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The Klaxxi
These Mantid Elders are untouched by the corruption and insanity that has overtaken the remainder of the Mantid Swarm. They seek to work with the races of Pandaria to restore their Queen to glory.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Shadow of the Empire+1000Dread Wastes 84 
Preserved in Amber+500Dread Wastes 84 
In Her Clutch+500Dread Wastes 84 
The Root of the Problem+500Dread Wastes 84 
A Cry From Darkness+500Dread Wastes 84 
Fires and Fears of Old+500Dread Wastes 84 
By the Sea, Nevermore+500Dread Wastes 84 
Mazu's Bounty+500Dread Wastes 84 
By the Sea, Nevermore+500Dread Wastes 84 
Work Order: The Klaxxi II+400Valley of the Four Winds 81 
Assault on Zan'vess+350Dread Wastes9089 
The Wrath of Shek'zeer+350Dread Wastes 84 
Psycho Mantid+250Dread Wastes 84 
Wakening Sickness+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Klaxxi Council+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Dread Clutches+250Dread Wastes 84 
Amber Arms+250Dread Wastes 84 
Dead Zone+250Dread Wastes 84 
Beneath the Heart of Fear+250Dread Wastes 84 
Amber Is Life+250Dread Wastes 84 
Feeding the Beast+250Dread Wastes 84 
Living Amber+250Dread Wastes 84 
Kypari Zar+250Dread Wastes 84 
Relics of the Swarm+250Dread Wastes 84 
Extending Our Coverage+250Dread Wastes 84 
Crime and Punishment+250Dread Wastes 84 
Better With Age+250Dread Wastes 84 
Reunited+250Dread Wastes 84 
Feed or Be Eaten+250Dread Wastes 84 
Citizens of a New Empire+250Dread Wastes 84 
Concentrated Fear+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Dread Vos+250Dread Wastes9089 
Skeer the Bloodseeker+250Dread Wastes 84 
A Strange Appetite+250Dread Wastes 84 
Fine Dining+250Dread Wastes 84 
A Bloody Delight+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Scent of Blood+250Dread Wastes 84 
Venomous Intent+250Dread Wastes 84 
Dark Wings, Dark Things+250Dread Wastes 84 
A Shade of Dread+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Poisoned Mind+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Kunchong Whisperer+250Dread Wastes 84 
Falling to Pieces+250Dread Wastes 84 
Corruption Runs Deep+250Dread Wastes 84 
Damage Control+250Dread Wastes 84 
Extracting Answers+250Dread Wastes 84 
Seeds of Fear+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Dissector Wakens+250Dread Wastes 84 
Not Fit to Swarm+250Dread Wastes 84 
A Source of Terrifying Power+250Dread Wastes 84 
Ancient Vengeance+250Dread Wastes 84 
Extending Our Coverage+250Dread Wastes9089 
Crime and Punishment+250Dread Wastes 84 
Better With Age+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Dreadsworn+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Empress' Gambit+250Dread Wastes 84 
Kunchong Treats+130Dread Wastes 84 
Culling the Swarm+130Dread Wastes 84 
Eradicating the Zan'thik+130Dread Wastes 84 
Dark Skies+130Dread Wastes 84 
Dreadspinner Extermination+130Dread Wastes 84 
An Ancient Empire+130Dread Wastes 84 
Sap Tapping+130Dread Wastes 84 
Putting An Eye Out+130Dread Wastes 84 
Nope Nope Nope+130Dread Wastes 84 
Debugging the Terrace+130Dread Wastes 84 
Brain Food+130Dread Wastes 84 
Mistblade Destruction+130Dread Wastes 84 
A Little Brain Work+130Dread Wastes 84 
The Scale-Lord+130Dread Wastes 84 
The Fight Against Fear+130Dread Wastes 84 
Bad Genes+130Dread Wastes 84 
Infection+130Dread Wastes 84 
Sonic Disruption+130Dread Wastes 84 
Free From Her Clutches+130Dread Wastes 84 
Sampling the Empire's Finest+130Dread Wastes 84 
Wing Clip+130Dread Wastes 84 
Shortcut to Ruin+130Dread Wastes 84 
Ordnance Disposal+130Dread Wastes 84 
Vess-Guard Duty+130Dread Wastes 84 
Shackles of Manipulation+130Dread Wastes 84 
Meltdown+130Dread Wastes 84 
Specimen Request+130Dread Wastes 84 
Fear Takes Root+130Dread Wastes 84 
Quiet Now+130Dread Wastes 84 
Kypa'rak's Core+130Dread Wastes 84 
The Matriarch's Maw+130Dread Wastes 84 
The Warlord's Ashes+130Dread Wastes 84 
Rampage Against the Machine+130Dread Wastes 84 
Kovok tracking [GROWING]+130    
Dropping Our Signal+10Dread Wastes 84 
The Zan'thik Dig+10Dread Wastes 84 
Once in a Hundred Lifetimes+10Dread Wastes 84