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Bilgewater Cartel
Run by the ruthless Trade Prince Gallywix, the Bilgewater Cartel is the most powerful trading company on the Isle of Kezan. From their headquarters at Bilgewater Port, the cartel dominates trade all over the South Seas.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Shore Leave+500Azshara1712 
Final Confrontation (Goblin)+500The Lost Isles101
Spread the Word+500Thousand Needles4538
Read the Manual+350Northern Barrens1614
Life Savings (Goblin)+350Kezan51
Warchief's Revenge (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles71
Profitability Scouting+350Azshara1310 
The Biggest Egg Ever (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles81
A Goblin in Shark's Clothing (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles81
Surrender or Else! (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles81
Body And Soul (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles121
Body And Soul (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles121
Volcanoth! (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles91
The Pride of Kezan (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles91
The Fastest Way to His Heart (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles111
What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway? (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles111
She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT! (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles111
What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway? (Goblin)+350The Lost Isles111
Message for Saurfang (Goblin)+350Orgrimmar111
Two-Tusk Takedown+350Thousand Needles4238
Go Blow that Horn+350Thousand Needles4238
There's Somebody Out There Who Wants It+350The Cape of Stranglethorn3029
Recipe for Disaster+350The Cape of Stranglethorn3229
Fire in the Hole!+350Felwood4947 
Twilight Scheming (Goblin)+350Blackrock Depths5050
Everything But the Kitchen Sink+350Twilight Highlands8484 
Krazz Works!+350Twilight Highlands8484 
Goblin Escape Pods (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Get Our Stuff Back! (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Monkey Business (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Miner Troubles (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Capturing the Unknown (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Good Help is Hard to Find (Goblin)+250Kezan11
Do it Yourself (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Rolling with my Homies (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Trouble in the Mines (Goblin)+250Kezan11
The New You (Goblin)+250Kezan31
The New You (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Life of the Party (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Pirate Party Crashers (Goblin)+250Kezan41
Robbing Hoods (Goblin)+250Kezan41
The Great Bank Heist (Goblin)+250Kezan41
Waltz Right In (Goblin)+250Kezan41
Liberate the Kaja'mite (Goblin)+250Kezan41
447 (Goblin)+250Kezan51
Runaway Shredder!+250Azshara119 
The Captain's Logs+250Azshara119 
Up a Tree+250Azshara119 
Defend the Gates!+250Azshara119 
Life of the Party (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Basilisk Bashin'+250Azshara119 
Stone Cold+250Azshara119 
The Perfect Prism+250Azshara119 
A Quota to Meet+250Azshara119 
Survey the Lakeshore+250Azshara1210 
Weed Whacker (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Infrared = Infradead (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles71
Get to the Gyrochoppa! (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles71
Mortar the Point+250Azshara1210 
Ice Cold+250Azshara1915
When Science Attacks+250Azshara1311 
Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped+250Azshara1311 
Bad Science! Bad!+250Azshara1311 
Mysterious Azsharite+250Azshara1311 
A Gigantic Snack+250Azshara1311 
Befriending Giants+250Azshara1311 
The Terrible Tinkers of the Ruined Reaches+250Azshara1411 
Azsharite Experiment Number One+250Azshara1411 
Azsharite Experiment Number Two+250Azshara1411 
Military Breakthrough+250Azshara1310 
First Degree Mortar+250Azshara1310 
In The Face!+250Azshara1310 
It's Our Problem Now (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Goblin Escape Pods (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles61
Rigged to Blow+250Azshara2018 
Head of the Snake+250Azshara1712 
Ticker Required+250Azshara1712 
Handling the Goods+250Azshara1712 
Still Beating Heart+250Azshara1712 
Blacken the Skies+250Azshara2018 
Mop Up+250Azshara1612 
Halo Drops+250Azshara1612 
First Come, First Served+250Azshara1612 
Field Promotion+250Azshara1712 
The Replacements (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Necessary Roughness (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Fourth and Goal (Goblin)+250Kezan31
Cluster Cluck (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles71
Trading Up (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Who's Top of the Food Chain Now? (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Bilgewater Cartel Represent (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Naga Hide (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Profitable Preservation+250The Lost Isles81 
Irresistible Pool Pony (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Seaside Salvage+250Tanaris4543 
Rocket Rescue+250Tanaris4543 
Free the Captives (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
To The Ground!+250Tanaris4644
Send a Message (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Three Little Pygmies (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Rockin' Powder (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Booty Duty+250Tanaris4644
Children of a Turtle God (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles81
Get The Centipaarty Started+250Tanaris4845 
Maul 'Em With Kindness+250Tanaris4845 
Repel the Paratroopers (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
The Heads of the SI:7 (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Kaja'Cola Gives You IDEAS! (TM) (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Morale Boost (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Throw It On the Ground! (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Brute Brutality (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles91
Exploiting the Situation+250Durotar74 
Shipwreck Searching+250Durotar74
Shredder Shutdown (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
The Ultimate Footbomb Uniform (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Release the Valves (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Good-bye, Sweet Oil (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Escape Velocity (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles101
Oil Change (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles121
Southseas Scum (Goblin)+250The Lost Isles121
Down in the Deeps+250Thousand Needles4038
Bar Fight!+250Thousand Needles4038
In the Outhouse+250Thousand Needles4038
Pirate Accuracy Increasing+250Thousand Needles4038
Going Off-Task+250Tanaris4644
Filling Our Pockets+250Tanaris4644 
Circle the Wagons... er, Boats+250Thousand Needles4038
Circle the Wagons... er, Boats+250Thousand Needles4038
Quiet the Cannons+250Thousand Needles4138
A Little Payback+250Thousand Needles4138
Where's Synge?+250Thousand Needles4138
Sunken Treasure+250Thousand Needles4138
The Charred Granite of the Dark Portal+250Blasted Lands5654
The Vile Blood of Demons+250Blasted Lands5654
Get Koalbeard!+250Thousand Needles4138
Fool's Gold+250Thousand Needles4238
Back to Riznek+250Thousand Needles4138
Eminent Domain+250Thousand Needles4138
Defend the Drill+250Thousand Needles4138
Environmental Awareness+250Abyssal Depths8180
When in Vashj'ir...+250Abyssal Depths8180
The Perfect Fuel+250Abyssal Depths8180
Pupellyverbos Port+250The Hinterlands3129
Smoot's Samophlange+250Azshara8484 
The Mosh'Ogg Bounty+250Northern Stranglethorn2826
The Universal Key+250Northern Stranglethorn2826
Venture Company Mining+250Northern Stranglethorn2826
Above My Pay Grade+250Northern Stranglethorn3029
The Mosh'Ogg Bounty+250Northern Stranglethorn2826
The Holy Water of Clarity+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3026
Primal Reagents of Power+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3026
If They're Just Going to Leave Them Lying Around...+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3029
Akiris by the Bundle+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3029
It's You!! (Goblin)+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3029
Zanzil's Secret+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3129
The Holy Water of Clarity+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3026
Diffractory Chromascope+250The Cape of Stranglethorn3026
Shells on the Sea Shore+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Blast Him!+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Mo' Better Shredder+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Precious Goods+250Twilight Highlands8584
Easy Pickings+250Twilight Highlands8584
If The Key Fits+250Twilight Highlands8584 
Paving the Way+250Twilight Highlands8584
It's Time to Oil Up+250Felwood4947 
A Flare Fight+250Felwood4947 
Turn It Off! Turn It Off!+250Felwood4947 
Slap and Cap+250Felwood4947 
Is Your Oil Running?+250Felwood4947 
A Bomb Deal+250Felwood4947 
Take it to the Tree+250Felwood4947 
Fourth and Goal (Goblin, Blood Elf)+250Kezan31
Quality Construction+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Polished+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Pool Pony Rescue+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Wildhammer Infestation+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Off The Wall+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Parting Packages+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Of Utmost Importance+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Highbank, Crybank+250Twilight Highlands8484 
Samophlange+250Northern Barrens1614
Nugget Slugs+250Northern Barrens1614
Gunk in the Trunk+150Azshara1210 
Need More Science+150Azshara1311 
There Are Many Like It+150Azshara1612 
A Hello to Arms+150Azshara1513 
Let's See What You've Got, Zanzil+150The Cape of Stranglethorn3129
Samophlange+150Northern Barrens1614
Samophlange+150Northern Barrens1614
Steady Shot (Goblin)+75Hunter32
Frost Nova (Goblin)+75Mage32
Learning the Word (Goblin)+75Priest32
Eviscerate (Goblin)+75Rogue32
Primal Strike (Goblin)+75Shaman32
Corruption (Goblin)+75Warlock32
Charge (Orc, Goblin)+75Warrior32
Precious Cargo (Goblin)+75The Lost Isles71
Azshara Blues+75Azshara1715 
Another Warm Body+75Azshara1310 
Operation Fishgut+75Azshara1612 
Private Chat+75Azshara1310 
Rapid Deployment+75Azshara1612 
Airborne Again+75Azshara2018 
The Gallywix Labor Mine (Goblin)+75The Lost Isles91
Enhancing the Stone+75Blasted Lands5654
Raging River Ride+75Northern Barrens1614
Patchwork Command+75Twilight Highlands8584
Krazzworks+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Reprisal+75Twilight Highlands8484 
Samophlange+75Northern Barrens1614
Wenikee Boltbucket+75Northern Barrens1614
Report to Horzak+25Azshara119 
Light at the End of the Tunnel (Goblin)+25The Lost Isles91
Victory! (Goblin)+25The Lost Isles111
Warchief's Emissary (Goblin)+25Durotar111
Two If By Boat+25Thousand Needles4038
Do Me a Favor?+25Thousand Needles4038
Time is Short+25Blasted Lands5654
Negotiations+25Thousand Needles4138
Deliver the Goods+25Thousand Needles4238
Off to the Bank (Goblin)+25Kezan31
Off to the Bank (Goblin)+25Kezan31
The Uninvited Guest (Goblin)+10Kezan41
A Bazillion Macaroons?! (Goblin)+10Kezan41
Taking Care of Business (Goblin)+10Kezan11
Orcs Can Write? (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
The Enemy of My Enemy (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
The Vicious Vale (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
Forward Movement (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Don't Go Into the Light!+10The Lost Isles61
To the Cliffs (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Up, Up & Away! (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
It's a Town-In-A-Box (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Help Wanted (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles61
Back to Aggra (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Meet Me Up Top (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Farewell, For Now (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Where's My Head?+10Azshara2018 
Give Sassy the News (Goblin)+10Kezan31
Report for Tryouts (Goblin)+10Kezan31
Report for Tryouts (Goblin)+10Kezan31
Invasion Imminent! (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Get Back to Town (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Oomlot Village (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Oomlot Dealt With (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Up the Volcano (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Rocket Boot Boost (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles81
Old Friends (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
The Warchief Wants You (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
Borrow Bastia (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
Let's Ride (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
Wild Mine Cart Ride (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles91
The Slave Pits (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles101
Report to the Labor Captain (Goblin)+10Azshara111
Kaja'Cola (Goblin)+10Kezan21
Ready the Air Force+10Azshara8484 
Pre-Flight Checklist+10Azshara8484 
Mixmaster Jasper+10The Cape of Stranglethorn3129
Chabal+10The Cape of Stranglethorn3129
Hobart Needs You (Goblin)+10The Lost Isles71
Tanaris is Calling+10Tanaris4343
Meet with Brother Silverhallow (Goblin)+10Orgrimmar5050
Megs in Marketing (Goblin)+10Kezan31
Warchief's Command: Azshara!+10Azshara109
Warchief's Command: Tanaris!+10Tanaris4544
Warchief's Command: The Cape of Stranglethorn!+10The Cape of Stranglethorn3029