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The First Responders
High in their floating home city of Dalaran, Olisarra and Angelique treat the injured, the sick and the quite nearly, fatally wounded. They also sell wares to travelers who are in need of medical supplies.

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Reward from (15) Comments (New!) (7)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Fevered Request+150First Aid11098 
Crumpled Request+150First Aid11098 
Singed Letter+150First Aid11098 
Singed Note+150First Aid11098 
Bloody Note+150First Aid11098 
Fevered Note+150First Aid11098 
Bloody Plea+150First Aid11098 
Bloody Request+150First Aid11098 
Fevered Letter+150First Aid11098 
Crumpled Letter+150First Aid11098 
Crumpled Note+150First Aid11098 
Singed Plea+150First Aid110110 
Fevered Prayer+150First Aid110110 
Bloody Letter+150First Aid110110 
Bloody Prayer+150First Aid110110