Players: 3511 (Record: 6211)
Uptime: 2h, 34m, 16s
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Members (190)
Theramore Marine15 - 16A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 7
Theramore Preserver16 - 17A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.11.1 5
Cannoneer Smythe30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens1.11.1 2
Cannoneer Whessan29A HHumanoid 1.11.1 0
<Gryphon Master>
100A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Morgan Stern36A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Theramore Infiltrator35 - 36A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 23
Gregor MacVince
<Horse Breeder>
35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Hans Weston
<Armorer & Weaponsmith>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Marie Holdston
<Blacksmithing Trainer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Piter Verance
<Weaponsmith & Armorer>
41A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Dwane Wertle
28A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Jensen Farran
<Hunter Trainer & Bowyer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Bartender Lillian
45A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Craig Nollward
<Cooking Trainer>
32A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Smiling Jim35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Charity Mipsy
<General Goods & Reagents>
35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Helenia Olden
<Trade Supplies>
34A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Brant Jasperbloom
<Herbalism Trainer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Uma Bartulm
<Herbalism & Alchemy Supplies>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Alchemist Narett
<Alchemy Trainer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Sara Pierce2A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Mikal Pierce38A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Byron40A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Combat Master Criton55A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Captain Garran Vimes50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Adjutant Tesoran35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Spot35A HBeastDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Theramore Practicing Guard50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 2
Theramore Archery Target 11A HMechanicalNorthern Barrens1.12.1 2
Commander Samaul40A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Pained45A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Private Hendel35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Archmage Tervosh38A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Lady Jaina Proudmoore
<Ruler of Theramore>
88A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Lasiter50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Theramore Archery Target 21A HMechanical 1.12.1 0
Theramore Guard45A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 31
Paymaster Lendry
20A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Sentry Point Guard32 - 33A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 14
Combat Master Szigeti55A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Kahil50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Lana50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Narrisha50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Guard Tark50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Captain Andrews
<Red Team Captain>
53A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Captain Thomas
<Blue Team Captain>
53A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Theramore Sentry35 - 36A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 23
Medic Tamberlyn51A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Medic Helaina51A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Innkeeper Janene
30A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Amie Pierce30A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Captain Evencane
<Warrior Trainer>
45A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Timothy Worthington
<Tailoring Trainer>
51A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Decedra Willham45A HHumanoid 1.11.1 0
Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen
<First Aid Trainer>
48A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Dahne Pierce5A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh1.11.1 1
Deserter Agitator35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 17
Captain Averen38A HHumanoid 2.3.0 0
Cassa Crimsonwing
<Apprentice Gryphon Master>
40A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Theramore Prisoner35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 7
Sergeant Amelyn53 - 57A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Babs Fizzletorque35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
"Dirty" Michael Crowe
<Fishing Trainer & Supplies>
36A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Major Mills50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Lieutenant Nath52A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Lieutenant Khand52A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Lieutenant Aden52A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Siege Worker30A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 6
Foreman Tionn35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 1
Mill Courier30A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.3.0 2
<Portal Trainer>
50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.4.2 1
Horace Alder
<Mage Trainer>
50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.4.2 1
Theramore Sharpshooter14 - 15A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 6
Theramore Deck Hand14A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.1 16
Rear Admiral Hartley
<Northwatch Expeditionary Unit>
17A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Lieutenant Pyre
<Northwatch Expeditionary Unit>
16A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Lieutenant Buckland
<Northwatch Expeditionary Unit>
16A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Honor's Stand Sharpshooter14 - 15A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 24
Captain Grunwald
<Northwatch Expeditionary Unit>
19A HHumanoidAzshara4.0.1 1
Northwatch Bodyguard22A HHumanoidAzshara4.0.1 3
Captain Peake31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Honor's Stand Footman30 - 31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 23
Henry Zykes31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Honor's Stand Guard40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 35
Lady Jaina Proudmoore??A HBoss 3.3.0 0
Honor's Stand Officer30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 4
Northwatch Recon32 - 33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 32
Triumph Vanguard33 - 34A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 38
Barrens Operative
<SI:7 Field Agent>
33 - 34A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 10
Triumph Captain34A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 5
Triumph War Gryphon34 - 35A HBeastSouthern Barrens4.0.3 6
General Hawthorne35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Northwatch Siege Engineer31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 12
Commander Walpole33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Commander Singleton35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Janice Mattingly
<Supply Officer>
33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Lieutenant Worley33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Nibb Spindlegear31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Walpole's Bodyguard38A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 2
Admiral Aubrey35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Thomas Paxton33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Jeffrey Long29A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Captain Fisher
<Master of the Blackpool>
33A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Dockmaster Lewis31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Northwatch Defender30 - 31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 9
Northwatch Dockworker28 - 29A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 13
Northwatch Guard40A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.1 64
Blackpool Crewman30A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens4.0.3 6
Nathan Blaine
<Signal Officer>
29A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Killick29A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Norbin27A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Tolliver Houndstooth32A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Corporal Teegan33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Hannah Bridgewater32A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Mangled Body29A HHumanoid 4.0.3 0
Ambassador Gaines32A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Sam Trawley33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Northwatch Rifleman32A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 11
Siege Tank Engineer30 - 31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 6
Karl30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Shaina31A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Commander Roberts35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Mizzy Pistonhammer33A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Barton Trask30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
General Hawthorne35A HHumanoid 4.0.3 0
Mizzy's Apprentice32A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 3
Peasant Laborer28A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 12
Triumph Sentry40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 15
Theramore Highway Guard38 - 39A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.0.1 47
Triumph Rifleman33 - 34A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 6
Clarice Hawthorne
<The General's Widow>
31A HHumanoid 4.0.3 0
Twinbraid's Bodyguard40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 8
John Johnson
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Steve Stevenson
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Bill Williamson
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Northwatch Lug1A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 11
Northwatch Lug1A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 15
Northwatch Supply Crate1A HUnspecifiedDurotar4.0.3 13
Northwatch Infantryman
<Northwatch Expeditionary Force>
5 - 6A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 12
Northwatch Ranger
<Northwatch Expeditionary Force>
5 - 6A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 9
Northwatch Marine
<Northwatch Expeditionary Force>
6 - 7A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 15
Northwatch Sharpshooter
<Northwatch Expeditionary Force>
6 - 7A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 15
Lieutenant Palliter
<Northwatch Expeditionary Force>
8A HHumanoidDurotar4.0.3 1
Horton Gimbleheart30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Northwatch Captain Kosak29A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Force Commander Valen30A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Steeltoe McGee
28A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Lieutenant Paulson29A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Corporal Wocard27A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
25A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Northwatch Infantry26 - 27A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 27
Northwatch Encroacher25 - 26A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 23
Marshal Paltrow27A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.0.3 1
Logistics Officer Renaldo
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Logistics Officer Salista
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Keep Watcher Kerry
40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Gary Henton
<Weapon Vendor>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
<Blacksmithing Supplies>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Serena Arclight
<Engineering Supplies>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
<Mail Armor>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Quartermaster Lawson
<General Goods>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Beathan Firebrew
<Alcohol Vendor>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Roger Sternbach
<Trade Goods>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Quartermaster Winfred
<General Goods>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Quartermaster Rutherford
<General Goods>
35A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Brandon Merriweather
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Werner Eastbrook
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.3 1
Carey Willis
<Stable Master>
30A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.1 1
Jake Badlands
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidBadlands4.0.3 1
Ginny Goodwin
<Flight Master>
100A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands4.0.3 1
Benjamin Henderson
<Food & Drink>
37A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands4.0.3 2
Alexis Torry
<Alchemy Supplies>
40A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands4.0.3 2
Foreman Milos
<Trade Supplies>
38A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands4.0.3 1
Northwatch Guard85A HHumanoid 4.0.6 0
Triumph Sentry110A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.6 1
Northwatch Guard90A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.6 2
Northwatch Guard90A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.0.6 1
Theramore Guard90A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.0.6 1
Allen Bright
<Priest Trainer>
45A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Redia Vaunt
<Warlock Trainer>
50A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Sansha MacVince
<Riding Trainer>
35A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
"Kobold" Kerik
<Mining Trainer & Supplies>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Lissah Spellwick
<Enchanting Trainer & Supplies>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Theoden Manners
<Inscription Trainer & Supplies>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Faena Woolybush
<Archaeology Trainer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Eustace Tanwell
<Leatherworking Trainer & Supplies>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Humbert Tanwell
<Skinning Trainer>
37A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh4.2.0 1
Lady Jaina Proudmoore
<Ruler of Theramore>
93A HHumanoid 5.0.5 0