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The August Celestials
These brave Pandaren defend the temples of Pandaria from the evils of the Sha.

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Reward from (51)Members (6)Items (8)Criteria of (11)Criteria of tree (12)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Work Order: The August Celestials II+400Valley of the Four Winds9090 
The Shadow of Doubt+350Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Flames of the Void+350Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Ellia Ravenmane+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Minh Do-Tan+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Ellia Ravenmane: Rematch+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Fat Long-Fat+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Julia Bates+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Dextrous Izissha+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Kuo-Na Quillpaw+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Tukka-Tuk+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Huck Wheelbarrow+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Mindel Sunspeaker+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Yan Quillpaw+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Fat Long-Fat: Rematch+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Thelonius+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Ellia Ravenmane: Redemption+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
Champion of Chi-Ji+350Krasarang Wilds9090 
The Unending Siege+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Siege Swells+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Jade Serpent+250The Jade Forest8685 
The Darkness Around Us+250Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Behind the Masks+250Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Saving the Sutras+250Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Arrows of Fortune+250Jade Temple Grounds9090 
Hidden Power+250Jade Temple Grounds9090 
In the House of the Red Crane+250Krasarang Wilds8786 
Chasing Hope+250Krasarang Wilds9090 
Gifts of the Great Crane+250Krasarang Wilds9090 
Students of Chi-Ji+250Krasarang Wilds9090 
Round 1: Brewmaster Chani+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 1: The Streetfighter+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 2: Clever Ashyo & Ken-Ken+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 2: Kang Bramblestaff+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 3: The Wrestler+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 3: Master Boom Boom+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 4: Master Windfur+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Round 4: The P.U.G.+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Niuzao's Price+250Townlong Steppes8988 
Fallen Sentinels+250Townlong Steppes9090 
A Blade is a Blade+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Paying Tribute+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Overwhelming Swarm+250Townlong Steppes9090 
In Battle's Shadow+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Big Guns+250Townlong Steppes9090 
A Celestial Experience+250Kun-Lai Summit8787
A Celestial Experience+250Kun-Lai Summit8787
The Torch of Strength+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
Contending With Bullies+250Kun-Lai Summit9090 
The Ten Foot Pole0Kun-Lai Summit9090