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The Hand of Vengeance
The Forsaken tasked by Sylvanas Windrunner with enacting Undercity's vengeance against Arthas by delivering the latest strain of their deadly Plague.

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Reward from (53)Members (126)Criteria of (5)Criteria of tree (6)
QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Landing the Killing Blow+350Howling Fjord7168
The Ambush+350Howling Fjord7168
Bring Down Those Shields+350Howling Fjord7169
The Denouncement+350Dragonblight7371
Do Unto Others+350Dragonblight7371
Test at Sea+250Howling Fjord7168
Let Them Eat Crow+250Howling Fjord7168
Guide Our Sights+250Howling Fjord7168
War is Hell+250Howling Fjord7168
Green Eggs and Whelps+250Howling Fjord7168
Draconis Gastritis+250Howling Fjord7168
Baleheim Bodycount+250Howling Fjord7168
What's in That Brew?+250Howling Fjord7169
Brains! Brains! Brains!+250Howling Fjord7169
A Tailor-Made Formula+250Howling Fjord7168
Field Test+250Howling Fjord7168
And You Thought Murlocs Smelled Bad!+250Howling Fjord7169
The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die+250Dragonblight7271
Emerald Dragon Tears+250Dragonblight7271
Wanted: The Scarlet Onslaught+250Dragonblight7271
Materiel Plunder+250Dragonblight7271
Let Them Not Rise!+250Dragonblight7271
Fresh Remounts+250Dragonblight7271
Spread the Good Word+250Dragonblight7271
Stealing from the Siegesmiths+250Dragonblight7271
Bombard the Ballistae+250Dragonblight7271
Need to Know+250Dragonblight7271
The Spy in New Hearthglen+250Dragonblight7271
A Means to an End+250Dragonblight7271
Fire Upon the Waters+250Dragonblight7271
No Mercy for the Captured+250Dragonblight7271
Torture the Torturer+250Dragonblight7271
Without a Prayer+250Dragonblight7271
The Perfect Dissemblance+250Dragonblight7271
A Fall From Grace+250Dragonblight7371
The Truth Will Out+250Dragonblight7271
Funding the War Effort+250Dragonblight7271
Beachfront Property+250Dragonblight7271
Against Nifflevar+250Howling Fjord7168
Reports from the Field+150Howling Fjord7168
Apply Heat and Stir+150Howling Fjord7168
The Forsaken Blight+150Dragonblight7271
Report to Anselm+75Howling Fjord7168
The Rod of Compulsion+75Dragonblight7271
Northern Cooking+75Cooking 65
Imbeciles Abound!+25Dragonblight7271
Gem Perfection+25Jewelcrafting 65
New Agamand+10Howling Fjord7168
It's a Scourge Device+10Howling Fjord7169
Give it a Name+10Howling Fjord7271
To Venomspite!+10Dragonblight7271
Blighted Last Rites+10Dragonblight7271
The High Executor Needs You+10Dragonblight7473