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Armies of Legionfall
The coalition of orders dedicated to defeating the Legion at the Tomb of Sargeras and Broken Shore.

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Reward from (136)Members (120)Items (6)Criteria of (3)Criteria of tree (3)
Referenced by (4)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Strike Them Down+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Defending Broken Isles+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Championing Our Cause+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Take Out the Head...+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Shard Times+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Intolerable Infestation+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Pillars of Creation+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Relieved of Their Valuables+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
The Deceiver's Downfall+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Champions of Legionfall+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Mark of the Sentinax+1500Legionfall Campaign110110 
Altar of the Aegis+1000Cathedral of Eternal Night110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Legend of the Deep+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Hand of the Legion+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: A Lesson in Pain+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Crushing Depths+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Lost But Not Forgotten+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Life After Death+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: The Dread Stalker+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Tomb of Sargeras: Azshara's Reach+500Tomb of Sargeras110110 
Si'vash+500Broken Shore110110 
Brutallus+500Broken Shore110110 
Malificus+500Broken Shore110110 
Apocron+500Broken Shore110110 
Assault on Broken Shore+250Legionfall Campaign110110 
Cathedral of Eternal Night: Mistress of Blades+250Cathedral of Eternal Night110110 
Cathedral of Eternal Night: Mother of Flame+250Cathedral of Eternal Night110110 
Cathedral of Eternal Night: Fel Beast+250 110110 
Cathedral of Eternal Night: Infernal Dead+250Cathedral of Eternal Night110110 
Cathedral of Eternal Night: Temptress of Pain+250Cathedral of Eternal Night110110 
Begin Construction+150Legionfall Campaign110110 
Contribute to Mage Tower+150  110 
Contribute to Command Center+150  110 
Contribute to Nether Disruptor+150  110 
Winged Terrors+75Broken Shore110110 
No Soldier Left Behind+75Broken Shore110110 
The Call of Battle+75Broken Shore110110 
Contagion Containment+75Broken Shore110110 
Contagion Containment+75Broken Shore110110 
Treasure Master Iks'reeged+75Broken Shore110110 
Kraken Eggs+75Broken Shore110110 
A Giant Problem+75Broken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy Portals+75Broken Shore110110 
Creeping Fel+75Broken Shore110110 
How Do YOU Like It?!+75Broken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy Portals+75Broken Shore110110 
Salving the Corruption+75Broken Shore110110 
Salving the Corruption+75Broken Shore110110 
Behind Enemy Portals+75Broken Shore110110 
Set You Up the Bomb!+75Broken Shore110110 
Kill it with Fire!+75Broken Shore110110 
Arachnicide+75Broken Shore110110 
Judgement of Odyn+75Broken Shore110110 
Fall of the Felskorn+75Broken Shore110110 
Keys are a Crutch+75Broken Shore110110 
War Materiel+75Broken Shore110110 
Occultist Onslaught+75Broken Shore110110 
Occultist Onslaught+75Broken Shore110110 
Playing with Green Fire+75Broken Shore110110 
The Burning Keys+75Broken Shore110110 
Creeping Fel+75Broken Shore110110 
Exterminating with Impunity+75Broken Shore110110 
Purging the Flames+75Broken Shore110110 
We Didn't Start the Fire+75Broken Shore110110 
Fowl Play+75Broken Shore110110 
Defense of the Ancient+75Broken Shore110110 
Duty's End+75Broken Shore110110 
Unchecked Power+75Broken Shore110110 
Where There is a Whip...+75Broken Shore110110 
Hellish Scavengers+75Broken Shore110110 
Ancient Bones+75Broken Shore110110 
Rules of the Hunt+75Broken Shore110110 
The Tormented Return+75Broken Shore110110 
Life's a Lich+75Broken Shore110110 
The Wailing Dead+75Broken Shore110110 
I Fel Bat For You+75Broken Shore110110 
Brute Wrangling+75Broken Shore110110 
Full Fel+75Broken Shore110110 
Break Their Garrison+75Broken Shore110110 
Relic Hunting+75Broken Shore110110 
Restless Spirits+75Broken Shore110110 
Felbound Spirits+75Broken Shore110110 
Arachnid Toxicity+75Broken Shore110110 
Arachnid Superiority+75Broken Shore110110 
Stand!+75Broken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: Sissix+75Broken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: Madam Viciosa+75Broken Shore110110 
Illidari Masters: Nameless Mystic+75Broken Shore110110 
Fel-Corrupted Feathers+75Broken Shore110110 
The Shackled Void+75Broken Shore110110 
Rolling Thunder+75Broken Shore110110 
Power of Our Enemy+75Broken Shore110110 
Gems of Destruction+75Broken Shore110110 
By Water Be Purged+75Broken Shore110110 
A Flare In The Dark+75Broken Shore110110 
Get Them Up+75Broken Shore110110 
Stonebound Soldiers+75Broken Shore110110 
Legionfall Supplies+75Legionfall Campaign110110 
Everyone to the Front+75Wrynnfall110110 
Leave a Trail+75Broken Shore110110 
The United Front+75Broken Shore110110 
Simply Stunning+75Broken Shore110110 
Spiders, Huh?+75Broken Shore110110 
Grave Robbin'+75Broken Shore110110 
Tomb Raidering+75Broken Shore110110 
Ship Graveyard+75Broken Shore110110 
We're Treasure Hunters+75Broken Shore110110 
The Motherlode+75Broken Shore110110 
Minion! Kill That One Too!+75Broken Shore110110 
Battery Backup+75Broken Shore110110 
On Borrowed Wings+75Broken Shore110110 
Magical Beasts+75Broken Shore110110 
Mission: Felraging+75Broken Shore110110 
Mission: Felrage Destruction+75Broken Shore110110 
Brew Bandits+75Broken Shore110110 
Storm Brew Hustle+75Broken Shore110110 
The Mage Tower+75Broken Shore 110 
The Command Center+75Broken Shore 110 
The Nether Disruptor+75Broken Shore 110 
The Broodmother's Wrath+75Broken Shore110110 
Call of the Frostwyrm+75Broken Shore110110 
Infernal Downfall+75Broken Shore110110 
Creepy Crawlies+75Broken Shore110110 
Natural Selection+75Broken Shore110110 
Mud Mucking+75Broken Shore110110 
Elemental Abuse+75Broken Shore110110 
Aalgen Point+75Broken Shore110110 
Nature Unshackled+75Broken Shore110110 
Vengeance Point+75Broken Shore110110 
Torture Chamber+75Broken Shore110110 
A Tad More Corruption+75Broken Shore110110 
Felrglrglrglrgl+75Broken Shore110110 
The Cost of Power+75Broken Shore110110 
Fel Fire and Ice+75Broken Shore110110 
Armies of Legionfall+10Legionfall Campaign110110