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Laughing Skull Orcs
The Laughing Skull clan calls the most savage reaches of Draenor home, laughing maniacally at the impending annihilation they face from every side.

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<Laughing Skull Quartermaster>
93A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0
Splitgrin the Massacre100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Marmock the Wheezer100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Upchuckle100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Bonegrind the Starved100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Mawmaul100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Crowfeeder Zani100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Egrin the Defiler100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1
Glara the Biter100A HServer triggerGorgrond6.0.1 1
Broken Horn Marauder100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 6
Broken Horn Desecrator100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 4
Broken Horn Vandal100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 6
Broken Horn Reaver100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 4
Cutter95A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.2 1
Cutter95A HHumanoidTanaan Jungle6.2.0 1
Energized Tile Trigger1A HServer trigger Mogu'shan Vaults 269