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Warsong Offensive
Garrosh Hellscream commands the Horde's main expeditionary forces as they make their way into Northrend to face Arthas and the armies of the Scourge.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
The Plains of Nasam+500Borean Tundra7168
Foolish Endeavors+500Borean Tundra7168
Hellscream's Champion+500Borean Tundra7168
Sarathstra, Scourge of the North+500Dragonblight7571
The Translated Tome+500Dragonblight7371
Ursoc, the Bear God+500Grizzly Hills7572
The Conquest Pit: Final Showdown+500Grizzly Hills7573
Return To Angrathar+500Dragonblight7471
Darkness Stirs+500Dragonblight7471
The Battle For The Undercity+500Undercity7471
Tirion's Gambit+500Icecrown8077
Tirion's Gambit+500Icecrown8077
The Path to the Citadel+500Pit of Saron8078
Echoes of Tortured Souls+500The Forge of Souls8078
Deliverance from the Pit+500Pit of Saron8078
Wrath of the Lich King+500Halls of Reflection8078
We Strike!+350Borean Tundra7268
Return My Remains+350Borean Tundra7169
Escaping the Mist+350Borean Tundra7168
Wanted: Magister Keldonus+350Dragonblight7471
Wanted: Dreadtalon+350Dragonblight7471
In Service of the Unholy+350Dragonblight7371
A Possible Link+350Grizzly Hills7472
Changing the Wind's Course+350The Storm Peaks8077
Forging the Keystone+350The Storm Peaks8077
The Honored Dead+250Borean Tundra7168
Put Them to Rest+250Borean Tundra7168
Taking Back Mightstone Quarry+250Borean Tundra7168
Cutting Off the Source+250Borean Tundra7168
Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need+250Borean Tundra7168
Bury Those Cockroaches!+250Borean Tundra7168
Taken by the Scourge+250Borean Tundra7168
What the Cold Wind Brings...+250Borean Tundra7168
Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit+250Borean Tundra7169
Kaganishu+250Borean Tundra7269
Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig+250Borean Tundra7168
Super Strong Metal Plates!+250Borean Tundra7168
Merciful Freedom+250Borean Tundra7168
The Warsong Farms+250Borean Tundra7168
Damned Filthy Swine+250Borean Tundra7168
Bring 'Em Back Alive+250Borean Tundra7168
Vermin Extermination+250Borean Tundra7168
The Wondrous Bloodspore+250Borean Tundra7168
Pollen from the Source+250Borean Tundra7168
Gammothra the Tormentor+250Borean Tundra7168
Massive Moth Omelet?+250Borean Tundra7168
Across Transborea+250Borean Tundra7271
Into the Fold+250Dragonblight7271
Pride of the Horde+250Dragonblight7271
From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub+250Dragonblight7271
Black Blood of Yogg-Saron+250Dragonblight7271
Scourge Armaments+250Dragonblight7271
The Might of the Horde+250Dragonblight7271
Marked for Death: High Cultist Zangus+250Dragonblight7271
The Flesh-Bound Tome+250Dragonblight7271
Blightbeasts be Damned!+250Dragonblight7271
Pounding the Iron+250Grizzly Hills7573
A Letter for Home+250Dragonblight7271
Containing the Rot+250Dragonblight7271
In Search of the Ruby Lilac+250Dragonblight7371
Where the Wild Things Roam+250Dragonblight7371
In Service of Blood+250Dragonblight7371
In Service of Frost+250Dragonblight7371
The Power to Destroy+250Dragonblight7371
All Hail Roanauk!+250Dragonblight7371
Pest Control+250Dragonblight7372
Canyon Chase+250Dragonblight7372
Vordrassil's Fall+250Grizzly Hills7472
The Darkness Beneath+250Grizzly Hills7472
A Dark Influence+250Grizzly Hills7473
Destroy the Sapling+250Grizzly Hills7572
Vordrassil's Seeds+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Flamebinders' Secrets+250Grizzly Hills7473
A Show of Strength+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Thane of Voldrune+250Grizzly Hills7473
Shred the Alliance+250Grizzly Hills7473
Making Repairs+250Grizzly Hills7473
Keep 'Em on Their Heels+250Grizzly Hills7473
Overwhelmed!+250Grizzly Hills7473
Attack on Silverbrook+250Grizzly Hills7473
Supplemental Income+250Grizzly Hills7473
Ancient Relics+250The Storm Peaks7877
The Missing Bronzebeard+250The Storm Peaks8077
Speaking with the Wind's Voice+250The Storm Peaks8077
Emergency Measures+250The Storm Peaks7977
The Witness and the Hero+250The Storm Peaks8077
Memories of Stormhoof+250The Storm Peaks8077
Distortions in Time+250The Storm Peaks8077
Where Time Went Wrong+250The Storm Peaks8077
There's Always Time for Revenge+250The Storm Peaks8077
Herald of War+250Borean Tundra7471
King of the Mountain+250Icecrown8077
Assault by Ground+250Icecrown8077
Assault by Air+250Icecrown8077
Blinding the Eyes in the Sky+250Icecrown8077
Blood of the Chosen+250Icecrown8077
Keeping the Alliance Blind+250Icecrown8077
Cradle of the Frostbrood+250Icecrown8077
Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free+150Borean Tundra7168
Trophies of Gammoth+150Borean Tundra7168
Blood Oath of the Horde+150Dragonblight7271
Agmar's Hammer+150Dragonblight7271
Message from the West+150Dragonblight7271
The Bear God's Offspring+150Grizzly Hills7572
Children of Ursoc+150Grizzly Hills7573
Eyes Above+150Grizzly Hills7473
Mikhail's Journal+75Grizzly Hills7473
Gorgonna+75Grizzly Hills7473
The Missing Tracker+75The Storm Peaks8077
Northern Cooking+75Cooking 65
Untold Truths+25Borean Tundra7168
Nerub'ar Secrets+25Borean Tundra7168
Message to Hellscream+25Borean Tundra7168
Reinforcements Incoming...+25Borean Tundra7168
Tanks a lot...+25Borean Tundra7168
The Kor'kron Vanguard!+25Dragonblight7371
Tactical Clemency+25Grizzly Hills7473
DEPRECATED+25Grizzly Hills7572 
Gem Perfection+25Jewelcrafting 65
Orgrim's Hammer+25Icecrown7977
Joining the Assault+25Icecrown8077
Preparations for War+25Icecrown8077
Inside the Frozen Citadel+25The Forge of Souls8078
Hellscream's Vigil+10Borean Tundra7168
Hellscream's Vigil+10Borean Tundra7168
The Defense of Warsong Hold+10Borean Tundra7168
The Defense of Warsong Hold+10Borean Tundra7168
The Defense of Warsong Hold+10Borean Tundra7168
Return to the Spirit Talker+10Borean Tundra7169
Vision of Air+10Borean Tundra7169
Wind Master To'bor+10Borean Tundra7168
Magic Carpet Ride+10Borean Tundra7168
Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself+10Borean Tundra7168
Get to Getry+10Borean Tundra7168
Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge+10Borean Tundra7168
A Suitable Test Subject+10Borean Tundra7168
The Invasion of Gammoth+10Borean Tundra7168
The Fall of Taunka'le Village+10Borean Tundra7271
A Tauren Among Taunka+10Dragonblight7271
The Taunka and the Tauren+10Dragonblight7271
Victory Nears...+10Dragonblight7271
Attack by Air! +10Dragonblight7271
To Dragon's Fall+10Dragonblight7571
The Good Doctor...+10Dragonblight7271
Return to Soar+10Dragonblight7371
Koltira and the Language of Death+10Dragonblight7271
To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly!+10Borean Tundra7169
To Conquest Hold, But Be Careful!+10Grizzly Hills7473
Audience With The Dragon Queen+10Dragonblight7471
Speak with your Ambassador+10Dragonblight7271
The Nose Knows+10The Storm Peaks8077
Speak Orcish, Man!+10The Storm Peaks8077
A Life Without Regret+10Orgrimmar7471
Get to Ymirheim!+10Icecrown8077
Xarantaur, the Witness+10The Storm Peaks8077
Warchief's Command: Northrend!+10Borean Tundra7068
Warchief's Command: Grizzly Hills+10Grizzly Hills7473
Report to Steeljaw's Caravan0Borean Tundra7168
The Hero's Arms0The Storm Peaks8077