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Arakkoa Outcasts
Working from the shadows, the Arakkoa Outcasts seek to bring a brighter tomorrow.

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Reward from killing (23)Reward from (75)Members (78)Items (9)Criteria of (4)
Criteria of tree (4)Referenced by (3) Comments (New!) (23) Screenshots (New!) (1) Videos (New!) (2)
Crazed Obliterator
96 - 100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 1+500
Gluttonous Giant100A HAberration 6.0.1 0+50
Solar Magnifier100A HMechanicalSpires of Arak6.0.1 1+50
Dread Raven100A HBeast 6.0.1 0+16
Skyreach Dawnbreaker100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 7+16
Skyreach Dawnbreaker100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 4+16
Kirox the Wind Dancer100A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0+5
Skyreach Dreadtalon100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 9+5
Skyreach Labormaster100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 22+5
Skyreach Tempest-Keeper100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 7+5
Stalwart Warden100A HMechanicalSpires of Arak6.0.1 11+5
Vigilant Dreadtalon100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 1+5
Infected Plunderer100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 32+5
Infected Mechanic100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 6+5
Amorphic Cognitor100A HAberrationSpires of Arak6.0.1 144+5
Befuddled Relic-Seeker100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 30+5
Flighted Storm-Spinner100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 8+5
Glowing Energizer100A HMechanical 6.0.1 0+5
Highmaul Relic-Seeker100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 6+5
Highmaul Skullcrusher100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 8+5
Darting Swift Feather100A HBeastSpires of Arak6.0.1 46+1
Enthralled Shadowdweller100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 6+1
Repugnant Shadowdweller100A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 27+1