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Wildhammer Clan
The Wildhammer dwarves are known for their near-reckless courage as well as their unsurpassed gryphon-riding skills. After losing their home of Grim Batol to a Dark Iron Curse, they've spread their dwellings around the Twilight Highlands.

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Reward from (60)Members (185)Items (14)Criteria of (5)Criteria of tree (7)
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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Skullcrusher the Mountain+500Twilight Highlands8584
Wild, Wild, Wildhammer Wedding+350Twilight Highlands8484 
Warlord Halthar is Back+350Twilight Highlands8484 
Roots'll Do 'Er+250Twilight Highlands8484 
While Meeting The Family+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Sifting Through The Wreckage+250Twilight Highlands8484
Finding Beak+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Anything But Water+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Once More Into The Fire+250Twilight Highlands8484 
A Steady Supply+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Home Again+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Doing It Like a Dunwald+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Fight Like a Wildhammer+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Never Leave a Dinner Behind+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Dragonmaw Takedown+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Welcome Relief+250Twilight Highlands8484 
The Only Homes We Have+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Small Comforts+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Stubborn as a Doyle+250Twilight Highlands8484 
The Fighting Spirit+250Twilight Highlands8484 
The Scent of Battle+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Death Worthy of a Dragonmaw+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Anything We Can Get+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Dropping the Hammer+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Tear Them From the Sky!+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Last Stand at Thundermar+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Find Fanny+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Ogre Bashin'+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Something Bold+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Something Brewed+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Something Stolen+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Something Stewed+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Fight Like a Wildhammer+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Never Leave a Dinner Behind+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Beer Run+250Twilight Highlands8484 
The Loyalty of Clan Mullan+150Twilight Highlands8484 
Eye Spy+75Twilight Highlands8484 
The Kirthaven Summit+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Words and Music By...+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Bird Down! Bird Down!+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Wings Over Highbank+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Firebeard's Patrol+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Dunwalds Don't Die+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Donnelly Dunwald+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Eoin Dunwald+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Cayden Dunwald+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Honorable Bearing+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Clan Mullan+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Firebeard Bellows+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Somethin' for the Boys+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Personal Request+25Twilight Highlands8484 
A Coward's Due+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Victors' Point+25Twilight Highlands8584
The Bachelor+25Twilight Highlands8484 
Rescue at Glopgut's Hollow+25Twilight Highlands8584 
The Bachelorette+25Twilight Highlands8484
Kurdran's Waitin'+25Twilight Highlands8484 
My Sister, Fanny+10Twilight Highlands8484