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The Taunka
These hardy people are cousins of the Tauren and have become valuable scouts for the armies of the Horde as they march northward.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Return of the High Chief+500Dragonblight7371
Stop the Ascension!+350Howling Fjord7268
The Conqueror of Skorn!+350Howling Fjord7268
Necro Overlord Mezhen+350Howling Fjord7268
The Frost Wyrm and its Master+350Howling Fjord7268
Alpha Worg+350Howling Fjord7169
Demolishing Megalith+350Howling Fjord7269
The Slumbering King+350Howling Fjord7268
We Strike!+350Borean Tundra7268
Return with the Bad News+350Borean Tundra7168
The Collapse+350Borean Tundra7168
Breaking Through+350Borean Tundra7168
The Sub-Chieftains+350Borean Tundra7168
Defeat the Gearmaster+350Borean Tundra7268
Bringing Down the Iron Thane+350Grizzly Hills7573
Gruesome, But Necessary+250Howling Fjord7168
Burn Skorn, Burn!+250Howling Fjord7168
Towers of Certain Doom+250Howling Fjord7168
Dealing With Gjalerbron+250Howling Fjord7168
Of Keys and Cages+250Howling Fjord7168
Gjalerbron Attack Plans+250Howling Fjord7268
The Walking Dead+250Howling Fjord7168
Hasty Preparations+250Howling Fjord7169
The Artifacts of Steel Gate+250Howling Fjord7169
Rivenwood Captives+250Howling Fjord7270
Suppressing the Elements+250Howling Fjord7169
The Cleansing+250Howling Fjord7169
The Book of Runes+250Howling Fjord7169
Mastering the Runes+250Howling Fjord7169
The Rune of Command+250Howling Fjord7169
March of the Giants+250Howling Fjord7269
The Lodestone+250Howling Fjord7269
Sleeping Giants+250Howling Fjord7168
Shrouds of the Scourge+250Borean Tundra7268
The Bad Earth+250Borean Tundra7268
Blending In+250Borean Tundra7268
Words of Power+250Borean Tundra7268
A Courageous Strike+250Borean Tundra7268
Neutralizing the Cauldrons+250Borean Tundra7268
Shatter the Orbs!+250Borean Tundra7268
A Proper Death+250Borean Tundra7168
Stop the Plague+250Borean Tundra7168
Find Bristlehorn+250Borean Tundra7168
Fallen Necropolis+250Borean Tundra7168
Scouting the Sinkholes+250Borean Tundra7168
The Heart of the Elements+250Borean Tundra7168
The Doctor and the Lich-Lord+250Borean Tundra7268
The Horn of Elemental Fury+250Borean Tundra7168
What Are They Up To?+250Borean Tundra7168
The Power of the Elements+250Borean Tundra7168
Master the Storm+250Borean Tundra7168
Weakness to Lightning+250Borean Tundra7168
Souls of the Decursed+250Borean Tundra7168
Cleaning Up the Pools+250Borean Tundra7168
Across Transborea+250Borean Tundra7271
Into the Fold+250Dragonblight7271
The Damaged Journal+250Grizzly Hills7573
Deciphering the Journal+250Grizzly Hills7573
The Runic Prophecies+250Grizzly Hills7573
Chains of the Anub'ar+250Dragonblight7271
An Intriguing Plan+250Grizzly Hills7573
The Unexpected 'Guest'+250Grizzly Hills7573
From the Ground Up+250Grizzly Hills7573
We Have the Power+250Grizzly Hills7573
... Or Maybe We Don't+250Grizzly Hills7573
The Horse Hollerer+250Grizzly Hills7573
The Spire of Blood+150Borean Tundra7268
Blood Oath of the Horde+150Dragonblight7271
Strength of Icemist+150Dragonblight7271
Onward to Camp Oneqwah+25Grizzly Hills7473
Skorn Must Fall!+10Howling Fjord7168
Find Sage Mistwalker+10Howling Fjord7169
Camp Winterhoof+10Howling Fjord7068
Report to Steeljaw's Caravan+10Borean Tundra7168
Sage Highmesa is Missing+10Borean Tundra7168
Ride to Taunka'le Village+10Borean Tundra7168
The Fall of Taunka'le Village+10Borean Tundra7271
A Tauren Among Taunka+10Dragonblight7271
The Taunka and the Tauren+10Dragonblight7271
Help for Camp Winterhoof+10Howling Fjord7168