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Lunar Festival | Events list
Quick Facts
  • Start date: 09-02-2020 07:01:00
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Time left: 5 d, 5 h, 39 m, 49 s
  • In progress: Yes

The Lunar Festival celebration takes place among the druids of Moonglade, where large festival camps feature fireworks launchers, festive lanterns, and exotic beams of light capable of teleporting players to capital cities. The Lunar Festival is a reference to the Chinese New Year celebration, often called the Lunar New Year.

NPCs (100)Gameobjects (13)Items (1)Quests (104) Comments (New!) (38)
Screenshots (New!) (20) Videos (New!) (2)
Elder Morndeep60A HHumanoid Blackrock Depths1.12.1 1
Elder Splitrock60A HHumanoid Maraudon1.12.1 1
Elder Rumblerock60A HHumanoidBurning Steppes1.12.1 1
Elder Silvervein60A HHumanoidLoch Modan1.12.1 1
Elder Highpeak60A HHumanoidThe Hinterlands1.12.1 1
Elder Stonefort60A HHumanoid Blackrock Spire1.12.1 1
Elder Obsidian60A HHumanoidSilverpine Forest1.12.1 1
Elder Hammershout60A HHumanoidElwynn Forest1.12.1 1
Elder Bellowrage60A HHumanoidBlasted Lands1.12.1 1
Elder Darkcore60A HHumanoidUndercity1.12.1 1
Elder Stormbrow60A HHumanoidElwynn Forest1.12.1 1
Elder Snowcrown60A HHumanoidEastern Plaguelands1.12.1 2
Elder Ironband60A HHumanoidSearing Gorge1.12.1 1
Elder Graveborn60A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades1.12.1 1
Elder Goldwell60A HHumanoidDun Morogh1.12.1 1
Elder Primestone60A HHumanoidSilithus1.12.1 1
Elder Runetotem60A HHumanoidDurotar1.12.1 1
Elder Ragetotem60A HHumanoidTanaris1.12.1 1
Elder Stonespire60A HHumanoidWinterspring1.12.1 1
Elder Bloodhoof60A HHumanoidMulgore1.12.1 1
Elder Winterhoof60A HHumanoidThe Cape of Stranglethorn1.12.1 1
Elder Skychaser60A HHumanoidWestfall1.12.1 1
Elder Wildmane60A HHumanoid Zul'Farrak1.12.1 1
Elder Darkhorn60A HHumanoidOrgrimmar1.12.1 1
Elder Ezra Wheathoof60A HHumanoidThunder Bluff1.12.1 1
Elder Grimtotem60A HHumanoidFeralas1.12.1 1
Elder Windtotem60A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.12.1 1
Elder Thunderhorn60A HHumanoidUn'Goro Crater1.12.1 1
Elder Skyseer60A HHumanoidThousand Needles1.12.1 1
Elder Dawnstrider60A HHumanoidBurning Steppes1.12.1 1
Elder Dreamseer60A HHumanoidTanaris1.12.1 1
Elder Mistwalker60A HHumanoidFeralas1.12.1 1
Elder High Mountain60A HHumanoidSouthern Barrens1.12.1 1
Elder Windrun60A HHumanoidEastern Plaguelands1.12.1 1
Elder Starsong60A HHumanoid The Temple of Atal'Hakkar1.12.1 1
Elder Moonstrike60A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands1.12.1 1
Elder Bladeleaf60A HHumanoidTeldrassil1.12.1 1
Elder Starglade60A HHumanoidNorthern Stranglethorn1.12.1 1
Elder Moonwarden60A HHumanoidNorthern Barrens1.12.1 1
Elder Bladeswift60A HHumanoidDarnassus1.12.1 1
Elder Bladesing60A HHumanoidSilithus1.12.1 1
Elder Skygleam60A HHumanoidAzshara1.12.1 1
Elder Starweave60A HHumanoidDarkshore1.12.1 1
Elder Meadowrun60A HHumanoidWestern Plaguelands1.12.1 1
Elder Nightwind60A HHumanoidFelwood1.12.1 1
Elder Morningdew60A HHumanoidThousand Needles1.12.1 1
Elder Riversong60A HHumanoidAshenvale1.12.1 1
Elder Brightspear60A HHumanoidWinterspring1.12.1 1
Elder Farwhisper60A HHumanoid Stratholme1.12.1 1
Valadar Starsong
<Coin of Ancestry Collector>
55A HHumanoidMoonglade3.0.8 1
Elder Bronzebeard60A HHumanoidIronforge3.0.8 1
Lunar Festival Herald55A HHumanoidOrgrimmar3.0.8 2
Lunar Festival Emissary55A HHumanoidStormwind City3.0.8 1
Lunar Festival Harbinger55A HHumanoidStormwind City3.0.8 2
Lunar Festival Vendor55A HHumanoidOrgrimmar3.0.8 1
Darnassus Reveler1 - 60A HHumanoidTeldrassil1.11.1 3
Fariel Starsong
<Coin of Ancestry Collector>
60A HHumanoidMoonglade3.0.8 1
Blood Elf Commoner1A HHumanoidSilvermoon City2.0.1 21
Draenei Commoner1A HHumanoidThe Exodar2.0.1 16
Druman Shadowgrove
<Lunar Festival Herald>
30A HHumanoidThe Exodar2.0.1 1
Sinnea Starsong
<Lunar Festival Herald>
30A HHumanoidShattrath City2.0.1 1
Loirea Galerunner
<Lunar Festival Herald>
30A HHumanoidSilvermoon City2.4.0 1
Steel Gate Flying Machine70A HMechanicalHowling Fjord3.0.1 5
Elder Sardis80A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.0.8 1
Elder Beldak80A HHumanoidGrizzly Hills3.0.8 1
Elder Morthie80A HHumanoidDragonblight3.0.8 1
Elder Fargal80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.0.8 1
Elder Northal80A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.0.8 1
Elder Sandrene80A HHumanoidSholazar Basin3.0.8 1
Elder Thoim80A HHumanoidDragonblight3.0.8 1
Elder Arp80A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.0.8 1
Elder Wanikaya80A HHumanoidSholazar Basin3.0.8 1
Elder Lunaro80A HHumanoidGrizzly Hills3.0.8 1
Elder Bluewolf80A HHumanoidWintergrasp3.0.8 1
Elder Tauros80A HHumanoidZul'Drak3.0.8 1
Elder Graymane80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.0.8 1
Elder Pamuya80A HHumanoidBorean Tundra3.0.8 1
Elder Whurain80A HHumanoidGrizzly Hills3.0.8 1
Elder Skywarden80A HHumanoidDragonblight3.0.8 1
Elder Muraco80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.0.8 1
Elder Stonebeard80A HHumanoidThe Storm Peaks3.0.8 1
Elder Jarten80A HHumanoid Utgarde Keep3.0.8 1
Elder Nurgen80A HHumanoid Azjol-Nerub3.0.8 1
Elder Kilias80A HHumanoid Drak'Tharon Keep3.0.8 1
Elder Yurauk80A HHumanoid Halls of Stone3.0.8 1
Elder Igasho80A HHumanoid The Nexus3.0.8 1
Elder Ohanzee80A HHumanoid Gundrak3.0.8 2
Elder Chogan'gada80A HHumanoid Utgarde Pinnacle3.0.8 1
"Freezing the Pipes" Bunny 21A HServer triggerThousand Needles4.0.3 8
"Freezing the Pipes" Bunny 31A HServer triggerThousand Needles4.0.3 7
Lunar Festival Vendor55A HHumanoidStormwind City4.0.3 1
Elder Sekhemi85A HHumanoidUldum4.3.0 1
Elder Menkhaf85A HHumanoidUldum4.3.0 1
Elder Deepforge85A HHumanoidDeepholm4.3.0 1
Elder Stonebrand85A HHumanoidDeepholm4.3.0 1
Elder Darkfeather85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.3.0 1
Elder Firebeard85A HHumanoidTwilight Highlands4.3.0 1
Elder Windsong85A HHumanoidMount Hyjal4.3.0 1
Elder Evershade85A HHumanoidMount Hyjal4.3.0 1
Elder Moonlance85A HHumanoidVashj'ir4.3.0 3