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Dominance Offensive
Horde forces in Pandaria, stationed at Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds.

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Reward from (79)Items (2)Criteria of (1)Criteria of tree (5)Referenced by (1)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Domination Point+500Pandaren Campaign9090
What's in the Box?+500Pandaren Campaign9090
A Gathering Storm+500Pandaren Campaign9090
Memory Wine+500Pandaren Campaign9090
The Divine Bell+500Pandaren Campaign9090
De-Subjugation+450Pandaren Campaign9090
Voice of the Gods+400Pandaren Campaign9090
The Darnassus Mission+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Victorious Return+400Pandaren Campaign9090
Work Order: Dominance Offensive II+400Valley of the Four Winds9090
The Horde Is Family+350Pandaren Campaign9090
One Last Grasp+350Pandaren Campaign9090
All Dead, All Dead+300Landfall9090
Hero Killer+300Landfall9090
Wanted: Chief Engineer Cogwrench+300Landfall9090
Wanted: Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson+300Landfall9090
The Might of the Warchief+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Ogudei's Lieutenants+300Landfall9090
Trapping the Leader+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Ties with the Past+300Pandaren Campaign9090
Don't Try So Hard - DEPRECATED+250Landfall9090
Defense Daily 06+250Landfall9090
Ancient Guardians+250Pandaren Campaign9090
Bloodlines+250Pandaren Campaign9090
The Korune+250Pandaren Campaign9090
The Remaining Sunreavers+250Pandaren Campaign9090
Ancient's Fall+200Landfall9090
End of an Elder+200Landfall9090
A Colossal Victory+200Landfall9090
Find Thrall!+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Get My Results!+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Echoes of Thunder+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Clearing a Path+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Legacy of the Korune+200Pandaren Campaign9090
The Ruins of Korune+200Pandaren Campaign9090
It Starts in the Sewers+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Violence in the Arena+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Hand of the Silver Covenant+200Pandaren Campaign9090
A Tactical Assault+200Pandaren Campaign9090
The Silver Covenant's Stronghold+200Pandaren Campaign9090
The Kirin Tor's True Colors+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Krasus' Landing+200Pandaren Campaign9090
Legacy of Ogudei+150Landfall9090
Death on Two Legs+150Landfall9090
Tear It Up+150Landfall9090
Another One Bites the Dust+150Landfall9090
Good Luck, Have Fun+150Landfall9090
We Require More Minerals!+150Landfall9090
Worker Harassment+150Landfall9090
Sentry Wards+150Landfall9090
Hard Counter+150Landfall9090
Runnin' On Empty+150Landfall9090
Power Metal+150Landfall9090
To Mogujia+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Mystery Meatloaf+150Landfall9090
Krasarang Steampot+150Landfall9090
Bilgewater Infiltrators+150Landfall9090
Storming the Beach+150Landfall9090
Flash! Aaaaaahhhh!+150Landfall9090
Bug Off!+150Landfall9090
Precious Resource+150Landfall9090
Universal Remote-Explode+150Landfall9090
Buried Secrets+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Meet the Scout+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Dagger in the Dark+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Rise Of An Empire+150Pandaren Campaign9090
Insertion (Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Blood Elf, Pandaren Neutral, Pandaren Horde)+150Pandaren Campaign9090,
The Spirit Trap+150Landfall9090
It Is A Mystery+150Landfall9090
We're Not Monsters!+150Landfall9090
Kick 'em While They're Down+150Landfall9090
The Kun-Lai Expedition+150Pandaren Campaign9090
A Lick of Fire+150Pandaren Campaign9090 
A Bit of Yak+150Pandaren Campaign9090 
To the Valley!+150Pandaren Campaign9090
A Dash of That+125Pandaren Campaign9090 
Pandaren Medicine+100Pandaren Campaign9090
The Situation In Dalaran+100Pandaren Campaign9090