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Ashtongue Deathsworn
The elite of the Broken tribe known as the Ashtongue, officially aligned with Illidan. The Deathsworn are Akama's most trusted lieutenants and are privy to their leader's mysterious motivations.

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Reward from killing (70)Reward from (15)Members (1)Items (26)Criteria of (9)
Criteria of tree (12)Referenced by (1) Comments (New!) (43) Screenshots (New!) (3) Videos (New!) (1)
Gurtogg Bloodboil??A HBoss Black Temple2.1.2 1+250
Shade of Akama??A HBoss Black Temple2.2.0 1+250
Mother Shahraz??A HBoss Black Temple2.1.0 1+250
High Warlord Naj'entus??A HBoss Black Temple2.2.0 1+250
Essence of Anger??A HBoss 2.2.0 0+250
Supremus??A HBoss Black Temple2.2.0 1+250
Teron Gorefiend??A HBoss Black Temple2.1.0 1+250
Hand of Gorefiend72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 4+15
Illidari Nightlord72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Illidari Heartseeker71A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Illidari Fearbringer72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 4+15
Illidari Defiler71A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 7+15
Illidari Centurion72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 10+15
Illidari Boneslicer71A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 11+15
Illidari Battle-mage72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 6+15
Illidari Assassin72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 6+15
Illidari Archon72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 4+15
Illidari Blood Lord72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 8+15
Leviathan72A HBeast Black Temple2.2.0 4+15
Mutant War Hound71A HBeast Black Temple2.2.0 7+15
Spellbound Attendant70A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 1+15
Sister of Pleasure72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Sister of Pain72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Shadowmoon Weapon Master72A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+15
Shadowmoon Reaver72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 7+15
Shadowmoon Houndmaster71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 6+15
Shadowmoon Deathshaper72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Shadowmoon Champion72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 7+15
Shadowmoon Blood Mage72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 10+15
Promenade Sentinel72A HMechanical Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Priestess of Dementia72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 3+15
Priestess of Delight72A HDemon Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Wrathbone Flayer71A HUndead Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Flame of Azzinoth??A HBoss 2.2.0 0+15
Bonechewer Brawler71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Bonechewer Blood Prophet71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 8+15
Bonechewer Blade Fury72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 8+15
Bonechewer Behemoth72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 5+15
Ashtongue Stormcaller71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 6+15
Ashtongue Stalker71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Ashtongue Spiritbinder71A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+15
Ashtongue Primalist72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 7+15
Ashtongue Mystic71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 8+15
Ashtongue Feral Spirit70A HBeast Black Temple2.2.0 4+15
Ashtongue Defender72A HHumanoid 2.1.0 0+15
Ashtongue Battlelord72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 11+15
Aqueous Surger70A HElemental 2.2.0 0+15
Bonechewer Combatant71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Bonechewer Shield Disciple71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 8+15
Bonechewer Spectator71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 22+15
Enslaved Servant71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 6+15
Dragonmaw Wyrmcaller71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 12+15
Dragonmaw Wind Reaver71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 6+15
Dragonmaw Sky Stalker71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 21+15
Coilskar Wrangler71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 8+15
Aqueous Lord72A HElemental Black Temple2.2.0 4+15
Coilskar Soothsayer71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 2+15
Coilskar Sea-Caller71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 4+15
Coilskar Harpooner71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.2.0 3+15
Coilskar General71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 4+15
Bonechewer Taskmaster71A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 7+15
Shadowmoon Grunt72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 18+3
Aqueous Spawn70 - 72A HElemental Black Temple2.2.0 29+3
Temple Concubine70A HHumanoid 2.1.0 76+3
Storm Fury70A HElemental Black Temple2.2.0 2+3
Image of Dementia72A HHumanoid 2.2.0 0+3
Bonechewer Worker70A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 28+3
Charming Courtesan70A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 68+3
Shadowmoon War Hound71A HBeast Black Temple2.2.0 6+3
Shadowmoon Soldier72A HHumanoid Black Temple2.1.0 2+3