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Adherents of Rukhmar
Worshippers of the dread god Rukhmar, these vile filth seek to stain the world with the blood of their foes.

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Members (14)
Adherent Sun-Priest96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 4
Adherent Bladewing96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 31
Outcast Arakkoa96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 5
Apexis Guardian96A HMechanicalSpires of Arak6.0.1 16
Adherent Wind-Lasher96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 13
Adherent Harrier96A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0
Adherent Harrier96A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0
Adherent Gale-Spinner96A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0
Outcast Arakkoa85A HHumanoid 6.0.1 0
Sol-Shaper Valarik
<Binder of Constructs>
97A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.1 1
Sun Charged Guardian97A HMechanicalSpires of Arak6.0.1 4
Sun Powered Guardian97A HMechanicalSpires of Arak6.0.1 1
Adherent Gale-Spinner96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 2
Adherent Bladewing96A HHumanoidSpires of Arak6.0.2 1