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Brewfest | Events list
Quick Facts
  • Start date: 19-09-2021 08:00:00
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Time left until start: 326.5 days
  • In progress: No

Brewfest, based on Oktoberfest, is a time to enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest! Players can acquire the Brewmaster title, mounts, toys and more.

NPCs (79)Gameobjects (78)Items (43)Achievements (1)Quests (50)
Comments (New!) (56) Screenshots (New!) (32) Videos (New!) (6)
Pink Elekk5A HBeastTerokkar Forest2.2.0 6
Scryer Reveler50A HHumanoidShattrath City2.3.0 10
Aldor Reveler1 - 60A HHumanoidShattrath City2.3.0 7
Keiran Donoghue
<Sausage Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.3.0 1
Barleybrew Apprentice
<Barleybrew Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidElwynn Forest2.3.0 3
Goldark Snipehunter65A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Wild Wolpertinger1A HBeastDurotar2.2.2 53
Brewfest Crowd1A HServer triggerDun Morogh2.2.2 6
Elwynn Pink Elekk5A HBeastElwynn Forest2.2.2 31
Thunderbrew Apprentice
<Thunderbrew Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidElwynn Forest2.3.0 3
Gordok Brew Apprentice
<Gordok Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes2.2.2 9
Anne Summers
<Cheese Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Arlen Lochlan
<Bread Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 2
Brother Cartwright
<Wine Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Teldrassil Pink Elekk100 - 101A HBeastDarnassus2.2.2 26
Azuremyst Pink Elekk5A HBeastThe Exodar2.2.2 27
Mulgore Pink Elekk5A HBeastThunder Bluff2.2.2 26
Tirisfal Pink Elekk5A HBeastTirisfal Glades2.2.2 25
Eversong Pink Elekk5A HBeastEversong Woods2.2.2 20
T'chali's Voodoo Brewery Apprentice
<Voodoo Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidThunder Bluff2.2.2 4
Neill Ramstein
<Ram Racing Master>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Uta Roughdough
<Bread Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Agnes Farwithers
<Cheese Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
<Sausage Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Suntouched Apprentice
<Wine Vendor>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Becan Barleybrew50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Daran Thunderbrew50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.3.0 1
Maeve Barleybrew
50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Ita Thunderbrew
50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.3.0 1
Gordok Brew Barker50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 3
Gordok Brew Chief50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 2
Drunken Brewfest Reveler50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 2
[DND] Brewfest Dark Iron Event Generator80A HServer triggerDurotar2.2.2 7
Gordok Festive Keg55A HUnspecifiedDun Morogh2.2.2 2
Belbi Quikswitch
<Token Redeemer>
65A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Brewfest Keg Move to Target80A HServer triggerDun Morogh2.2.2 6
Coren Direbrew101A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths2.2.2 1
Brewfest Target Dummy Move To Target190A HServer triggerDun Morogh2.2.2 4
[DND] Brewfest Barker Bunny 11A HServer triggerOrgrimmar2.3.0 2
[DND] Brewfest Barker Bunny 21A HServer triggerIronforge2.3.0 2
[DND] Brewfest Barker Bunny 31A HServer triggerOrgrimmar2.3.0 2
[DND] Brewfest Barker Bunny 41A HServer triggerIronforge2.3.0 1
Flynn Firebrew30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Drohn's Distillery Festive Keg1A HUnspecifiedDurotar2.2.2 1
T'chali's Voodoo Brew Festive Keg25A HUnspecifiedDurotar2.2.2 1
Racing Ram1 - 2A HBeastDun Morogh2.2.2 2
Swift Racing Ram1 - 2A HBeastDun Morogh2.2.2 3
Pol Amberstill
<Ram Racing Apprentice>
30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Brewfest Reveler50A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades2.2.2 147
Drohn's Distillery Barker50A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
T'chali's Voodoo Brewery Barker50A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Blix Fixwidget
<Token Redeemer>
65A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Ram Master Ray
<Ram Racing Master>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Cort Gorestein50A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Ja'ron50A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Drohn's Distillery Apprentice
<Drohn's Distillery Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidThunder Bluff2.2.2 5
Driz Tumblequick
<Ram Racing Apprentice>
30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Bok Dropcertain30A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Thunderbrew "Apprentice"
<Thunderbrew Brew Vendor>
50A HHumanoidShattrath City2.2.2 2
Glodrak Huntsniper65A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
Ipfelkofer Ironkeg
<Brewfest Organizer>
50A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.2.2 1
Tapper Swindlekeg
<Brewfest Organizer>
50A HHumanoidDurotar2.2.2 1
[DND] Brewfest Face Me Bunny1A HServer triggerDun Morogh2.2.2 4
Ilsa Direbrew
<Dark Iron Brewmaiden>
80A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths2.4.3 1
Direbrew Minion90A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths2.4.3 10
Ursula Direbrew
<Dark Iron Brewmaiden>
80A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths2.4.3 1
Boxey Boltspinner65A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.4.3 1
Bizzle Quicklift65A HHumanoidDurotar2.4.3 1
Larkin Thunderbrew
<Brew of the Month Club>
50A HHumanoidIronforge2.4.3 1
<Brew of the Month Club>
50A HHumanoidOrgrimmar2.4.3 1
Darna Honeybock
<Brewfest Agent>
70A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.4.3 1
Great Brewfest Kodo1A HBeastDurotar2.4.3 1
Dark Iron Brewer50A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths2.4.3 1
Slurpo Fizzykeg
<Brewfest Agent>
70A HHumanoidDurotar2.4.3 1
Battered Brewer
50A HHumanoidSilvermoon City4.0.1 12
Battered Brewmaster
50A HHumanoidDarnassus4.0.1 12
Victor's Point Wildhammer85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 18
Victor's Point Soldier85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.0.3 28
Brew Vendor
<Brew of the Month Club>
50A HHumanoidOrgrimmar6.1.0 2