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The Saberstalkers
The treacherous wilds of Tanaan Jungle have attracted the craftiest hunters from both Azeroth and Draenor. To defeat the beasts of Tanaan, one must become a beast.

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Reward from killing (8)Reward from (3)Members (3)Items (7)Criteria of (4)
Criteria of tree (5)Referenced by (2) Comments (New!) (26) Screenshots (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (2)
<Corrupted Shaman>
102A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 1+500
<Clawshaper of the Blackfang>
100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 1+500
Krell the Serene
<Blademaster of the Blackfang>
100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 1+500
The Blackfang
<Warboss of the Blackfang>
102A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 1+500
Blackfang Savage100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 37+25
Blackfang Prowler100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 53+25
Blackfang Hunter100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 45+25
Blackfang Shaman100A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 43+25