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Valiance Expedition
The main armies of the Alliance in Northrend, moving against the Scourge and unified under King Varian Wrynn's command.

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QuestReputationCategoryQuest LevelReq. LevelSide
Last Rites+500Borean Tundra7268
Ursoc, the Bear God+500Grizzly Hills7573
The Truth Shall Set Us Free+500Dragonblight7271
To Fordragon Hold!+500Dragonblight7371
Return To Angrathar+500Dragonblight7471
Reborn From The Ashes+500Dragonblight7471
Tirion's Gambit+500Icecrown8077
The Battle For The Undercity+500Dragonblight7471
Tirion's Gambit+500Icecrown8077
The Path to the Citadel+500Pit of Saron8078
Echoes of Tortured Souls+500The Forge of Souls8078
Wrath of the Lich King+500Halls of Reflection8078
Deliverance from the Pit+500Pit of Saron8078
Necro Overlord Mezhen+350Howling Fjord7268
The Frost Wyrm and its Master+350Howling Fjord7268
Stop the Ascension!+350Howling Fjord7268
All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!+350Howling Fjord7268
Alpha Worg+350Howling Fjord7169
Mission: Plague This!+350Howling Fjord7168
Demolishing Megalith+350Howling Fjord7269
It Goes to 11...+350Howling Fjord7168
The Slumbering King+350Howling Fjord7268
There Exists No Honor Among Birds+350Howling Fjord7168
Lightning Infused Relics+350Howling Fjord7168
The Delicate Sound of Thunder+350Howling Fjord7168
It Was The Orcs, Honest!+350Borean Tundra7269
Get Me Outa Here!+350Borean Tundra7269
Back to the Airstrip+350Borean Tundra7168
Deploy the Shake-n-Quake!+350Borean Tundra7168
Master and Servant+350Borean Tundra7168
Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty+350Borean Tundra7168
The Gearmaster+350Borean Tundra7268
Give Fizzcrank the News+350Borean Tundra7168
The High Cultist+350Dragonblight7271
A Possible Link+350Grizzly Hills7473
Leave Nothing to Chance+350Dragonblight7271
Steamtank Surprise+350Dragonblight7371
Wanted: Kreug Oathbreaker+350Dragonblight7471
Wanted: High Shaman Bloodpaw+350Dragonblight7471
Wanted: Onslaught Commander Iustus+350Dragonblight7471
The Chain Gun And You+350Dragonblight7371
My Old Enemy+350Dragonblight7371
Chasing Icestorm: Thel'zan's Phylactery+350Dragonblight7371
Frostmourne Cavern+350Dragonblight7371
Break the Blockade+250Howling Fjord7168
Scare the Guano Out of Them!+250Howling Fjord7169
Shoveltusk Soup Again?+250Howling Fjord7168
The Clutches of Evil+250Howling Fjord7168
[Temporarily Deprecated Awaiting a New Mob]Finlay Is Gutless+250Howling Fjord7168
Two Wrongs...+250Howling Fjord7168
One Size Does Not Fit All+250Howling Fjord7168
Mission: Eternal Flame+250Howling Fjord7168
Of Keys and Cages+250Howling Fjord7168
Dealing With Gjalerbron+250Howling Fjord7168
Gjalerbron Attack Plans+250Howling Fjord7268
In Service to the Light+250Howling Fjord7168
If Valgarde Falls...+250Howling Fjord7068
Rescuing the Rescuers+250Howling Fjord7068
Towers of Certain Doom+250Howling Fjord7168
Gruesome, But Necessary+250Howling Fjord7168
Burn Skorn, Burn!+250Howling Fjord7168
Prisoners of Wyrmskull+250Howling Fjord7068
Down to the Wire+250Howling Fjord7169
The Depths of Depravity+250Howling Fjord7168
Return to Valgarde+250Howling Fjord7168
The Yeti Next Door+250Howling Fjord7168
The Shining Light+250Howling Fjord7168
Dragonflayer Battle Plans+250Howling Fjord7068
Stunning Defeat at the Ring+250Howling Fjord7168
The Cleansing+250Howling Fjord7169
Mission: Package Retrieval+250Howling Fjord7168
I'll Try Anything!+250Howling Fjord7069
Into the World of Spirits+250Howling Fjord7168
The Echo of Ymiron+250Howling Fjord7168
Anguish of Nifflevar+250Howling Fjord7168
March of the Giants+250Howling Fjord7269
The Lodestone+250Howling Fjord7269
The One That Got Away+250Howling Fjord7168
The Path to Payback+250Howling Fjord7168
Locating the Mechanism+250Howling Fjord7168
Drop It then Rock It!+250Howling Fjord7168
Harpoon Master Yavus+250Howling Fjord7168
Sleeping Giants+250Howling Fjord7168
Daggercap Divin'+250Howling Fjord7168
Trust is Earned+250Howling Fjord7168
The Ransacked Caravan+250Howling Fjord7168
Falcon Versus Hawk+250Howling Fjord7168
Tools to Get the Job Done+250Howling Fjord7168
Out of My Element?+250Howling Fjord7068
We Can Rebuild It+250Howling Fjord7168
We Have the Technology+250Howling Fjord7168
Dirty, Stinkin' Snobolds!+250Borean Tundra7169
Just a Few More Things...+250Borean Tundra7169
Hah... You're Not So Big Now!+250Borean Tundra7169
Plan B+250Borean Tundra7169
Oh Great... Plagued Magnataur!+250Borean Tundra7168
There's Something Going On In Those Caves+250Borean Tundra7168
Rats, Tinky Went into the Necropolis!+250Borean Tundra7168
Might As Well Wipe Out the Scourge+250Borean Tundra7168
I'm Stuck in this Damned Cage... But Not For Long!+250Borean Tundra7268
What's the Matter with the Transmatter?+250Borean Tundra7168
Re-Cursive+250Borean Tundra7168
Scouting the Sinkholes+250Borean Tundra7168
Fueling the Project+250Borean Tundra7168
A Bot in Mammoth's Clothing+250Borean Tundra7168
A Little Bit of Spice+250Borean Tundra7168
Lupus Pupus+250Borean Tundra7168
Enemies of the Light+250Borean Tundra7168
The Hunt is On+250Borean Tundra7168
Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph C+250Borean Tundra7168
Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph D+250Borean Tundra7168
The Siege+250Borean Tundra7168
Death From Above+250Borean Tundra7168
Plug the Sinkholes+250Borean Tundra7168
It's Time for Action+250Borean Tundra7168
Fruits of Our Labor+250Borean Tundra7168
Take No Chances+250Borean Tundra7168
Buying Some Time+250Borean Tundra7268
Words of Power+250Borean Tundra7268
Surrounded!+250Borean Tundra7268
Finding the Phylactery+250Borean Tundra7168
Call to Arms!+250Borean Tundra7168
Repurposed Technology+250Borean Tundra7168
A Letter for Home+250Dragonblight7271
The Son of Karkut+250Borean Tundra7268
A Little Help Here? DEPRECATED+250Borean Tundra7268 
Strengthen the Ancients+250Dragonblight7271
DEPRECATED+250Borean Tundra7472 
Pest Control+250Dragonblight7372
Canyon Chase+250Dragonblight7372
DEPRECAED+250Borean Tundra7472 
The Liquid Fire of Elune+250Dragonblight7271
Kill the Cultists+250Dragonblight7271
Replenishing the Storehouse+250Grizzly Hills7473
Take Their Rear!+250Grizzly Hills7473
Eagle Eyes+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Failed World Tree+250Grizzly Hills7473
Secrets of the Flamebinders+250Grizzly Hills7473
Thinning the Ranks+250Grizzly Hills7473
Just Passing Through+250Grizzly Hills7373
Flight of the Wintergarde Defender+250Dragonblight7271
Shredder Repair+250Grizzly Hills7473
Vordrassil's Sapling+250Grizzly Hills7573
Vordrassil's Seeds+250Grizzly Hills7573
Rescue from Town Square+250Dragonblight7271
The Thane of Voldrune+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Fate of the Dead+250Dragonblight7271
Pieces Parts+250Grizzly Hills7473
Not In Our Mine+250Dragonblight7271
The Bleeding Ore+250Dragonblight7271
The Search for Slinkin+250Dragonblight7271
Imprints on the Past+250Dragonblight7271
Kick 'Em While They're Down+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Murkweed Elixir+250Dragonblight7271
The Forgotten Tale+250Dragonblight7271
Local Support+250Grizzly Hills7473
An Exercise in Diplomacy+250Grizzly Hills7473
Life or Death+250Grizzly Hills7473
Words of Warning+250Grizzly Hills7473
Escape from Silverbrook+250Grizzly Hills7473
A Swift Response+250Grizzly Hills7473
The Noble's Crypt+250Dragonblight7271
A Righteous Sermon+250Dragonblight7371
Blackriver Skirmish+250Grizzly Hills7473
Scattered To The Wind+250Dragonblight7371
Breaking Off A Piece+250Dragonblight7371
Plunderbeard's Journal+250Dragonblight7371
An End And A Beginning+250Dragonblight7371
What Secrets Men Hide+250Dragonblight7371
The Path of Redemption+250Dragonblight7371
King of the Mountain+250Icecrown8077
Assault by Ground+250Icecrown8077
Assault by Air+250Icecrown8077
Get the Message+250Icecrown8077
Capture More Dispatches+250Icecrown8077
Blood of the Chosen+250Icecrown8077
Fate, Up Against Your Will+250Dragonblight7471
A Royal Coup+250Dragonblight7471
Securing the Perimeter+250Icecrown Citadel8077
Sindragosa's Fall+250Icecrown8077
Escape from Silverbrook+250Grizzly Hills7473
And Then There Were Two...+150Howling Fjord7068
We Call Him Steelfeather+150Howling Fjord7068
The Late William Allerton+150Borean Tundra7168
In Wine, Truth+150Borean Tundra7168
A Soldier in Need+150Borean Tundra7168
Military? What Military?+150Borean Tundra7168
Reference Material+150Borean Tundra7168
Them or Us!+150Grizzly Hills7473
Doing Your Duty+150Grizzly Hills7373
Guided by Honor+75Howling Fjord7168
Absholutely... Thish Will Work!+75Howling Fjord7168
Lost and Found+75Borean Tundra7168
Cultists Among Us+75Borean Tundra7168
Pernicious Evidence+75Borean Tundra7168
Cultists Among Us+75Borean Tundra7168
Cowards and Fools+75Borean Tundra7168
Descent into Darkness+75Grizzly Hills7473
Mmm... Amberseeds!+75Grizzly Hills7373
Plunderbeard Must Be Found!+75Dragonblight7371
Northern Cooking+75Cooking 65
Northern Cooking+75Cooking 65
Knowledge is a Terrible Burden+75Icecrown8077
Exploiting an Opening+75Icecrown8077
Return to the Surface+75Icecrown8077
The Human League+25Howling Fjord7068
Zedd's Probably Dead+25Howling Fjord7068
To Westguard Keep!+25Howling Fjord7068
Outpost Over Yonder...+25Howling Fjord7168
A Deserter+25Borean Tundra7168
Further Investigation+25Borean Tundra7168
One Last Delivery+25Borean Tundra7168
Weapons for Farshire+25Borean Tundra7168
Thassarian, the Death Knight+25Borean Tundra7268
Report to Gryan Stoutmantle... Again+25Grizzly Hills7473
The Lost Courier+25Dragonblight7271
Orik Trueheart and the Forgotten Shore+25Dragonblight7271
Close the Deal+25Grizzly Hills7473
A Tentative Pact+25Grizzly Hills7473
Parting Thoughts+25Dragonblight7271
Secrets of the Scourge+25Dragonblight7371
Into Hostile Territory+25Dragonblight7371
Chasing Icestorm: The 7th Legion Front+25Dragonblight7371
The Hills Have Us+25Grizzly Hills7373
Gem Perfection+25Jewelcrafting 65
Gem Perfection+25Jewelcrafting 65
The Skybreaker+25Icecrown7977
Joining the Assault+25Icecrown8077
Preparations for War+25Icecrown8077
Hero's Call: Grizzly Hills+25Grizzly Hills7373 
Mage-Lieutenant Malister+10Howling Fjord7168
Report to Scout Knowles+10Howling Fjord7168
Operation: Skornful Wrath+10Howling Fjord7168
The Ring of Judgment+10Howling Fjord7168
Mission: Forsaken Intel+10Howling Fjord7168
You Tell Him ...Hic!+10Howling Fjord7168
Everything Must Be Ready+10Howling Fjord7068
Meet Lieutenant Icehammer...+10Howling Fjord7168
Let's Go Surfing Now+10Howling Fjord7168
The Explorers' League Outpost+10Howling Fjord7168
Problems on the High Bluff+10Howling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: Rocket Jumping+10Howling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: Collecting Data+10Howling Fjord7168
Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff+10Howling Fjord7168
News From the East+10Howling Fjord7168
Enlistment Day+10Borean Tundra7168
Check in With Bixie+10Borean Tundra7168
Let Bixie Know+10Borean Tundra7168
Distress Call+10Borean Tundra7168
The Mechagnomes+10Borean Tundra7168
Finding Pilot Tailspin+10Borean Tundra7168
A Time for Heroes+10Borean Tundra7168
The Ultrasonic Screwdriver+10Borean Tundra7168
Notify Arlos+10Borean Tundra7168
Farshire+10Borean Tundra7168
The Favor of Zangus+10Dragonblight7271
Of Traitors and Treason+10Dragonblight7271
High Commander Halford Wyrmbane+10Dragonblight7271
Naxxramas and the Fall of Wintergarde+10Dragonblight7271
Return to the High Commander+10Dragonblight7271
Understanding the Scourge War Machine+10Dragonblight7271
Of Traitors and Treason+10Dragonblight7271
High Commander Halford Wyrmbane+10Dragonblight7271
Find Durkon!+10Dragonblight7271
Mystery of the Tome+10Dragonblight7371
Understanding the Language of Death+10Dragonblight7371
A Disturbance In The West+10Dragonblight7271
To Stars' Rest!+10Dragonblight7271
Audience With The Dragon Queen+10Dragonblight7471
Speak with your Ambassador+10Dragonblight7271
Get to Ymirheim!+10Icecrown8077
The Killing Time+10Dragonblight7471
Hero's Call: Northrend!+10Borean Tundra7068
The Demo-gnome+5Dragonblight7271
The Return of the Crusade?0Dragonblight7371