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Darkspear Rebellion
Vol'jin has declared open rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream. With the aid of both Horde and Alliance forces, he gathers resources in preparation for an attack on Orgrimmar itself.

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By DoctorLock on 26 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Perhaps now Garrosh will start to fear the Shadows, as Vol'jin said he would.


By mcwood on 26 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

And so it begins, Vol'Jin declares open rebellion and is now a strong contender for Warchief with Lorthemar.

By Filipse on 29 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

By bigkaboom34 on 19 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

Filipse, Lor'themar is a badass. Compared to him, we're all the pansies.
By Wasabi on 19 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

Well also remember that because the Blood Elves joined the Horde, the Amani trolls became our enemy, and i also think since Cataclysm Blizzard is trying to make the lesser leaders shine more (Vol and Lorthemar), i mean im still upset i couldnt give a Valentine to Vol'jin all those years ago :c
By Eranthule on 01 Oct 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

It has to be Slyvanas. She's hot and dead. No argument really.
By Filipse on 05 Jul 2014 (Patch 6.0.1 )

@bigkaboom34 - No, Lorthemar is an ungratefull bastard that hasnt done anything of value whatsoever lore-wise, Kael'Thas Sunstrider saved his entire people an they showed their grattitude by stabbing him the back eventualy turning to him becoming insane as a result turning to Kil'Jaeden as a last desperate resort, just akin to Malfurion is to Illidan, Lor'themar is a glorygrabbing self-righteous prick, that asides Lor'themar -IS- Sylvanas's little man-bitch.

By MrVolare on 27 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Long live da Darkspear! Long live da real horde!

By Roguinaa on 24 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Vol'jin lives!!

By huntertamer11 on 01 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

I hope that during the fight with Garrosh when he's at 1% health, a cutscene happens where you see Vol'Jin in the shadows of the Throne Room. Then, he says, "I've been waiting four years to do this, you tyrant bastard." and good 'ol Vol'Jin lands the final, poisoned arrow that pierces Garrosh's corrupt heart, and the fight ends.

By MajorMage on 30 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

The cut scene is an awesome idea! I would hope they made a dramatic 1 on 1 battle before Vol'Jin kills Garrosh in an extremely brutal manner!
By Eranthule on 01 Oct 2013 (Patch 5.4.0hotfix2 )

If he wants the warchief mantle he can do more than snide in at 1% and try and finish the job. Where were you when we were wiping Vol'jin?

By AoBman05 on 30 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Been waiting four years to stick Garrosh and his idiotic followers with as many sharp (and otherwise unpleasant) objects as possible on my tauren shaman. FOUR. YEARS. Even simply joining the Darkspear's rebellion instills me with an unhealthy amount of zeal, and it's only the calm before the inevitable storm.

Why, you ask?

Because I am 110% certain that siege is going to be soo worth suffering that steriod-pumped manchild for this long. >_<

Good riddance, Durrosh Failscream! Azeroth is better off without you!

By Filipse on 22 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Hah, agreed.. but i still think Garrosh and Varian alikes are both just bad wannabe attempts at their formers (garrosh->Grommash) (Varian->Anduin Lothar), both are however pathetic attempts at their formers badassery, and more or less seen as a mistake in blizzard's judgement.
By Pgans94 on 24 Aug 2014 (Patch 6.0.2 )

Bad news, Garrosh escapes with the help of a certain traitorous dragon friend, and we confront him in WoD.

By Samphis on 20 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

So how does someone go about earning rep for this faction? None of the quests appear to have a rep component.

By HoboBoxes on 22 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

I'm curious to know as well, no dailys, just the weekly.
By Lytha on 22 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

And I did the weekly yesterday and got no rep
By androjeans on 27 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

considering all the items you can buy are for the currencies dropped from mobs or the mojo and don't have rep requirement, my assumption would be that it's a rep to be actually earned in the future...possibly the [hopefully] raid in which Garrosh will die.
By zanderli on 17 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Also i dont see a rep category for them on WoW under reputations. But on my Armory app they are there right above golden lotus. Confused..
By Lucilite on 23 Nov 2014 (Patch 6.0.3 )

It's been a year & 1/2 since your comment and I still don't see an answer here. Does this faction even exist in-game? I don't even know what the weekly is that people here are referring to. I haven't done it myself, and there is no link anywhere on this wowhead page to any quest, dungeon, raid, NPC, zone, or item (other than items sold by an unnamed quartermaster in a comment higher above).

By MABGamer6407 on 28 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Im really hopping blizz sticks to what words were put into Vol'jins mouth. I really want to see him be the 1 to end that Ugly tyrant Of a Orc Badly. Wonder if there will be a sort of Temporary truce with the horde an ali while in the new 90 versons of the zones.

By Nulgar on 29 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

They failed to make the Molten Front a sanctuary, despite us fighting for a neutral faction against the Greater Evil, so I doubt it. However, Durotar and Northern Barrens are Horde zones, meaning Horde characters don't get flagged for PvP, so it would be logical to at least make them PvE zones during 5.4&5.5 - this only applies to PvP realms, of course, as Alliance characters on PvE realms don't get auto-flagged even in Durotar.
By Reignac on 17 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

There's a zone-wide buff in the Northern Barrens that flags everyone above level 85 for PVP, regardless of server.
By LostDrewid on 28 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

No, there's a zone-wide buff in the Northern Barrens that makes the zone Contested. Which is essentially meaningless on PvE servers, but for PvP servers it means the Horde are flagged as well as the Alliance.

By ns88 on 24 Jan 2016 (Patch 7.0.1 )

This faction never made it to live. Some of the npcs existed, but the rep was never gained.

By xanfre on 27 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

and to think i used to be proud to have garrosh in northrend with us

By Aiturne on 05 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

will the trolls run the horde after we kill Garrosh or will there just be another Orc taking his place? maybe Thrall could come back?

By Roguinaa on 13 Oct 2013 (Patch 5.4.1 )

Thrall wont come back,he said during the fight for sen'jin. Thrall's to busy with rescueing the world from deathwing (still)

By zanderli on 17 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

I was looking under my reputation tab on my WoW app and saw a category for darkSpear rebellion. Right above golden lotus. However when I go online under the same reputation tab it's not their. Was wondering why this is?

By Wasabi on 19 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

Any one know if these quest/events can still be done during Siege of Orgrimmar?

By Alayea on 20 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

No. They are a part of the world event "Battlefield: Barrens" for patch 5.3, which is scheduled to end Aug. 27th.
By Mairin on 26 Aug 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

September 10th even (until they change it =P)

By Stargazer777 on 02 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Since he's got da voodoo, maybe Vol'jin will turn Garrosh into his zombie minion!

By Thirsom on 18 Jun 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Since Garrosh is quite probably possessed by the Sha of Pride, or rather, Garrosh is the Sha of Pride's zombie (as in: Garrosh is kind-of-braindead) minion anyway, things wouldn't change much... well, not much for Garrosh at least... it'd be more like a change of proprietor...
By LostDrewid on 28 Jul 2013 (Patch 5.4.0 )

No, Garrosh is his own man. And that man just happens to be drowning in his own hubris. He's been that way long before stepping foot on Pandaria's soil, long before the Sha began to reawaken. So the Sha of Pride *adores* Garrosh, but there's no possession involved.

By squiretoad on 06 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

But none of this is real or active yet, right? It's all just in the PTR, the quests, the scenarios, the characters, even the pets? Because I can find nothing anywhere in the current WoW that leads me to any of this.

By Alasan on 16 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

I would like to see how Vol'jin makes his way in the Zandalar Isle near Maelstrom or how he befriends with the Zandalari trolls and claims the thunder power becoming the next thunder king. I think THIS IS AWESOME.

By Whoisthiscook on 17 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Rebellion against the Horde ultimately makes Vol'jin the next Thunder King? Illogical and not likely to happen

By Roguinaa on 24 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

I knew that after the troll training ground quests and Voljin showing him with Garrosh it would happen. NEXT PATCH THE TROLLS TO THE ALLIANCE!

By ridgers001 on 27 Mar 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Potential for cross faction raiding?

By WowPapamu on 26 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Is no one mad because blizzard lets alliance into this? In horde territory? Seriously? No one mad because ally will be running around in barrens and maybe even durotar? Durotar is like the most hordish place in WoW... except mulgore.... uhh, damn you trolls... if Vol'Jin is going to be the new warchief im gonna be mad... his new model looks damn ugly... and where will they place the new raid after garrosh is defeated, when those trolls have taken over orgrimmar and stuff? And how will alliance get to it if its in orgrimmar, will Alliance and horde ally up? Will there be no more PvP or ganking? This patch makes no sense...

By TGFseb15 on 30 Apr 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

Alliance had forces in horde territories since classic. Kul Tiras in Durotar and Northwatch in Barrens. Alliance has been running around Barrens since classic: "The Crossroads is under attack!" Vol'jin becoming warchief is uncertain and I think his model is ok, looks like it is taken from Battlecry mosaic. After MoP, raid entrance will maybe be moved to caverns of time if not it will be near but not too close to org. Horde and Alliance will work together to bring down Garrosh, after that it's most likely business as usual. There will always be pvp, that's just common sense.

By JStormrage on 16 May 2013 (Patch 5.3.0 )

guess what, Garosh is in fact corrupted by Sargeras the final battle between titans is about to be unveiled.