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Highmountain Tribe
The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.

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Reward from (215)Members (229)Items (25)Objective of (1)Criteria of (3)
Referenced by (6)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Highmountain Tribes+1500Highmountain110110 
Neltharion's Lair+1000Highmountain 98 
The Hammer of Khaz'goroth+500Dalaran 98 
Get to High Ground+250Highmountain 98 
Empty Nest+250Highmountain 98 
The Skies of Highmountain+250Highmountain 98 
Hex-a-Gone+250Highmountain 98 
Blood Debt+250Highmountain 98 
Crystal Fury+250Highmountain 98 
The Backdoor+250Highmountain 98 
The Underking+250Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - The Nathrezim+250Highmountain 98 
Fledgling Worm Guts+250Highmountain 98 
Eagle Egg Recovery+250Highmountain 98 
Tamer Takedown+250Highmountain 98 
Lords of the Hills+250Highmountain110110 
Lords of the Hills+250Highmountain110110 
Lords of the Hills+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Durguth+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Leystone+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Foxflower+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Stonehide Leather+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Highmountain Salmon+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Leystone Boots+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Battlebound Armbands+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Silkweave Robe+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Skystone Pendant+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Avalanche Elixirs+250Highmountain110110 
Vantus Rune Work Order: Ursoc+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Word of Strength+250Highmountain110110 
Work Order: Auto-Hammer+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Ala'washte+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Olokk the Shipbreaker+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Defilia+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Mawat'aki+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Ormagrogg+250Highmountain110110 
DANGER: Oubdob da Smasher+250Highmountain110110 
Neltharion's Lair: Crystalline Crusher+250Neltharion's Lair110110 
Neltharion's Lair: Mother of Stone+250Neltharion's Lair110110 
Neltharion's Lair: Blighted Bat+250Neltharion's Lair110110 
Going Down, Going Up+250Highmountain 98 
Highmountain Stands+250Highmountain 98 
Moozy's Reunion+250Highmountain 98 
Mountainstrider Round-Up+250Highmountain 98 
Ceremonial Drums+250Highmountain 98 
Bolas Bastion+250Highmountain 98 
The Frozen King+250Highmountain110110 
A Dark Tide+250Highmountain110110 
Rocs vs Eagles+150Highmountain 98 
Battle of Snowblind Mesa+150Highmountain 98 
Secrets of Highmountain+150Highmountain 98 
Grasp of the Underking+150Highmountain 98 
The Drogbar+150Highmountain 98 
Dargrul and the Hammer+150Highmountain 98 
Bitestone Enclave+150Highmountain 98 
No Time to Talk+150Highmountain 98 
Wrathshard+150Highmountain 98 
Poisoned Crops+150Highmountain 98 
Spray and Prey+150Highmountain 98 
Trapped Tauren+150Highmountain 98 
Nursing the Wounds+150Highmountain 98 
The Three+150Highmountain 98 
The Witchqueen+150Highmountain 98 
Witch of the Wood+150Highmountain 98 
Hags of a Feather+150Highmountain 98 
An Audience with Torok+150Highmountain 98 
Pet Rocks+150Highmountain 98 
Stonedark Crystal+150Highmountain 98 
Assaulting the Haglands+150Highmountain 98 
Cave of the Blood Trial+150Highmountain 98 
Unexpected Allies+150Highmountain 98 
Balance of Elements+150Highmountain 98 
Invading Spelunkers+150Highmountain 98 
Infestation+150Highmountain 98 
Ormgul the Pestilent+150Highmountain 98 
High Water+150Highmountain 98 
The Path of Huln+150Highmountain 98 
An Ancient Secret+150Highmountain 98 
Titanic Showdown+150Highmountain 98 
They Will Pay With Blood+150Highmountain 98 
Treasures of Deathwing+150Highmountain   
Fish Out of Water+150Highmountain 98 
Can't Hold a Candle To You+150Highmountain 98 
Battle Worms+150Highmountain 98 
Buy Us Time+150Highmountain 98 
Rite of Blood+150Highmountain 98 
The Siegebrul+150Highmountain 98 
I Have a Bad Feeling About This+150Highmountain 98 
In Defiance of Deathwing+150Highmountain 98 
To See the Past+150Highmountain 98 
Justice Rains from Above+150Highmountain 98 
Evacuate Snowmane+150Highmountain 98 
The Underking Comes+150Highmountain 98 
WANTED: Bodash the Hoarder+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Devouring Darkness+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Gurbog da Basher+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Shara Felbreath+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Arru+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Bristlemaul+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Crawshuk the Hungry+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Majestic Elderhorn+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Slumber+150Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Sekhan+150Highmountain110110 
Helarjar Landing: Rockaway Coast+150Highmountain110110 
Snowfeather Swarm!+150Highmountain110110 
Commander Zarthak+150Highmountain 98 
Gelgothar+150Highmountain 98 
Iroxus+150Highmountain 98 
Ix'dreloth+150Highmountain 98 
Larthogg+150Highmountain 98 
Orgrokk+150Highmountain 98 
Shel'zuul+150Highmountain 98 
Ulgrom+150Highmountain 98 
Balinar+150Highmountain 98 
Zar'vok+150Highmountain 98 
Zargrom+150Highmountain 98 
Moozy's Sojourn+75Highmountain 98 
Deep in the Cavern+75Highmountain 98 
Guhruhlruhlruh+75Highmountain 98 
Stonedark Relics+75Highmountain 98 
You Lift, Brul?+75Highmountain 98 
Primal Payback+75Highmountain110110 
Moozy's Adventure+75Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - The Arrival+75Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - Reinforcements+75Highmountain 98 
The Story of Huln+75Highmountain 98 
Training with Bredda+75Highmountain110110 
Tiny Poacher, Tiny Animals+75Highmountain110110 
Prisoners of Greystone+75Highmountain110110 
Threnody of Chieftains+75Highmountain110110 
Stonebinder Bounty+75Highmountain110110 
Bitestone Burglary+75Highmountain110110 
Bitestone Bazaar+75Highmountain110110 
Ritualists in Our Midsts+75Highmountain110110 
Bears Behaving Badly+75Highmountain110110 
Boilback Plague+75Highmountain110110 
Rimescale Naga Incursion: Highmountain+75Highmountain110110 
Umbralshard Rituals+75Highmountain110110 
Darkbrul Arena+75Highmountain110110 
Fury Road+75Highmountain110110 
Dirge of the Dead+75Highmountain110110 
Rise of the Fallen+75Highmountain110110 
Back to the Shadows+75Highmountain110110 
Primal Payback+75Highmountain110110 
Primal Payback+75Highmountain110110 
Munitions Testing+75Highmountain110110 
Munitions Testing+75Highmountain110110 
Munitions Testing+75Highmountain110110 
Critical Crops+75Highmountain110110 
Mists Take You+75Highmountain110110 
Gunksnout Infestation+75Highmountain110110 
Return to the River+75Highmountain110110 
Water of Life+75Highmountain110110 
Supplies Needed: Leystone+75Highmountain110110 
Supplies Needed: Foxflower+75Highmountain110110 
Warden Tower Assault: Cordana's Apex+75Highmountain110110
Supplies Needed: Stonehide Leather+75Highmountain110110 
Warden Tower Assault: Cordana's Apex+75Highmountain110110
Border Reinforcements+75Highmountain110110 
Weapons of Deathwing+75Highmountain110110 
Retake the Skyhorn+75Highmountain110110 
Warden Tower Assault: Nightwatcher's Perch+75Highmountain110110
Warden Tower Assault: Nightwatcher's Perch+75Highmountain110110
Unstable Portal+75Highmountain110110 
Crawliac's Legacy+75Highmountain110110 
Champions of Highmountain+75Highmountain110110 
Rocko Needs a Shave+75Highmountain110110 
Snail Fight!+75Highmountain110110 
Sea of Feathers+75Highmountain110110 
Shipwreck Scavengers+75Highmountain110110 
Crabby Crunchies+75Highmountain110110 
Gettin' Tuffer+75Highmountain110110 
Assault on Thunder Totem+75Highmountain110110 
Briny Waters+75Highmountain110110 
Wildlife Protection Force+75Highmountain110110 
Return to the Crag+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Majestic Elderhorn+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Gurbog da Basher+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Shara Felbreath+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Arru+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Crawshuk the Hungry+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Bristlemaul+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Bodash the Hoarder+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Slumber+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Sekhan+75Highmountain110110 
It's Illid... Wait.+75Highmountain110110 
The Feltotem+75Highmountain110110 
WANTED: Devouring Darkness+75Highmountain110110 
Ley Race+75Highmountain110110 
The Magic of Flight+75Highmountain110110 
Thunder Totem Cleanup Detail+75Highmountain110110 
Like the Wind+75Highmountain110110 
Barrels o' Fun+75Highmountain110110 
Holding Our Ground+75Highmountain 110 
Assault on Highmountain+75Highmountain 110 
Battle for Highmountain+75Highmountain 110 
Borne of Fel+75Highmountain 98 
Wolves of the Legion+75Highmountain 98 
Swarming Skies+75Highmountain 98 
Class Dismissed+75Highmountain 98 
From the Skies They Fel+75Highmountain 98 
Save the Tadpoles!+75Highmountain 98 
The Skyhorn Tribe+10Highmountain 98 
Rock Troll in a Hard Place+10Highmountain 98 
The High Chieftain+10Highmountain 98 
Lifespring Cavern+10Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - Stormrage+10Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - Malorne's Favored+10Highmountain 98 
Step into the Dark+10Highmountain 98 
Huln's War - Shadowsong+10Highmountain 98 
A Walk With the Spirits+10Highmountain 98 
Winter Moose Roundup0Highmountain 98
They Have A Pitlord0Highmountain110110