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The Nightfallen
These exiled Nightborne elves suffer withdrawals after being cut off from the Nightwell. They oppose their people's alliance with the Legion and fight for some kind of redemption.

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Reward from (236)Members (157)Items (59)Objective of (4)Criteria of (4)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Nightfallen+1500Suramar110110 
Arcane Thirst+500Suramar110110 
The Nightborne Pact+500Suramar110110 
The Arcway: Opening the Arcway+500Suramar113110 
Court of Stars: Bring Me the Eyes+500Court of Stars110110 
Court of Stars: Disarming the Watch+500Court of Stars110110 
Court of Stars: They Bloom at Night+500Court of Stars110110 
Court of Stars: The Deceitful Student+500Court of Stars110110 
Court of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf+500Court of Stars113110 
Na'zak the Fiend+500Suramar110110 
All In+500Suramar110110 
Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi+500Suramar110110 
Arluin's Request+500Suramar110110 
The Arcway: Clogged Drain+500The Arcway110110 
The Arcway: Wandering Plague+500The Arcway110110 
Gates of the Nighthold+500Suramar110110 
The Nighthold: Ettin Your Foot In The Door+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Wailing In The Night+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Creepy Crawlers+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Gilded Guardian+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Supply Routes+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Focused Power+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Love Tap+500The Nighthold110110 
The Nighthold: Seeds of Destruction+500The Nighthold110110 
The Emerald Nightmare: The Stuff of Dreams+350The Emerald Nightmare110110 
Unspeakable Collaborators+350Suramar110110 
Stelleris Shakedown+350Suramar110110 
Consolidating Power+350Suramar110110 
Stabilizing Suramar+350Suramar110110 
The Arcway: Long Buried Knowledge+300Suramar113110 
Court of Stars: Wraith in the Machine+300Court of Stars110110 
The Arcway: Silver Serpent+300The Arcway110110 
Trail of Echoes+250Suramar110110 
The Only Way Out is Through+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Colerian, Alteria, and Selenyi+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Scythemaster Cil'raman+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Oglok the Furious+250Suramar110110 
Pest Management+250Suramar110110 
Meeting their Quota+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Achronos+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Magistrix Vilessa+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Auditor Esiel+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Volshax, Breaker of Will+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Az'jatar+250Suramar110110 
DANGER: Sorallus+250Suramar110110 
WANTED: Sanaar+250Suramar110110 
WANTED: Broodmother Shu'malis+250Suramar110110 
Arming the Populace+250Suramar110110 
Safe Keeping+250Suramar110110 
Defending Shal'aran+250Suramar110110 
Ancient Guidance+250Suramar110110 
In the Thick of It+250Suramar110110 
Help on the Way+250Suramar110110 
Running on Empty+250Suramar110110 
Ley Line Interference+250Suramar110110 
Sick of the Sycophants+250Suramar110110 
Continued Exposure+250Suramar110110 
Stirring the Swarm+250Suramar110110 
We Need Weapons+250Suramar110110 
Cut the Cattitude+250Suramar110110 
Not There, Not Then, Not Forever+250Suramar110110 
Contain their Advance+250Suramar110110 
Claws for Alarm!+250Suramar110110 
Power Grid+200Suramar110110 
Party Crasher+200Suramar110110 
Freeing the Taken+200Suramar110110 
Sharing the Wealth+200Suramar110110 
A Draught of Hope+200Suramar110110 
Secret Correspondence+200Suramar110110 
A Spy in Our Midst+200Suramar110110 
Forces of Oppression+200Suramar110110 
Leyline Apprentice+200Suramar110110 
Leyline Proficiency+200Suramar110110 
Leyline Master+200Suramar110110 
Cling to Hope+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Sanaar+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Broodmother Shu'malis+150Suramar110110 
Giving It All We've Got+150Suramar110110 
Ephemeral Manastorm Projector+150Suramar110110 
Life Finds a Way+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Siegemaster Aedrin+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Shal'an+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Oreth the Vile+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Mal'Dreth the Corruptor+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Magister Phaedris+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Lieutenant Strathmar+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Hertha Grimdottir+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Guardian Thor'el+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Cadraeus+150Suramar110110 
WANTED: Apothecary Faldren+150Suramar110110 
Little One Lost+100Suramar113110 
Flow Control+100Suramar110110 
Bring Home the Beacon+100Suramar110110 
The Delicate Art of Telemancy+75Suramar110110 
Lingering on the Edge+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Runescale Koi+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Starlight Roses+75Suramar110110 
Supplies Needed: Starlight Roses+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Felslate+75Suramar110110 
Supplies Needed: Felslate+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Stonehide Leather+75Suramar110110 
Supplies Needed: Stonehide Leather+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Leystone Pauldrons+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Battlebound Leggings+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Silkweave Slippers+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Queen's Opal Pendant+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Skystep Potions+75Suramar110110 
Vantus Rune Work Order: Xavius+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Word of Mastery+75Suramar110110 
Work Order: Deployable Bullet Dispenser+75Suramar110110 
The Masks We Wear+75Suramar110110 
Mana Tap+75Suramar110110 
Blood of My Blood+75Suramar110110 
Threads of Fate+75Suramar110110 
Honoring the Past+75Suramar110110 
The Shattered Locus+75Suramar110110 
The Fallen Ones+75Suramar110110 
Skittering Subjects+75Suramar110110 
Aggressive Reconnaisance+75Suramar110110 
Clear the Skies+75Suramar110110 
Left for Dead+75Suramar110110 
Moonshade Holdout+75Suramar110110 
Feed Oculeth+75Suramar110110 
Or Against Us+75Suramar110110 
Rumor Has It+75Suramar110110 
Death Becomes Him+75Suramar110110 
Ly'leth's Champion+75Suramar110110 
The Battle Rages On+75Suramar110110 
Air Superiority+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Elor'shan+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Kel'balor+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Ley Station Moonfall+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Ley Station Aethenar+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Falanaar Arcway+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Falanaar Depths+75Suramar110110 
Leyline Feed: Halls of the Eclipse+75Suramar110110 
The Magic of Flight+75Suramar110110 
Withered Wrangling: Ambervale+75Suramar110110 
Fiends of Tel'anor+75Suramar110110 
Withered Army Training+75Suramar110110 
Feed Thalyssra+75Suramar110110 
Feed Valtrois+75Suramar110110 
Undersea Survey+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Oreth the Vile+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Siegemaster Aedrin+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Guardian Thor'el+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Mal'Dreth the Corruptor+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Cadraeus+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Apothecary Faldren+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Magister Phaedris+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Lieutenant Strathmar+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Hertha Grimdottir+75Suramar110110 
WANTED: Shal'an+75Suramar110110 
Withered Wrangling: Tel'anor+75Suramar110110 
Withered Wrangling: Falanaar+75Suramar110110 
Seed of Hope+75Suramar110110 
Growing Strong+75Suramar110110 
Redemption for the Fallen+75Suramar110110 
Building an Army+75Suramar110110 
Like the Wind+75Suramar110110 
Barrels o' Fun+75Suramar110110 
Arcane Communion+50Suramar110110 
Scattered Memories+50Suramar110110 
Network Security+50Suramar110110 
Close Enough+50Suramar110110 
Survey Says...+50Suramar110110 
A Re-Warding Effort+50Suramar110110 
Written in Stone+50Suramar110110 
Kel'danath's Legacy+50Suramar110110 
The Master of Pets+50Suramar110110 
Clear the Catacombs+50Suramar110110 
First Contact+50Suramar110110 
Friends On the Outside+50Suramar113110 
Thalyssra's Abode+50Suramar113110 
Thalyssra's Drawers+50Suramar113110 
Make Your Mark+50Suramar113110 
The Fruit of Our Efforts+50Suramar113110 
Balance to Spare+50Suramar113110 
If Words Don't Work...+50Suramar113110 
Thinly Veiled Threats+50Suramar110110 
The Shardmaidens+50Suramar110110 
Fragments of Disaster+50Suramar110110 
Ley Race+50Suramar110110 
Vote of Confidence+50Suramar110110 
Vengeance for Margaux+50Suramar113110 
Hungry Work+50Suramar110110 
Tapping the Leylines+25Suramar110110 
Oculeth's Workshop+25Suramar110110 
An Old Ally+25Suramar110110 
Scenes from a Memory+25Suramar110110 
All Along the Waterways+25Suramar113110 
Shift Change+25Suramar113110 
One of the People+25Suramar113110 
Special Delivery+25Suramar113110 
Feeding Shal'Aran+25Suramar110110 
Dispensing Compassion+25Suramar113110 
Subject 16+25Suramar110110 
Sympathizers Among the Shal'dorei+25Suramar110110 
Lady Lunastre+25Suramar113110 
The Gondolier+25Suramar110110 
Breaking the Seal+25Suramar110110 
The Hidden City+25Suramar110110 
The Valewalker's Burden+25Suramar110110 
Friends in Cages+25Suramar110110 
How It's Made: Arcwine+25Suramar113110 
Intense Concentration+25Suramar113110 
The Old Fashioned Way+25Suramar113110 
Silkwing Sabotage+25Suramar113110 
A Big Score+25Suramar113110 
The Perfect Opportunity+25Suramar110110 
Either With Us+25Suramar110110 
In the Bag+25Suramar110110 
Asset Security+25Suramar113110 
Hired Help+25Suramar113110 
Wasted Potential+25Suramar113110 
Friends With Benefits+25Suramar110110 
A Growing Crisis+25Suramar110110 
Another Arcan'dor Closes...+25Suramar110110 
Ancient Mana+25Suramar110110 
Moths to a Flame+20Suramar113110 
Into the Crevasse+15Suramar110110 
Cloaked in Moonshade+10Suramar110110 
Make an Entrance+10Suramar113110 
Seek the Unsavory+10Suramar113110 
A Change of Seasons+10Suramar110110 
And They Will Tremble+10Suramar110110