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Operation: Shieldwall
Alliance forces in Pandaria, stationed at Lion's Landing in Krasarang Wilds.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Lion's Landing+500Pandaren Campaign9090
Heart Of The Alliance+500Pandaren Campaign9090
The Fate of Dalaran+500Pandaren Campaign9090
The Divine Bell+500Pandaren Campaign9090
Bad Blood+400Pandaren Campaign9090
The Source of Korune Power+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Memory Wine+400Pandaren Campaign9090
A Kor'kron In Our Midst+400Pandaren Campaign9090
To Catch A Spy+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Bugging Out+400Pandaren Campaign9090
He Won't Even Miss It+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Stirred, Not Shaken+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Work Order: Operation: Shieldwall II+400Valley of the Four Winds9090
What Had To Be Done+350Pandaren Campaign9090
Ogudei's Lieutenants+300Landfall9090
Don't Lose Your Head+300Landfall9090
Hero Killer+300Landfall9090
Two Step Program+300Landfall9090
A King Among Men+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Cashing Out+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Nowhere to Run+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Undermining the Under Miner+300Landfall9090 
Attack Daily 06+250Landfall9090 
Anger Remains+250Pandaren Campaign9090
A Kind of Magic - DEPRECATED+250Landfall9090 
The Greatest Prank+250Pandaren Campaign9090 
The Handle+250Pandaren Campaign9090 
The Head+250Pandaren Campaign9090 
The Harmonic Ointment+250Pandaren Campaign9090 
Rebuilding the Mallet (Tracker)+250Pandaren Campaign9090 
Ancient's Fall+200Landfall9090
End of an Elder+200Landfall9090
A Colossal Victory+200Landfall9090
Anduin's Plea+200Pandaren Campaign9090
The Kirin Tor+200Pandaren Campaign9090
The Ruins of Korune+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Sewer Cleaning+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Unfair Trade+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Nowhere to Hide+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Tracking the Thieves+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Shackles of the Past+150Landfall9090
It Is A Mystery+150Landfall9090
The Spirit Trap+150Landfall9090
We Will Rock You+150Landfall9090
A Kind of Magic+150Landfall9090
Under Pressure+150Landfall9090
Hammer to Fall+150Landfall9090
Attack! Move!+150Landfall9090
Resource Gathering+150Landfall9090
Supply Block+150Landfall9090
Tower Defense+150Landfall9090
Siege Damage+150Landfall9090
Burn Out!+150Landfall9090
Necessary Breaks+150Landfall9090 
It's Only Right+150Landfall9090
The Only Good Goblin...+150Landfall9090
Circle of Life+150Landfall9090 
To Mogujia+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Meet the Scout+150Pandaren Campaign9090
A Little Patience+150Pandaren Campaign9090
The Monkey King+150Pandaren Campaign9090
The First Riddle: Mercy+150Pandaren Campaign9090 
The Second Riddle: Fellowship+150Pandaren Campaign9090 
The Third Riddle: Strength+150Pandaren Campaign9090 
Oi Ain't Afraid o' No Ghosts!+150Landfall9090
Eviction Notice+150Landfall9090
The Kun-Lai Expedition+150Pandaren Campaign9090
The Best Around+150Pandaren Campaign9090
He's In Deep+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Dis-Assembly Required+150Landfall9090
The Harmonic Mallet+100Pandaren Campaign9090
Darnassus Attacked?+100Pandaren Campaign9090
Jaina's Resolution+100Pandaren Campaign9090