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The Black Prince
Black Prince Wrathion is the last of the black dragons. He has been known to richly reward those who earn his trust and support his endeavors.

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Kar Warmaker
<Champion of Arms>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
Dalan Nightbreaker
<Champion of Arms>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
Disha Fearwarden
<Champion of the Light>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
Ubunti the Shade
<Champion of the Shadows>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
Mavis Harms
<Champion of the Shadows>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
<Champion of the Light>
91A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+400
Mighty Devilsaur90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+125
Gaohun the Soul-Severer
<Shao-Tien Imperion>
91A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
Zandalari Colossus90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Fleshcrafter Hoku90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
General Temuja
<The Soul-Slaver>
90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
Skumblade Brute90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 17+100
<The Granite Sentinel>
90A HBeastVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
Guardian Tak'u90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Metal Lord Mono-Han90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Baolai the Immolator
<Shao-Tien Imperion>
91A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
<Krik'thik Swarm-Lord>
91A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
<The Hoard Keeper>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Goda92A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 2+100
Spirit of Lao-Fe
<The Slavebinder>
91A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
Bai-Jin the Butcher
<Shao-Tien Imperion>
91A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 1+100
Horgak the Enslaver90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
<Master of the Forge>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+100
Tamed Pterrorwing90A HBeast 5.2.0 0+75
Zandalari Execution Guard90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 2+50
Zandalari Spiritweaver
<Harbinger of the Loa>
90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+50
Skumblade Seadragon90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 12+50
Arcanital Ra'kul90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+50
Animated Warrior90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 25+50
Drakkari God-Hulk90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 6+50
Kaida the Bloodletter90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+50
Shieldwall Defender90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 13+40
Priest of the Direhorn90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+38
Zandalari Beast Handler90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 5+38
Shan'ze Bloodseeker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 11+37
Priest of the Hydra90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+37
Priest of the Hawk90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+37
Loa Speaker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 3+37
Shan'ze Animator90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 14+37
<Brackenwall Emisary>
90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+30
Thane Stonehearth
<Mountain King>
90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+30
90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+30
Captain Brent the Black90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+30
Chief Bombgineer Snicklefritz90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 1+30
Quivering Filth90A HAberrationIsle of Thunder5.2.0 47+25
Grave Guardian90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 17+25
Tamed Bladetalon90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+25
Zandalari Jaguar Warrior90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 6+25
Zandalari Fetish-Binder90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 4+25
Zandalari Saurcaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 9+25
Zandalari Acolyte90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 2+25
Zandalari Soultwister90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 3+25
Zandalari Haruspex90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+25
Loa-Infused Bladetalon90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 2+25
Shan'ze Soulripper90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 4+25
Skumblade Fleshripper90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 16+25
Shaol'mara Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+25
Shaol'mara Spearanger90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+25
Shaol'mara Stoneshield90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+25
Shan'ze Brutalizer90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+25
Maturing Raptor90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.2.0 3+25
Zandalari Spirit-Twister90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+25
Shan'ze Thundercaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 6+25
Shan'ze Soulripper90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 10+25
Shan'ze Gravekeeper90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 26+25
Skumblade Filthmonger90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 13+25
Skumblade Scavenger90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 21+25
Shan'ze Thundercaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.3.0 14+25
Zandalari Spiritbinder90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 12+25
Zandalari Arcweaver90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 2+25
Zandalari Stoneshield90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 17+25
Shan'ze Electrocutioner90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 18+25
Zandalari Prospect90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 6+25
Arcane Destroyer90A HMechanicalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 1+25
Zandalari Conscript90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 36+25
Spirit-Bound Sentry90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 11+25
Master Caller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 5+25
Zandalari Beastcaller90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 12+25
Zandalari Bloodguard90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 7+25
Shan'ze Slaver90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 9+25
Jungle Shredder90A HMechanicalKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 13+20
Shieldwall Gryphon Rider90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 29+20
Dominance Sniper90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 13+20
Dominance Grunt90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 55+20
Shieldwall Marine90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 8+20
Dominance Raider90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 4+20
Swift Gray Wolf90A HBeastKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 7+20
Warfront Peon90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 16+20
Bloodhilt Honor Guard90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 20+20
Dominance Battlemage90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 5+20
Shieldwall Huntress90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 10+20
Shieldwall Footman90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 56+20
Shieldwall Rifleman90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 46+20
Shieldwall Vindicator90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 20+20
Heavy Mook90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 12+20
Shieldwall Stormcaller90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 10+20
Bilgewater Sapper90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 21+20
Shieldwall Peasant90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 48+20
Bilgewater Miner90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 25+20
Dominance Raider90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 18+20
Kor'kron Elite90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 7+20
Domination Point Supply Cart90A HUnspecifiedKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 23+20
SI:7 Saboteur90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 33+20
Shieldwall Engineer90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 12+20
Dominance Shaman90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 22+20
Dominance Grunt90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 28+20
Dwarven Mortar Tube90A HMechanicalKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 15+20
Dwarven Mortar Team Engineer90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 13+20
Dread Kunchong90A HBeastDread Wastes5.0.1 13+15
Nascent Kunchong90A HBeastTownlong Steppes5.0.1 9+15
Saurok Slave90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+13
Zandalari Boneworker90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 10+13
Zandalari Commoner90A HHumanoidIsle of Thunder5.2.0 17+12
Shao-Tien Fist90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 27+10
Stonebound Watcher90A HBeastVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 2+10
Jade Warrior90A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 15+10
Sra'thik Drone90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 17+10
Sra'thik Guard90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 25+10
Shek'zeer Bladesworn90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 83+10
Shao-Tien Soul-Caller90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 18+10
Shao-Tien Sorcerer90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 28+10
Shao-Tien Painweaver90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 16+10
Shao-Tien Fist90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 47+10
Shao-Tien Dominator90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 23+10
Shao-Tien Conqueror90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 26+10
Mogu Statue90A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 8+10
Shao-Tien Antiquator90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 22+10
Mogu Statue90A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 11+10
Kor'thik Warcaller90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 11+10
Kor'thik Resonator90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 17+10
Vor'thik Dreadsworn90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 26+10
Sra'thik Mutilator90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 39+10
Nagging Dreadling90A HElementalDread Wastes5.0.1 95+10
Shek'zeer Manipulator90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 57+10
Shek'zeer Needler90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 29+10
Shek'zeer Clutch-Keeper90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 22+10
Krik'thik Needler90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 29+10
Krik'thik Locust-Guard90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 29+10
Ik'thik Genemancer90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 39+10
Sra'thik Swiftwing90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 39+10
Sra'thik Cacophyte90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 40+10
Sra'thik Drone90A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.0.1 64+10
Ashen Weaver1A HCritterIsle of Thunder5.2.0 143+5
Shaol'mara Raptor90A HBeast 5.2.0 0+5
Shaol'mara Raptor90A HBeast 5.2.0 0+5
Kirin Tor Manafiend90A HElementalIsle of Thunder5.2.0 39+5
Shaol'mara Beastcaller90A HHumanoid 5.2.0 0+5
Zeb'tula Raptor90A HBeast 5.2.0 0+5
Risen Ancestor90A HUndeadIsle of Thunder5.2.0 96+5
Zeb'tula Raptor90A HBeast 5.2.0 0+5
Trained Compy90A HBeastIsle of Thunder5.0.1 15+5
Enlisted Cannoneer90A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.1.0 13+3
Reanimated Quilen90A HBeastVale of Eternal Blossoms5.0.1 6+3
Shek'zeer Swarmborn90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 80+2
Ik'thik Swarmborn90A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.0.1 120+1