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Sunreaver Onslaught
Outcast from Dalaran, the Sunreaver Onslaught fight to obtain powerful mogu artifacts from among the ruins of Thunder Isle, and to secure their future if the Horde falls to anarchy.

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Reward from (114)Members (26)Items (21)Criteria of (1)Criteria of tree (4)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 4-5+2150Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 3+1900Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 0-2+1850Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvP Stage 1-5+1250Isle of Thunder9090 
Horde Quest Choice: PvE+1100Isle of Thunder9090 
Life Blood (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Horde, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren)+1000Throne of Thunder9090
Horde Quest Choice: PvP+700Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 2+700Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 5+700Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 2+700Isle of Thunder9090 
Quest Reward Summary: PvE Stage 5+700Isle of Thunder9090 
Extended Shore Leave+400Isle of Thunder9090 
Work Order: Sunreaver Onslaught II (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Horde, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren)+400Valley of the Four Winds 81
[PH] The Fall of Shan Bu+350Isle of Thunder9090 
The Assault on Zeb'tula+300Isle of Thunder 85 
Tear Down This Wall!+300Isle of Thunder 85 
To the Skies!+300Isle of Thunder 85 
Decisive Action+300Isle of Thunder 85 
The Fall of Shan Bu+300Isle of Thunder 85 
Kill Trolls+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Kill Mogu Spirits+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Kill mogu boss for key, use object behind jumping puzzle+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Nalak the Storm Lord+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Kill Roaming Troll War Party+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Trailing Light in the Dark+250Isle of Thunder9090 
REMOVE (No Longer Used)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Find scout near enemy camp (injured, port him back)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Destroy enemy portal near camp (streaming attackers, defended, enemy can use)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Disarm mines near enemy camp (poke them with a stick =P)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Set magical mines around camp (using modern warfare lightning)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Start and defend summoning ritual near enemy camp+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Destroy summoning circles in enemy camp (BloodElf_PowerOrb_Red)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Metalocalypse+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Fleshcrafter's End+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Kill Mogu Blood-seekers (Roaming pairs, actively fighting scouts, and performing rituals on corpses)+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Loot plans, kill boat captain+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Unused+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Shwayder's Test Quest+250Isle of Thunder9090 
UNUSED+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Destroy Cauldrons+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Welcome to the Island+250Isle of Thunder9090 
The Bloodletter+250Isle of Thunder9090 
The Skumblade Threat+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Intro Flight+250Isle of Thunder9090 
Forge Ahead!+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Among the Bones+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Raining Bones+200Isle of Thunder9090 
High Recognition+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Competing Magic+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Encroaching Force+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Imposing Threat+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Competing Magic+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Imposing Threat+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Encroaching Force+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Zandalari on the Rise+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Encroaching Force+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Raiding the Vault+200Isle of Thunder 85 
Forge Ahead!+200Isle of Thunder9090 
Dangers of Za'Tual+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Grave Circumstances+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Skumblade Threat+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Gather Scout Reports+150Isle of Thunder9090 
This Just Won't Do+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Saur Loser+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Maximum Capacitor+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Save Our Scouts!+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Old Enemies+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Heinous Sacrifice+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Pterrible Ptorment+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Dark Offerings+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Ashes of the Enemy+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Stone Cold+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Soul Surrender+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Rise No More!+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Call of Thunder+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Into the Crypts+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Preventing a Future Threat+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Shuddering Moor+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Zandalari Colossus+150Isle of Thunder 85 
What's Inside Counts+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Very Disarming+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Knowledge Is Power+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Harbingers of the Loa+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Manipulating the Saurok+150Isle of Thunder 85 
De-Constructed+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Captive Audience+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Spellbound+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Charged Moganite+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Mana Manifestations+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Tactical Mana Bombs+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Breaking Down the Defenses+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Residents of Ihgaluk+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Surgical Death+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Compy Stomp+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Loa-saur+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Sleepless Legion+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Enemies Beneath the Tower+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Bolstering the Defenses+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Direhorn or Devilsaur+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Dino Might+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Just Some Light Clean-Up Work+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Disarming Irony+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Desconstruction+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Made for War+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Overpowered+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Creeping Carpet of Ihgaluk+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Left To Rot+150Isle of Thunder 85 
They All Fall Down+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Power Play+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Bloodletter+150Isle of Thunder 85 
A Wing to Fly On+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Conquest of Stone+150Isle of Thunder 85 
Subtle Encouragement+150Isle of Thunder 85 
The Storm Gathers (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Horde, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren)+150Isle of Thunder 85