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The elemental plane of earth, Deepholm, is ruled by Therazane and her children, the Stone Lords. After witnessing the devastation Deathwing and his followers caused her realm, Therazane treats all outsiders with open hostility.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Loose Stones+7000Deepholm8381 
Hatred Runs Deep+7000Deepholm8381 
Unsolid Ground+7000Deepholm8381 
Violent Gale+7000Deepholm8381 
Depth of the Depths+7000Deepholm8381 
A Rock Amongst Many+7000Deepholm8381 
Rocky Relations+500Deepholm8381 
Making Things Crystal Clear+500Deepholm8381 
Putting the Pieces Together+500Deepholm8381 
Petrified Delicacies+500Deepholm8381 
Rock Bottom+500Deepholm8381 
Gone Soft+500Deepholm8381 
Wrath of the Fungalmancer+500Deepholm8381 
Shaken and Stirred+500Deepholm8381 
Corruption Destruction+500Deepholm8381 
Don't. Stop. Moving.+500Deepholm8381 
Hard Falls+500Deepholm8381 
Fragile Values+500Deepholm8381 
Resonating Blow+500Deepholm8381 
Audience with the Stonemother+500Deepholm8381 
The Stone March+500Deepholm8381 
The Twilight Flight+500Deepholm8381 
Therazane's Mercy+500Deepholm8381 
The Binding+500Deepholm8381 
Wayward Child+500The Stonecore8482 
Lingering Twilight+350Deepholm8381 
Glop, Son of Glop+350Deepholm8381 
The Restless Brood+350Deepholm8381 
So Big, So Round...+250Deepholm8381 
Steady Hand+250Deepholm8381 
Rocky Upheaval+250Deepholm8381 
Unnatural Causes+250Deepholm8381 
Lost In The Deeps+250Deepholm8381 
At the Stonemother's Call+250Deepholm8381 
Our Part of the Bargain+250Deepholm8381 
Fear of Boring+250Deepholm8381 
Underground Economy+250Deepholm8381 
Soft Rock+250Deepholm8381 
Fungal Fury+250Deepholm8381 
Through Persistence+250Deepholm8381 
Beneath the Surface+250Deepholm8381 
Controlling the Elements+250Enchanting8580 
The Stone Throne+150Deepholm8381