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Sha'tari Skyguard
An airborne military force created by Shattrath City to deal with the threats that loom in the highest reaches of Outland.

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Reward from killing (22)Reward from (28)Members (22)Items (13)Criteria of (8)
Criteria of tree (11) Comments (New!) (133) Screenshots (New!) (4) Videos (New!) (1)
Terokk72A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+500
Darkscreecher Akkarai72A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+100
Karrog72A HGiantTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+100
Gezzarak the Huntress72A HBeastTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+100
Vakkiz the Windrager72A HBeastTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+100
Talonsworn Forest-Rager71 - 72A HElementalTerokkar Forest2.2.0 3+30
Skettis Eviscerator71 - 72A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 21+10
Skettis Sentinel71 - 72A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 21+10
Skettis Soulcaller70 - 71A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 25+10
Time-Lost Skettis Reaver70 - 71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 33+10
Time-Lost Skettis Worshipper70 - 71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 14+10
Skettis Time-Shifter71 - 72A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 27+10
Skettis Wing Guard70 - 71A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 67+10
Skettis Surger70 - 71A HElementalTerokkar Forest2.0.1 52+10
Talonpriest Zellek71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+10
Talonpriest Skizzik71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+10
Talonpriest Ishaal71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 1+10
Time-Lost Skettis High Priest71A HUndeadTerokkar Forest2.2.0 36+10
Skettis Windwalker70 - 71A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 42+10
Skettis Talonite70A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.0.1 10+10
Monstrous Kaliri70A HBeastTerokkar Forest2.2.0 30+10
Skettis Kaliri70A HBeastTerokkar Forest2.2.0 32+5