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The druids and their allies in Val'sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Dreamweavers+1500Val'sharah110110 
The Tears of Elune+1000Val'sharah 98 
Darkheart Thicket: Preserving the Preservers+500Darkheart Thicket110110 
Darkheart Thicket: A Burden to Bear+500Darkheart Thicket110110 
The Fate of Val'sharah+350Val'sharah 98 
Entangled Dreams+250Val'sharah 98 
Death to the Witchmother+250Val'sharah 98 
Lieutenant of the Tower+250Val'sharah 98 
The Demon's Trail+250Val'sharah 98 
The Nightmare Lord+250Val'sharah 98 
Hatchlings of the Talon+250Highmountain 98 
Work Order: Mossgill Perch+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Dreamleaf+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Leystone+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Stonehide Leather+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Leystone Armguards+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Warhide Mask+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Silkweave Gloves+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Deep Amber Loop+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Sylvan Elixirs+250Val'sharah110110 
Vantus Rune Work Order: Dragons of Nightmare+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Word of Agility+250Val'sharah110110 
Work Order: Pump-Action Bandage Gun+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Shalas'aman+250Val'sharah110110 
Darkheart Thicket: Darkheart Thicket: Mythana+250Darkheart Thicket110110 
Darkheart Thicket: Rage Rot+250Darkheart Thicket110110 
Darkheart Thicket: Kudzilla+250Darkheart Thicket110110 
The Sleeping Corruption+250Val'sharah110110 
Pocket Wizard+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Kathaw the Savage+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Malisandra+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Witchdoctor Grgl-Brgl+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Lytheron+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Nylaathria the Forgotten+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Aodh Witherpetal+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Harbinger of Screams+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Ealdis+250Val'sharah110110 
DANGER: Rabxach+250Val'sharah110110 
Black Rook Hold: The Sorrow+250Black Rook Hold110110 
Black Rook Hold: ... With Fire!+250Black Rook Hold110110 
Black Rook Hold: The Mad Arcanist+250Black Rook Hold110110 
Black Rook Hold: Worst of the Worst+250Black Rook Hold110110 
Black Rook Hold: Traitor's Demise+250Black Rook Hold110110 
Awakening the Archdruid+150Val'sharah 98 
The Demons Below+150Val'sharah 98 
Out of the Dream+150Val'sharah 98 
The Chieftain's Beads+150Val'sharah 98 
Solid as a Rock+150Val'sharah 98 
Totemic Call+150Val'sharah 98 
The Emerald Queen+150Val'sharah 98 
Frenzied Furbolgs+150Val'sharah 98 
To Old Friends+150Val'sharah 98 
Malfurion's Fury+150Val'sharah 98 
The Farmsteads+150Val'sharah 98 
Children of the Night+150Val'sharah 98 
A Sight For Sore Eyes+150Val'sharah 98 
For the Corn!+150Val'sharah 98 
Black Rook Orders+150Val'sharah 98 
Root Cause+150Val'sharah 98 
Tears for Fears+150Val'sharah 98 
Tracking Quest: Eligible for Grumpy+150    
Lost in Retreat+150Val'sharah 98 
Heart of the Nightmare+150Val'sharah 98
Reading the Leaves+150Val'sharah 98 
Close Enough to Touch+150Val'sharah 98
The Sword of Truth+150Val'sharah 98 
Maiev's Trail+150Val'sharah 98 
The Rook's Guard+150Val'sharah 98 
Black Rook Prison+150Val'sharah 98 
Kur'talos Ravencrest+150Val'sharah 98 
Illidari Freedom+150Val'sharah 98 
Brotherly Love+150Val'sharah 98 
Thieving Thistleleaf+150Val'sharah 98 
Black Rook Invasion+150Val'sharah 98 
Shriek No More+150Bradensbrook 98 
Wisp in the Willows+150Val'sharah 98 
Dishonored+150Val'sharah 98 
The Corruptor+150Val'sharah 98 
Moonclaw's Wisdom+150Val'sharah 98 
Thorny Dancing+150Val'sharah 98 
Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly+150Val'sharah 98 
Darkheart Thicket: Enter the Nightmare+150Val'sharah 98 
Love Lost+150Val'sharah 98
Wormtalon Wreckage+150Val'sharah 98 
Dark Side of the Moon+150Val'sharah 98
Heart of the Nightmare+150Val'sharah 98
Given to Corruption+150Val'sharah 98
Close Enough to Touch+150Val'sharah 98
Dark Side of the Moon+150Val'sharah 98
Given to Corruption+150Val'sharah 98
Where the Wildkin Are+150Val'sharah 98 
Emerald Sisters+150Val'sharah 98 
Dreamcatcher+150Val'sharah 98 
Moon Reaver+150Val'sharah 98 
Grotesque Remains+150Val'sharah 98 
Moist Around the Hedges+150Val'sharah 98 
Grell to Pay+150Val'sharah 98 
All Grell Broke Loose+150Val'sharah 98 
Grassroots Effort+150Val'sharah 98 
WANTED: Kiranys Duskwhisper+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Perrexx+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Skul'vrax+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Theryssia+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Thondrax+150Val'sharah110110 
Softening the Target+150Val'sharah 98 
Illidari Freedom+150Val'sharah 98 
WANTED: Seersei+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Dreadbog+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Darkshade+150Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Bahagar+150Val'sharah110110 
Brotherly Love+150Val'sharah 98 
Wisp in the Willows+150Val'sharah 98 
Sharptalon Swarm!+150Val'sharah110110 
Thal'xur+150Val'sharah 98 
Agmozuul+150Val'sharah 98 
Gloth+150Val'sharah 98 
Abyssal Monstrosity+150Val'sharah 98 
Nez'val+150Val'sharah 98 
Zar'teth+150Val'sharah 98 
Zagmothar+150Val'sharah 98 
Gelthrak+150Val'sharah 98 
Drol'maz+150Val'sharah 98 
Ulgthax+150Val'sharah 98 
A Summons from Saylanna+75Val'sharah 98 
Training with Durian+75Val'sharah110110 
Supplies Needed: Dreamleaf+75Val'sharah110110 
Supplies Needed: Leystone+75Val'sharah110110 
Supplies Needed: Stonehide Leather+75Val'sharah110110 
Stand Up to Bullies+75Val'sharah110110 
Dealing with Satyrs+75Val'sharah110110 
Meet The Maw+75Val'sharah110110 
Only Pets Can Prevent Forest Fires+75Val'sharah110110 
Bloodline of Stone+75Val'sharah110110 
Petrified Acolytes+75Val'sharah110110 
Black Rook Holdings+75Val'sharah110110 
Poisoned Waters+75Val'sharah110110 
Lunarwing Liberation+75Val'sharah110110 
Temple Defense+75Val'sharah110110 
Twisted Ash+75Val'sharah110110 
Dark Corruption+75Val'sharah110110 
Tangled Nightmare+75Val'sharah110110 
Black Rook Rumble+75Val'sharah110110 
Into the Nightmare+75Val'sharah110110 
Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker's Point+75Val'sharah110110
Botanical Backlash+75Val'sharah110110 
Shadowfen Village+75Val'sharah110110 
Waking Nightmares+75Val'sharah110110 
Bastion of Bradensbrook+75Val'sharah110110 
Green Horror+75Val'sharah110110 
Hags and Hexes+75Val'sharah110110 
Out of the Woodwork+75Val'sharah110110 
Kal'delar Naga Incursion+75Val'sharah110110 
Champions of Elune+75Val'sharah110110 
Wildlife Conservationist+75Val'sharah110110 
Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker's Point+75Val'sharah110110
Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow's Spire+75Val'sharah110110
Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow's Spire+75Val'sharah110110
Time to Rumble!+75Val'sharah110110 
Rage of the Owlbeasts+75Val'sharah110110 
Grell in a Handbasket+75Val'sharah110110 
Purge of the Nightmare+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Skul'vrax+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Theryssia+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Perrexx+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Thondrax+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Kiranys Duskwhisper+75Val'sharah110110 
Seal Clubbing+75Val'sharah110110 
Coastal Gloom+75Val'sharah110110 
Ley Race+75Val'sharah110110 
The Magic of Flight+75Val'sharah110110 
Wherever I May Gloam+75Val'sharah110110 
Where's the Reef?+75Val'sharah110110 
What a Nightmare+75Val'sharah110110 
Lost Wisp+75Val'sharah110110 
Aw, Nuts!+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Dreadbog+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Darkshade+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Seersei+75Val'sharah110110 
WANTED: Bahagar+75Val'sharah110110 
Ravaged Dreams+75Val'sharah 98 
The Vale of Dread+75Val'sharah 98 
Holding the Ramparts+75Val'sharah 110 
Defense of Emerald Bay+75Val'sharah 98 
Like the Wind+75Val'sharah110110 
Barrels o' Fun+75Val'sharah110110 
Impvasion!+75Val'sharah 98 
Assault on Val'sharah+75Val'sharah 110 
Battle for Val'sharah+75Val'sharah 110 
The Taste of Corruption+75Val'sharah 98 
The Fel and the Fawns+75Val'sharah 98 
Archdruid of the Claw+10Val'sharah 98 
Return to the Grove+10Val'sharah 98 
Val'sharah+10Val'sharah 98 
Return to the Grove+10Val'sharah 98 
Return to the Grove+10Val'sharah 98 
Archdruid of Lore+10Val'sharah 98 
Archdruid of the Vale+10Val'sharah 98 
Nature's Call+10Val'sharah 98 
The Temple of Elune+10Val'sharah 98 
A Village in Peril+10Val'sharah 98 
The Die is Cast+10Val'sharah 98 
Jarod's Mission+10Val'sharah 98 
The Warden's Signet+10Val'sharah 98 
Littlefur+10Val'sharah 98 
Grumpy+10Tanaan Jungle 98 
A Village in Peril+10Val'sharah 98 
Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove+10Val'sharah 98 
Love Lost+10Val'sharah 98
Archdruid of Lore+10Val'sharah 98