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The Anglers
The Anglers are a group of Pandaren fisherman that hope to feed their people and grow their knowledge of fishing.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Shocking!+500Fishing 90 
What Lurks Below+500Fishing 90 
Jagged Abalone+500Fishing 90 
Fishing for a Bruising+500Fishing 90 
Who Knew Fish Liked Eggs?+500Fishing 90 
Armored Carp+500Fishing 90 
Huff & Puff+500Fishing 90 
Like Bombing Fish In A Barrel+500Fishing 90 
Scavenger Hunt+500Fishing 90 
Snapclaw+500Fishing 90 
Viseclaw Soup+500Fishing 90 
Jumping the Shark+500Fishing 90 
Bright Bait+500Fishing 90 
Piranha!+500Fishing 90 
The Mariner's Revenge+500Dread Wastes 84 
Flying Tiger Gourami+350Fishing 85 
Spinefish Alpha+350Fishing 85 
Mimic Octopus+350Fishing 85 
Flying Tiger Gourami+350Fishing 85 
Fresh Pots+250Dread Wastes 84 
You Otter Know+250Dread Wastes 84 
Old Age and Treachery+250Dread Wastes 84 
Walking Dog+250Dread Wastes 84 
Dog Food+250Dread Wastes 84 
On the Crab+250Dread Wastes 84 
Shark Week+250Dread Wastes 84 
Reeltime Strategy+250Dread Wastes 84 
The Great Angler Returns+250Fishing 94 
A True Draenor Angler+250Fishing 94 
An Angler on Our Team+250Fishing 94 
The Great Angler Returns+250Fishing 94 
Meet the Cap'n+10Dread Wastes 84 
Mazu's Breath+10Dread Wastes 84