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Council of Exarchs
Under the leadership of five powerful exarchs, the draenei of Draenor have prospered in a savage world.

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Reward from (119)Members (1)Items (8)Criteria of (3)Criteria of tree (4)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Escape From Shaz'gul+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
Wanted: Kuu'rat's Tusks+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
Wanted: Kliaa's Stinger+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
Darkness Falls+500Shadowmoon Valley9290
The Dark Side of the Moon+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Burial Fields+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Battle for Shattrath+500Talador9594
Destination: Unknown+500Talador9695
Bloodthorn Cave+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
Court of Souls+500Talador9594 
The Shimmer Moor+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Dark Side of the Moon+500Shadowmoon Valley9190
And Justice for Thrall+500Nagrand10098
Orunai Coast+500Talador9594
The Trial of Champions+500Garrison Campaign100100
Kuuro's Claim+500Talador9594 
Wanted: Maa'run's Hoof+350Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Fate of Karabor+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Think of the Children!+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
A Hero's Welcome+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Clarity Elixir+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
A Grandmother's Remedy+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Dark that Blinds Us+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Going Undercover+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
On the Offensive+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Righteous March+250Shadowmoon Valley9290
The Defense of Karabor+250Shadowmoon Valley9290
A Matter of Life and Death+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Nightmare in the Tomb+250Talador9695 
Pieces of Us+250Talador9594 
Burning Sky+250Talador9594 
Barum's Notes+250Talador9594 
Dark Enemies+250Teluuna Observatory9190
Harbingers of the Void+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Great Salvation+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Across the Stars+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
In Need of a Hero+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Closing the Door+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Disrupting the Flow+250Talador9695 
The Heart of Auchindoun+250Talador9695
Into the Hollow+250Talador9695
Vile Defilers+250Talador9695
The Final Piece+250Talador9695 
Invasion of the Soul Eaters+250Talador9695 
Never Forget+250Talador9695 
Shadows Awaken+250Teluuna Observatory9190
Darkest Night+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Too Many Irons in the Fire+250Talador9594
In Short Supply+250Talador9594
Thaelin's Quick Fix+250Talador9594
Decommissioned Mission+250Talador9594
Desperate Measures+250Talador9695 
Vol. X Pages ?+250Talador9594
Iron Them Out+250Talador9594
An Eye for a Spy+250Talador9594
Born to Shred+250Talador9594
Engineering Her Demise+250Talador9594
Hiding in the Shadows+250Talador9695 
Book Burning+250Talador9695 
We Must Construct Additional Pylons+250Talador9695 
Holding the Line+250Talador9695
Powering the Defenses+250Talador9695
Restalaan, Captain of the Guard+250Talador9695 
Quakefist+250Shadowmoon Valley9090
Invisible Ramparts+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Defenstrations+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Naielle, The Rangari+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Fun with Fungus+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Hataaru, the Artificer+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Engorged Goren+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Exarch Maladaar+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Friend of the Exarchs+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Speaker for the Dead+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Sting+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Warning the Exarchs+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
The Traitor's True Name+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Loola's Lost Love+250Shadowmoon Valley9290
Rangari Roundup+250Shadowmoon Valley9390
Khadgar's Plan+250Talador9594
Rotting Riverbeasts+250Shadowmoon Valley9090
Blademoon Bloom+250Shadowmoon Valley9090
Gestating Genesaur+250Shadowmoon Valley9090
Into Anguish+250Shadowmoon Valley9190
Lok-rath is Secured+250Nagrand10098
Shut 'er Down+250Shadowmoon Valley9190 
Ogre Diplomacy+250Talador9594
Retribution for the Light+250Talador9695
Trust No One+250Shadowmoon Valley9190 
Garrison Campaign: The Exarch's Call+250Garrison Campaign100100
The Trial of Courage+250Garrison Campaign100100
The Trial of Heart+250Garrison Campaign100100
The Trial of Faith+250Garrison Campaign100100
A Call for Huntsman+250Garrison Support9090 
Friendly Competition+250Garrison Support9090 
Fair Trade+250Garrison Support9090 
An Act of Kindness+250Nagrand100100
The Cryptic Tome of Tailoring+250Garrison Support9090 
A Mysterious Satchel+250Garrison Support9090 
Slow and Steady+250Garrison Support9090 
The Power of Preservation+250Garrison Support9090 
Ameeka, Master Tailor+250Garrison Support9090 
The Clothes on Their Backs+250Garrison Support9090 
Hexcloth+250Garrison Support9090 
The Strength of Iron+250Garrison Support9090 
Father and Son+250Garrison Support9090 
A Power Lost+250Garrison Support9090 
Restoration+250Garrison Support9090 
Together We Are Strong+250Talador9494 
Into Twilight+75Shadowmoon Valley9190
Into the Heart of Madness+75Talador9695 
Scheduled Pickup+75Talador9695
Light's Rest+75Talador9695
Changing the Tide+10Talador9695 
Speaker for the Dead+10Talador9595
The Exarch Council+10Shadowmoon Valley9190