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Midsummer Fire Festival | Events list
Quick Facts
  • Start date: 20-06-2020 10:01:00
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Time left until start: 114.7 days
  • In progress: No

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a time of merryment and festivities celebrating the hottest season of the year!

NPCs (168)Gameobjects (144)Items (11)Quests (236)Condition for (2)
Comments (New!) (35) Screenshots (New!) (15) Videos (New!) (3)
Ziggle Sparks
<Holiday Fireworks Vendor>
46A HHumanoidThe Cape of Stranglethorn1.11.1 1
Wizbang Booms
<Holiday Fireworks Vendor>
40A HHumanoidIronforge1.11.1 1
Kizzak Sparks
<Holiday Fireworks Vendor>
24A HHumanoidOrgrimmar1.11.1 1
Booty Bay Reveler1 - 60A HHumanoidThe Cape of Stranglethorn1.11.1 7
Orgrimmar Reveler42A HHumanoidOrgrimmar1.11.1 5
Midsummer Bonfire1A HServer triggerTeldrassil1.11.1 8
Midsummer Celebrant40 - 44A HHumanoidUldum1.11.1 405
Festival Flamekeeper60A HHumanoidTeldrassil1.11.1 9
Festival Loremaster60A HHumanoidStormwind City1.11.1 6
Festival Talespinner60A HHumanoidShattrath City1.11.1 8
Stormwind Firebreather1 - 60A HHumanoidStormwind City1.11.1 1
Orgrimmar Fireeater1 - 60A HHumanoidOrgrimmar1.11.1 2
Ironforge Firebreather1 - 60A HHumanoidIronforge1.11.1 3
Darnassus Firebreather1 - 60A HHumanoidTeldrassil1.11.1 2
Thunder Bluff Fireeater1 - 60A HHumanoidThunder Bluff1.11.1 1
Undercity Fireeater1 - 60A HHumanoidUndercity1.11.1 1
Ribbon Pole Debug Target1A HServer triggerDesolace1.11.1 11
Human Commoner1A HHumanoidStormwind City2.0.1 7
Blood Elf Commoner1A HHumanoidSilvermoon City2.0.1 21
Gnome Commoner1A HHumanoidIronforge2.0.1 4
Orc Commoner1A HHumanoidOrgrimmar2.2.2 5
Tauren Commoner1A HHumanoidThunder Bluff2.0.1 6
Troll Commoner1A HHumanoidOrgrimmar2.0.1 4
Goblin Commoner1A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.0.1 40
Exodar Firebreather1 - 60A HHumanoidThe Exodar2.1.2 1
Shattrath Firebreather1 - 60A HHumanoidShattrath City2.1.2 1
Luma Skymother
<The Earthen Ring>
76A HHumanoid The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
Numa Cloudsister1A HHumanoid The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
<The Frost Lord>
100A HElemental The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
Earthen Ring Flamecaller
<The Earthen Ring>
70 - 75A HHumanoid The Slave Pens2.4.0 3
Twilight Firesworn
<Twilight's Hammer>
20 - 21A HHumanoidAshenvale2.4.0 4
Twilight Flameguard
<Twilight's Hammer>
20 - 21A HHumanoidAshenvale2.4.0 4
Ashenvale Flame Warden40A HHumanoidAshenvale2.4.0 1
Ashenvale Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidAshenvale2.4.0 1
Arathi Flame Warden45A HHumanoidArathi Highlands2.4.0 1
Azuremyst Isle Flame Warden25A HHumanoidAzuremyst Isle2.4.0 1
Blade's Edge Flame Warden65A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.4.0 1
Blasted Lands Flame Warden50A HHumanoidBlasted Lands2.4.0 1
Bloodmyst Isle Flame Warden20A HHumanoidBloodmyst Isle2.4.0 1
Burning Steppes Flame Warden50A HHumanoidBurning Steppes2.4.0 1
Darkshore Flame Warden40A HHumanoidDarkshore2.4.0 1
Desolace Flame Warden45A HHumanoidDesolace2.4.0 1
Dun Morogh Flame Warden30A HHumanoidDun Morogh2.4.0 1
Duskwood Flame Warden40A HHumanoidDuskwood2.4.0 1
Dustwallow Marsh Flame Warden56A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.4.0 1
Elwynn Forest Flame Warden25A HHumanoidElwynn Forest2.4.0 1
Feralas Flame Warden65A HHumanoidFeralas2.4.0 1
Hellfire Peninsula Flame Warden60A HHumanoidHellfire Peninsula2.4.0 1
Loch Modan Flame Warden30A HHumanoidLoch Modan2.4.0 1
Nagrand Flame Warden70A HHumanoidNagrand2.4.0 1
Redridge Flame Warden30A HHumanoidRedridge Mountains2.4.0 1
Shadowmoon Valley Flame Warden70A HHumanoidShadowmoon Valley2.4.0 1
Teldrassil Flame Warden65A HHumanoidTeldrassil2.4.0 1
Terokkar Forest Flame Warden65A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.4.0 1
The Hinterlands Flame Warden45A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands2.4.0 1
Western Plaguelands Flame Warden65A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands2.4.0 1
Westfall Flame Warden30A HHumanoidWestfall2.4.0 1
Wetlands Flame Warden40A HHumanoidWetlands2.4.0 1
Zangarmarsh Flame Warden65A HHumanoidZangarmarsh2.4.0 1
Netherstorm Flame Warden70A HHumanoidNetherstorm3.3.3 1
Silithus Flame Warden67A HHumanoidSilithus2.4.0 1
Cape of Stranglethorn Flame Warden67A HHumanoidThe Cape of Stranglethorn2.4.3 1
Tanaris Flame Warden67A HHumanoidTanaris2.4.0 1
Winterspring Flame Warden67A HHumanoidWinterspring2.4.3 1
Netherstorm Flame Keeper70A HHumanoidNetherstorm2.4.0 1
Silithus Flame Keeper67A HHumanoidSilithus2.4.0 1
Cape of Stranglethorn Flame Keeper67A HHumanoidThe Cape of Stranglethorn2.4.0 1
Tanaris Flame Keeper67A HHumanoidTanaris2.4.0 1
Winterspring Flame Keeper67A HHumanoidWinterspring2.4.0 1
Arathi Flame Keeper45A HHumanoidArathi Highlands2.4.0 1
Twilight Speaker Viktor
<Twilight's Hammer>
22A HHumanoidAshenvale2.4.0 1
Badlands Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidBadlands2.4.0 1
Blade's Edge Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidBlade's Edge Mountains2.4.0 1
Burning Steppes Flame Keeper50A HHumanoidBurning Steppes2.4.0 1
Desolace Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidDesolace2.4.3 1
Durotar Flame Keeper30A HHumanoidDurotar2.4.0 1
Dustwallow Marsh Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidDustwallow Marsh2.4.3 1
Eversong Woods Flame Keeper25A HHumanoidEversong Woods2.4.0 1
Feralas Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidFeralas2.4.0 1
Ghostlands Flame Keeper30A HHumanoidGhostlands2.4.0 1
Hellfire Peninsula Flame Keeper60A HHumanoidHellfire Peninsula2.4.0 1
Hillsbrad Flame Keeper45A HHumanoidHillsbrad Foothills2.4.0 1
Mulgore Flame Keeper20A HHumanoidMulgore2.4.0 1
Nagrand Flame Keeper70A HHumanoidNagrand2.4.0 1
Shadowmoon Valley Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidShadowmoon Valley2.4.0 1
Silverpine Forest Flame Keeper25A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest2.4.0 1
Stonetalon Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains2.4.0 1
Swamp of Sorrows Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidSwamp of Sorrows2.4.0 1
Terokkar Forest Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidTerokkar Forest2.4.0 1
The Northern Barrens Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens2.4.0 1
The Hinterlands Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands2.4.0 1
Tirisfal Glades Flame Keeper25A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades2.4.0 1
Zangarmarsh Flame Keeper65A HHumanoidZangarmarsh2.4.0 1
Earthen Ring Totem20A HTotem The Slave Pens2.4.0 2
Fire Eater41A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds2.4.0 21
Shaman Bonfire Bunny 0001A HUnspecified The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
Shaman Bonfire Bunny 0011A HUnspecified The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
Shaman Bonfire Bunny 0021A HUnspecified The Slave Pens2.4.0 1
Master Fire Dancer1 - 60A HHumanoidUndercity2.4.0 3
Master Fire Eater63A HHumanoidTeldrassil2.4.0 4
Flame Eater59A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades2.4.0 24
Master Flame Eater61 - 64A HHumanoidOrgrimmar3.2.0 7
Midsummer Supplier64A HHumanoidTeldrassil2.4.0 4
Midsummer Merchant64 - 70A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades2.4.0 4
Earthen Ring Elder
<The Earthen Ring>
70A HHumanoidTeldrassil2.4.0 7
[DND] Midsummer Bonfire Faction Bunny - A1A HServer triggerDesolace3.3.3 4
[DND] Midsummer Bonfire Faction Bunny - H1A HServer triggerDesolace2.4.3 29
Summer Scorchling1A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms2.4.3 33
Festival Scorchling1A HElementalVale of Eternal Blossoms3.2.0 30
Borean Tundra Flame Warden72A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.3.3 1
Sholazar Basin Flame Warden78A HHumanoidSholazar Basin3.3.3 1
Dragonblight Flame Warden74A HHumanoidDragonblight3.3.3 1
Howling Fjord Flame Warden72A HHumanoidHowling Fjord3.3.3 1
Grizzly Hills Flame Warden75A HHumanoidGrizzly Hills3.3.3 1
Storm Peaks Flame Warden80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.3.3 1
Crystalsong Forest Flame Warden80A HHumanoidCrystalsong Forest3.3.3 1
Zul'Drak Flame Warden77A HHumanoidZul'Drak3.3.3 1
Borean Tundra Flame Keeper72A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.3.3 1
Sholazar Basin Flame Keeper78A HHumanoidSholazar Basin3.3.3 1
Dragonblight Flame Keeper74A HHumanoidDragonblight3.3.3 1
Howling Fjord Flame Keeper72A HHumanoidHowling Fjord3.3.3 1
Grizzly Hills Flame Keeper75A HHumanoidGrizzly Hills3.3.3 1
Storm Peaks Flame Keeper80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.3.3 1
Crystalsong Forest Flame Keeper80A HHumanoidCrystalsong Forest3.3.3 1
Zul'Drak Flame Keeper77A HHumanoidZul'Drak3.3.3 1
Earthen Ring Pathfinder
50A HHumanoidDarnassus3.3.3 4
Earthen Ring Scout
50A HHumanoidShattrath City3.3.3 7
Northern Stranglethorn Flame Warden30A HHumanoidNorthern Stranglethorn4.1.0 1
Azshara Flame Keeper45A HHumanoidAzshara4.1.0 1
Northern Stranglethorn Vale Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidNorthern Stranglethorn4.1.0 1
Badlands Flame Warden50A HHumanoidBadlands4.1.0 1
Southern Barrens Flame Warden40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.1.0 1
Southern Barrens Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens4.1.0 1
Stonetalon Mountains Flame Warden40A HHumanoidStonetalon Mountains4.1.0 1
Swamp of Sorrows Flame Warden40A HHumanoidSwamp of Sorrows4.1.0 1
Blasted Lands Flame Keeper50A HHumanoidBlasted Lands4.1.0 1
Western Plaguelands Flame Keeper40A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands4.1.0 1
Un'Goro Crater Flame Warden55A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.1.0 1
Un'Goro Flame Keeper45A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater4.1.0 1
Twilight Highlands Flame Warden83A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.1.0 1
Twilight Highlands Flame Keeper83A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.1.0 1
Uldum Flame Keeper83A HHumanoidUldum4.1.0 1
Uldum Flame Warden83A HHumanoidUldum4.1.0 1
Hyjal Flame Guardian83A HHumanoidMount Hyjal4.1.0 1
Vashj'ir Flame Guardian83A HHumanoidShimmering Expanse4.1.0 1
Deepholm Flame Guardian83A HHumanoidDeepholm4.1.0 1
Dread Wastes Flame Guardian89A HHumanoidDread Wastes5.4.2 1
Jade Forest Flame Guardian85A HHumanoidThe Jade Forest5.2.0 1
Krasarang Wilds Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidKrasarang Wilds5.4.0 1
Kun-Lai Summit Flame Guardian87A HHumanoidKun-Lai Summit5.4.0 1
Townlong Steppes Flame Guardian88A HHumanoidTownlong Steppes5.2.0 1
Valley of the Four Winds Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidValley of the Four Winds5.2.0 1
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Flame Keeper90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.2.0 1
Midsummer Reveler40 - 70A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.2.0 6
Vale of Eternal Blossoms Flame Warden90A HHumanoidVale of Eternal Blossoms5.2.0 1
Spires of Arak Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidSpires of Arak7.1.0 1
Talador Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidTalador7.1.0 1
Nagrand Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidNagrand7.1.0 1
Gorgrond Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidGorgrond7.1.0 1
Azsuna Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidAzsuna7.1.0 1
Val'Sharah Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidVal'sharah7.1.0 1
Highmountain Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidHighmountain7.1.0 1
Stormheim Flame Guardian86A HHumanoidStormheim7.1.0 1
Frostfire Ridge Flame Keeper90A HHumanoidFrostfire Ridge7.1.0 1
Shadowmoon Valley Flame Warden90A HHumanoidShadowmoon Valley7.1.0 1
Suramar Flame Keeper90A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 1
Suramar Flame Warden90A HHumanoidSuramar7.1.0 1
Torch Tossing1A HUnspecifiedTeldrassil 21