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Laughing Skull Orcs
The Laughing Skull clan calls the most savage reaches of Draenor home, laughing maniacally at the impending annihilation they face from every side.

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Reward from killing (23)Members (15)Items (12)Criteria of (2)Criteria of tree (2)
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Defector Dazgo
<Iron Horde>
101A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1+50
Durp the Hated101A HGiantGorgrond6.0.1 1+50
Firestarter Grash100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.2 1+50
Inventor Blammo101A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1+50
Basten100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 1+16
Iron Warden101A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 10+16
Iron Enforcer100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 28+16
Iron Deadshot100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 9+16
Iron Cauterizer100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 16+16
Iron Bulwark100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 9+16
Iron Bloodburner100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 11+16
Hulking Brute101A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 12+16
Gruesome Torturer101A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 8+16
Lumbering Ancient100A HElementalGorgrond6.0.1 8+8
Wild Mandragora100A HElementalGorgrond6.0.1 34+5
Venomous Ravager100A HBeastGorgrond6.0.1 27+5
Iron Laborer100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 67+5
Everbloom Waterspeaker100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 18+5
Everbloom Wasp100A HBeastGorgrond6.0.1 53+5
Enthralled Mutant100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 42+5
Brine Lasher100A HElementalGorgrond6.0.1 26+5
Botani Vine-Weaver100A HHumanoidGorgrond6.0.1 26+5
Noxious Sproutling100A HElementalGorgrond6.0.2 58+1