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The shadowy protectors of Pandaria's temples, the Shado-Pan are wrought with mystery.

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Reward from (127)Members (390)Items (16)Criteria of (11)Criteria of tree (13)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Surprise Attack!+1000Townlong Steppes9090 
Lord of the Shado-Pan+500Shado-Pan Monastery8987 
The Sha of Hatred+500Townlong Steppes8988 
The Path to Respect Lies in Violence+500Shado-Pan Monastery8987 
Remnants of Anger+500Townlong Steppes9090 
Work Order: Shado-Pan II+400Valley of the Four Winds9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Snow Blossom+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Yalia Sagewhisper+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Chao the Voice+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Lao-Chin the Iron Belly+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong+350Townlong Steppes9090 
The Challenger's Ring: Tenwu of the Red Smoke+350Townlong Steppes9090 
UNUSED+250Townlong Steppes8988 
Raising Spirits+250Townlong Steppes8988 
The Mogu Menace+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Spiteful Sprites+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Egg Rescue!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Onyx Hearts+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Dark Arts+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Bronze Claws+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Illusions Of The Past+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Little Hatchlings+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Born Free+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Grave Consequences+250Townlong Steppes9090 
In Sprite Of Everything+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Riding the Storm+250Townlong Steppes9090 
When The Dead Speak+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Mogu Menace+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Mogu Menace+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Through the Portal+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Assault Fire Camp Gai-Cho+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Assault Deadtalker's Plateau+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Spirit Dust+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Uruk!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Deadtalker Cipher+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Cheng Bo!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Sra'vess Wetwork+250Townlong Steppes9090 
The Bigger They Come...+250Townlong Steppes9090 
A Morale Victory+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Destroy the Siege Weapons!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Fumigation+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Friends, Not Food!+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Swarmlord+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Hivelord+250Townlong Steppes9090 
Unmasking the Yaungol+100Kun-Lai Summit8787 
Unbelievable!+100Kun-Lai Summit8887 
First Assault+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Seeing Red+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Jung Duk+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Last Toll of the Yaungol+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Point of No Return+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Restless Watch+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Endless Swarm+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Improvised Ammunition+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Terror of the Dread Wastes+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Motives of the Mantid+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Niuzao's Price+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Terrible Truth+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Field Armorer+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Enraged By Hatred+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Up In Flames+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Taking of Dusklight Bridge+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Grounded Welcome+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Devastation Below+100Townlong Steppes8988 
Finish This!+100Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Thinning the Sik'thik+100Townlong Steppes8988 
The Defense of Shado-Pan Fallback+75Kun-Lai Summit8787 
Turnabout+75Kun-Lai Summit8787 
A Line Unbroken+75Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Honor, Even in Death+75Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Off the Wall!+75Kun-Lai Summit8887 
A Terrible Sacrifice+75Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Running Rampant+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Perfect Pitch+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Pitching In+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Ranger Rescue+75Townlong Steppes8988 
The Exile+75Townlong Steppes8988 
In Search of Suna+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Dust to Dust+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Slaying the Scavengers+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Totemic Research+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Spiteful Spirits+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Hatred Becomes Us+75Townlong Steppes8988 
A Foot in the Door+75Townlong Steppes8988 
What Lies Beneath+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Unwelcome Intruders+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Breach in the Defenses+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Trap Setting+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Treatment for the Troops+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Back on Their Feet+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Rummaging Through the Remains+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Thieves and Troublemakers+75Townlong Steppes8988 
In the Wrong Hands+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Cutting the Swarm+75Townlong Steppes8988 
In Skilled Hands+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Natural Antiseptic+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Set the Mantid Back+75Townlong Steppes8988 
The Wisdom of Niuzao+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Give Them Peace+75Townlong Steppes8988 
A Trail of Fear+75Townlong Steppes8988 
A Proper Poultice+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Taking Stock+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Hostile Skies+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Taoshi and Korvexxis+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Do a Barrel Roll!+75Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Choking the Skies+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Lao-Chin and Serevex+75Townlong Steppes8988 
Nurong and Rothek+75Townlong Steppes8988 
The Search for Restless Leng+75Townlong Steppes8988 
To Winter's Blossom+25Kun-Lai Summit8887 
To the Wall!+25Kun-Lai Summit8887 
My Husband...+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Gao-Ran Battlefront+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Behind the Battlefront+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Along the Southern Front+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Returning from the Pass+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Joining the Fight+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Joining the Hunt+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Heroes of the Shado-Pan+25Townlong Steppes8988 
Where are My Reinforcements?+25Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Lao-Chin's Gambit+25Kun-Lai Summit8887 
Into the Monastery+25Shado-Pan Monastery8887 
Into the Monastery+25Shado-Pan Monastery8887 
Buried Beneath+25Townlong Steppes8988 
The Cost of War+5The Jade Forest8685
Face to Face With Consequence+5The Jade Forest8685