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Arakkoa Outcasts
Working from the shadows, the Arakkoa Outcasts seek to bring a brighter tomorrow.

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Reward from (75)Members (109)Items (9)Criteria of (4)Criteria of tree (4)
Referenced by (3)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Writhing Mire+500Spires of Arak9796 
The Avatar of Terokk+500Spires of Arak9796 
Victory is Within Reach+500Spires of Arak9797 
The Howling Crag+500The Howling Crag9796 
Bloodmane Pridelands+500Bloodmane Pridelands9796 
Bladefist Hold+500Bladefist Hold9796 
DEPRECATED+500The Howling Crag9795 
Ralshiara's Demise+350Spires of Arak9696 
What the Draenei Found+250Talador9594 
The Purge of Veil Shadar+250Talador9594 
Forbidden Knowledge+250Talador9594 
Kura's Vengeance+250Talador9594 
Tracking Quest - Iskar's Hired Hand+250Talador9590 
The Shadows of Skettis+250Spires of Arak9696 
Hidden in Plain Sight+250Spires of Arak9696 
Adherents of the Sun God+250Spires of Arak9696 
Orders From On High+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Crone+250Spires of Arak9696 
A Charming Deception+250Spires of Arak9696 
Echo Hunters+250Spires of Arak9696 
Last of the Talonpriests+250Spires of Arak9696 
Ishaal's Orb+250Spires of Arak9696 
New Neighbors+250Spires of Arak9696 
Behind the Veil+250Spires of Arak9696 
Ikky's Egg+250Spires of Arak9696 
Blades in the Dark+250Spires of Arak9696 
A Feast of Shadows+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Kaliri Whisperer+250Spires of Arak9696 
Mother of Thorns+250Spires of Arak9696 
Baby Bird+250Spires of Arak9696 
Cult of the Ravenspeakers+250Spires of Arak9696 
Words of the Raven Mother+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Bloodmane+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Egg Thieves+250Spires of Arak9696 
Declawing The Bloodmane+250Spires of Arak9696 
A Flock of Fledglings+250Spires of Arak9696 
To the... Rescue?+250Spires of Arak9696 
Hatred Undying+250Spires of Arak9696 
Banished From the Sky+250Spires of Arak9696 
Gaze of the Raven God+250Spires of Arak9696 
Sons of Sethe+250Spires of Arak9696 
Ritual Severance+250Spires of Arak9696 
Servants of a Dead God+250Spires of Arak9696 
Call of the Raven Mother+250Spires of Arak9696 
The False Talon King+250Spires of Arak9696 
Sethe, the Dead God+250Spires of Arak9696 
Lithic's Gift+250Spires of Arak9696 
Legacy of the Apexis+250Spires of Arak9696 
Sol Sisters+250Spires of Arak9696 
Hardly Working+250Spires of Arak9696 
Shot-Caller+250Spires of Arak9696 
Hot Seat+250Spires of Arak9696 
Control is King+250Spires of Arak9696 
All Due Respect+250Spires of Arak9696 
Syth's Secret+250Spires of Arak9696 
When All Is Aligned+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Talon King+250Spires of Arak9796 
Terokk's Fall+250Spires of Arak9796 
The Missing Piece+250Spires of Arak9796 
A Worthy Vessel+250Spires of Arak9696 
On Ebon Wings+250Spires of Arak9696 
Egg Punt+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Initiate's Revenge+250Spires of Arak9696 
The Flock's Revenge+250Spires of Arak9696 
A Gathering of Shadows+75Spires of Arak9696 
A Sentimental Relic+25Spires of Arak9696 
Arakkoa Exodus+10Spires of Arak9696 
Back from Beyond+10Spires of Arak9696 
Talon Watch+10Spires of Arak9696 
Rendezvous with the Ritualists+10Spires of Arak9696 
The High Ravenspeaker+10Spires of Arak9696 
Power Unearthed+10Spires of Arak9696 
[Deprecated]+10Spires of Arak9696 
Rites of the Talonpriests+10Spires of Arak9796 
Arakkoa Exodus+10Spires of Arak9696