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Guardians of Hyjal
Faced with the impending devastation of Mount Hyjal, the most powerful members of the Cenarion Circle have joined forces with their Emerald Dragonflight allies to fend off Ragnaros' elemental hordes and the Twilight's Hammer.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Graduation Speech+500Mount Hyjal8180 
The Rest is History+500Firelands Invasion8585 
The Greater of Two Evils+350Mount Hyjal8180 
Aessina's Miracle+350Mount Hyjal8180 
The Return of Baron Geddon+350Mount Hyjal8180 
Grudge Match+350Mount Hyjal8180 
Magma Monarch+350Mount Hyjal8278 
Death to the Broodmother+350Mount Hyjal8278 
The Gatekeeper+350Mount Hyjal8278 
Forgemaster Pyrendius+350Mount Hyjal8180 
Slash and Burn+350Mount Hyjal8180 
Pressing the Advantage+350Mount Hyjal8180 
The Protectors of Hyjal+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Druids of the Talon+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Through the Gates of Hell+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Into the Depths+350Firelands Invasion8585 
The Shadow Wardens+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Strike at the Heart+350Firelands Invasion8585 
[DEPRECATED] Enlighten Us+350Firelands Invasion85255 
Filling the Moonwell+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Additional Armaments+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Calling the Ancients+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Strike at the Heart+350Firelands Invasion8585 
Trial By Fire+250Mount Hyjal8180 
In Bloom+250Mount Hyjal8180 
End of the Supply Line+250Mount Hyjal8180 
In the Rear With the Gear+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Harrying the Hunters+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Howling Mad+250Mount Hyjal8180
Goldrinn's Ferocity+250Mount Hyjal8180
Lycanthoth the Corruptor+250Mount Hyjal8180
Lycanthoth the Corruptor+250Mount Hyjal8180
Signed in Blood+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Cleaning House+250Mount Hyjal8180
Cleaning House+250Mount Hyjal8180
Walking the Dog+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Gather the Intelligence+250Mount Hyjal8180 
From the Mouth of Madness+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Elementary!+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Seeds of Discord+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Twilight Territory+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Speech Writing for Dummies+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Protect the World Tree+250Mount Hyjal8180 
War on the Twilight's Hammer+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Flamebreaker+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Gar'gol's Gotta Go+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Get Me Outta Here!+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Sweeping the Shelf+250Mount Hyjal8180
Lightning in a Bottle+250Mount Hyjal8180
Sweeping the Shelf+250Mount Hyjal8180
Lightning in a Bottle+250Mount Hyjal8180
Inciting the Elements+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Fighting Fire With ... Anything+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Disrupting the Rituals+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Save the Wee Animals+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Oh, Deer!+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Seeds of Their Demise+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Name Never Spoken+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Black Heart of Flame+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Name Never Spoken+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Earth Rises+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Bears Up There+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Flameseer's Staff+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Smashing Through Ashes+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Durable Seeds+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Firebreak+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Fresh Bait+250Mount Hyjal8180 
A Champion's Collar+250Mount Hyjal8178 
Agility Training: Run Like Hell!+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Prepping the Soil+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Hell's Shells+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Physical Training: Forced Labor+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Breaking the Bonds+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Children of Tortolla+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Flight in the Firelands+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Wave One+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Twilight Riot+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Wave Two+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Might of the Firelord+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Sanctum of the Prophets+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Firelord+250Mount Hyjal8278 
Brood of Evil+250Mount Hyjal8278 
Secrets of the Flame+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Egg Wave+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Flames from Above+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Forged of Shadow and Flame+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Rage of the Wolf Ancient+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Crushing the Cores+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Return to Nordrassil+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Cindermaul, the Portal Master+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Twilight Egg+250Mount Hyjal8278 
The Wormwing Problem+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Scrambling for Eggs+250Mount Hyjal8180 
A Prayer and a Wing+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Sethria's Brood+250Mount Hyjal8180 
A Gap in Their Armor+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Disassembly+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Egg Hunt+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Sethria's Demise+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Firefight+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Lost Wardens+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Breakthrough+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Hyjal Recycling Program+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Hammer and the Key+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Time for Mercy has Passed+250Mount Hyjal8180 
The Strength of Tortolla+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Finish Nemesis+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Echoes of Nemesis+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Rage Against the Flames+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Power of Malorne+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Rage Against the Flames+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Breach in the Defenses+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Burn Victims+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Aggressive Growth+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Harder They Fall+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Traitors Return+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Wisp Away+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Wings Aflame+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Rage Against the Flames+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Pyrorachnophobia+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Egg-stinction+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Nature's Blessing+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Rage Against the Flames+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Call of the Pack+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Supplies for the Other Side+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Vigilance on Wings+250Mount Hyjal8180 
Hostile Elements+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Wicked Webs+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Wardens are Watching+250Firelands Invasion8585 
A Ritual of Flame+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Caught Unawares+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Sanctuary Must Not Fall+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Calling for Reinforcements+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Leyara+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Forlorn Spire+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Into the Fire+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Enduring the Heat+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Solar Core Destruction+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Relieving the Pain+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Treating the Wounds+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Releasing the Pressure+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Little Lasher+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Embergris+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Steal Magmolias+250Firelands Invasion8585 
A Bitter Pill+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Flamewakers of the Molten Flow+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Fire Flowers+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Need... Water... Badly...+250Firelands Invasion8585 
How Hot+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Hounds of Shannox+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Fandral's Methods+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Flame Spider Queen+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Living Obsidium+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Peaked Interest+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Starting Young+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Mother's Malice+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Fire in the Skies+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Singed Wings+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Animate Embers+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Bigger They Are+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Territorial Birds+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Bye Bye Burdy+250Firelands Invasion8585 
Some Like It Hot+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Dogs of War+250Firelands Invasion8585 
The Fallen Guardian+250Mount Hyjal8585 
As Hyjal Burns+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Twilight Captivity+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Fiery Inscriptions+150Mount Hyjal8178 
Through the Dream+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Waste of Flesh+150Mount Hyjal8180 
If You're Not Against Us...+150Mount Hyjal8180 
A New Master+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Return to Alysra+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Commander Jarod Shadowsong+150Mount Hyjal8180 
A Bird in Hand+150Mount Hyjal8180 
Punting Season+150Firelands Invasion8585 
Between the Trees+150Firelands Invasion8585 
Call the Flock+150Firelands Invasion8585 
Those Bears Up There+150Firelands Invasion8585 
Perfecting Your Howl+150Firelands Invasion8585 
Your New Identity+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Twilight Training+75Mount Hyjal8180 
The Eye of Twilight+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Mastering Puppets+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Return to Duskwhisper+75Mount Hyjal8180 
The Defector+75Mount Hyjal8178 
The Captured Scout+75Mount Hyjal8180 
A Prisoner of Interest+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Emerald Allies+75Mount Hyjal8180 
The Return of the Ancients+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Head of the Class+75Mount Hyjal8180 
An Offering for Aviana+75Mount Hyjal8180 
Aviana's Legacy+75Mount Hyjal8180 
The Mysterious Seed+75Firelands Invasion8585 
Planting Season+75Firelands Invasion8585 
A Smoke-Stained Locket+75Firelands Invasion8585 
Unlocking the Secrets Within+75Firelands Invasion8585 
The Tipping Point+75Firelands Invasion8585 
Return from the Firelands+25Mount Hyjal8180
Return from the Firelands+25Mount Hyjal8180
Into the Maw!+25Mount Hyjal8180
Into the Maw!+25Mount Hyjal8180
Into the Maw!+25Mount Hyjal8180
Into the Maw!+25Mount Hyjal8180
The Fires of Mount Hyjal+25Mount Hyjal8180 
Flight of the Storm Crows+25Firelands Invasion8585 
The Warden's Charge+25Firelands Invasion8585 
Into the Fiery Depths+25Firelands Invasion8585 
The Hunt Begins+25Firelands Invasion8585 
A Lieutenant of Flame+25Firelands Invasion8585 
Bound for Warmer Weather+25Firelands Invasion8585 
Nourishing Waters+25Firelands Invasion8585 
Well Armed+25Firelands Invasion8585 
Aid of the Ancients+25Firelands Invasion8585 
The Voice of Goldrinn+10Mount Hyjal8180
The Voice of Lo'Gosh+10Mount Hyjal8180
The Shrine Reclaimed+10Mount Hyjal8180
The Shrine Reclaimed+10Mount Hyjal8180
An Ancient Awakens+10Mount Hyjal8180 
The Ancients are With Us+10Mount Hyjal8180 
A Plea From Beyond+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Fact-Finding Mission+10Mount Hyjal8180 
The Codex of Shadows+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Return to the Shrine+10Mount Hyjal8180 
An Ancient Reborn+10Mount Hyjal8180 
The Hatchery Must Burn+10Mount Hyjal8178 
Lo'Gosh is Ready for Battle+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Goldrinn's Message to Ysera+10Mount Hyjal8180 
The Last Living Lorekeeper+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Hamuul's Message to Ysera+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Return to Aviana+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Aviana's Message to Ysera+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Tortolla's Revenge+10Mount Hyjal8180 
The Third Flamegate+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Tortolla's Triumph+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Last Stand at Whistling Grove+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Wings Over Mount Hyjal+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal!+10Orgrimmar8080
Good News... and Bad News+10Mount Hyjal8180 
Opening the Door+10Firelands Invasion8585 
To the Sanctuary!+10Firelands Invasion8585 
The Fate of Runetotem+10Firelands Invasion8585 
Tragedy and Family0Firelands Invasion8585