's Jailbreak+150Krokuun110110 
The Best Prevention+150Krokuun110110 
Righteous Fury+150Krokuun110110 
The Light Mother+150Krokuun110110 
Wrath of the High Exarch+150Mac'Aree110110 
Scars of the Past+150Krokuun110110 
Preventive Measures+150Krokuun110110 
Chaos Theory+150Krokuun110110 
Overt Ops+150Mac'Aree110110 
The Ruins of Oronaar+150Mac'Aree 110 
Relics of the Ancient Eredar+150Mac'Aree 110 
Shadowguard Dispersion+150Mac'Aree 110 
Hindering the Legion War Machine+150Antoran Wastes 110 
Take the Edge Off+150Antoran Wastes 110 
Felfire Shattering+150Antoran Wastes 110 
The Mysterious Missive+75Krokuun110110 
Bunker Buster+75Krokuun110110 
Siegemaster Voraan+75Krokuun110110 
Mistress Il'thendra+75Krokuun110110 
Intercepting the Legion's Plans+75Krokuun110110 
Melting Down+75Krokuun110110 
The Devastator+75Krokuun110110 
Eternal Vengeance+75Krokuun110110 
Talestra the Vile+75Krokuun110110 
Lightly Roasted+75Krokuun110110 
Shadowcaster Voruun+75Mac'Aree110110 
Tereck the Selector+75Krokuun110110 
Vagath the Betrayed+75Krokuun110110 
Tar Spitter+75Krokuun110110 
Imp Mother Laglath+75Krokuun110110 
Reap the Fields+75Krokuun110110 
Aerial Superiority+75Krokuun110110 
Crystal Methods+75Krokuun110110 
Harvesters of Sorrow+75Krokuun110110 
Naroua, King of the Forest+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Sathrenael+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Vecaya+75Krokuun110110 
Commander Endaxis+75Krokuun110110 
Sister Subversia+75Krokuun110110 
Slumbering Behemoths+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Scuttled+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Holding the Spire+75Krokuun110110 
Woeful Implications+75Krokuun110110 
War Never Changes+75Krokuun110110 
Who Let The Dogs Out?+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Cleansing Fire+75Antoran Wastes110110 
The Immortal Squadron+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Short Fuses+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Soul Chain+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Soultwisted Monstrosity+75Mac'Aree110110 
Wrangler Kravos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Kaara the Pale+75Mac'Aree110110 
Baruut the Bloodthirsty+75Mac'Aree110110 
Feasel the Muffin Thief+75Mac'Aree110110 
Vigilant Thanos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Vigilant Kuro+75Mac'Aree110110 
Venomtail Skyfin+75Mac'Aree110110 
Turek the Lucid+75Mac'Aree110110 
Captain Faruq+75Mac'Aree110110 
Sorolis the Ill-Fated+75Mac'Aree110110 
Herald of Chaos+75Mac'Aree110110 
Jed'hin Champion Vorusk+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Beda+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Sorna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Overseer Y'Morna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Instructor Tarahna+75Mac'Aree110110 
Zul'tan the Numerous+75Mac'Aree110110 
Commander Xethgar+75Mac'Aree110110 
Skreeg the Devourer+75Mac'Aree110110 
Den of Fiends+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Gladius+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Nobody Expects Them+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Varga+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Lieutenant Xakaar+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Wrath-Lord Yarez+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Inquisitor Vethroz+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Commander Texlaz+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Admiral Rel'var+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Ritual Completion+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Worldsplitter Skuul+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Houndmaster Kerrax+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Watcher Aival+75Antoran Wastes110110 
All-Seer Xanarian+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Void Warden Valsuran+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Chief Alchemist Munculus+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Mix It Up+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Supplying the Antoran Campaign+75Antoran Wastes 110 
Behemoths Awakened+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Throw Them a Bone+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Ritual Interruption+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Mining Regulation+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Watcher+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Bloat+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Pilfer+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Minixis+75Antoran Wastes110110 
One-of-Many+75Antoran Wastes110110 
Locating the Longshot+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Empyrium+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Empyrium+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Fiendish Leather+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Fiendish Leather+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Florid Malachite+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Hesselian+25Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Lightweave Cloth+25Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Lightweave Cloth+25Krokuun110110 
Storming the Citadel+10Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Lightblood Elixirs+10Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Tears of the Naaru+10Krokuun110110 
Work Order: Astral Glory+10Krokuun110110 
Supplies Needed: Astral Glory+10Krokuun110110 
Fueling the Antoran Campaign+10Antoran Wastes 110