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Hallow's End | Events list
Quick Facts
  • Start date: 17-10-2020 07:00:00
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Time left until start: 233.6 days
  • In progress: No

Hallow's End is a spooky celebration of the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge. This holiday is celebrated all across Azeroth with trick-or-treating, apple bobbing and more! This holiday is an in-game version Halloween, though it is not a one day only event.

NPCs (53)Gameobjects (248)Items (78)Quests (215)Condition for (23)
Comments (New!) (45) Screenshots (New!) (96) Videos (New!) (3)
Wickerman Guardian110A HUndeadTirisfal Glades1.12.1 5
Darkcaller Yanka60A HHumanoidTirisfal Glades1.12.1 2
Sergeant Hartman60A HHumanoidHillsbrad Foothills1.12.1 2
Katrina Shimmerstar
<Hallow's End Treats>
30A HHumanoidIronforge1.12.1 1
Rachelle Gothena
<Hallow's End Treats>
30A HHumanoidOrgrimmar1.12.1 1
Human Commoner1A HHumanoidStormwind City2.0.1 7
Blood Elf Commoner1A HHumanoidSilvermoon City2.0.1 21
Draenei Commoner1A HHumanoidThe Exodar2.0.1 16
Headless Horseman - Fire (DND)65A HServer triggerAzuremyst Isle3.2.2 13
Headless Horseman112A HUnspecified Scarlet Monastery2.3.0 1
Headless Horseman Flame Bunny65A HServer triggerElwynn Forest3.2.2 2
Touring Orphan1 - 3A HHumanoidAzuremyst Isle2.3.0 4
Traveling Orphan2A HHumanoidEversong Woods2.3.0 4
Masked Orphan Matron12A HHumanoidDurotar2.3.0 2
Costumed Orphan Matron12A HHumanoidElwynn Forest2.3.0 2
Orc Commoner1 - 60A HHumanoidDurotar3.0.2 1
Celestine of the Harvest40A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
Wickerman Reveler80A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 3
Gretchen Fenlow31A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
Keira40A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
[DND] Wickerman Quest Credit1A HServer triggerElwynn Forest5.4.2 1
<Mask Vendor>
1A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
Gertrude Fenlow31A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
<Wand Vendor>
1A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
<Candy & Toy Vendor>
1A HHumanoidElwynn Forest4.2.2 1
<Wand Vendor>
1A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
<Candy & Toy Vendor>
1A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
<Mask Vendor>
1A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
Candace Fenlow31A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
Crina Fenlow31A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
Anson Hastings85A HHumanoidStormwind City4.2.2 2
Hired Courier35A HHumanoidStormwind City4.2.2 1
Sanath Lim-yo
<Servant of Archmage Xylem>
50A HHumanoidStormwind City4.2.2 2
Hudson Barnes
<Archaeology Student>
40A HHumanoidStormwind City4.2.2 1
Edgar Goodwin40A HHumanoidOrgrimmar4.2.2 1
Hired Courier35A HHumanoidDurotar4.2.2 1
Delian Sunshade
<The Reliquary>
25A HHumanoidOrgrimmar4.2.2 1
Arachnis100A HUndeadFrostwall6.2.2 28
Izzy Hollyfizzle
<Events Coordinator>
100A HHumanoidLunarfall6.2.2 2
Captain Bonerender100A HUndeadShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 1
Salty Dreg100A HUndeadShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 35
Brackish Cultivator100A HUndeadShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 32
Growing Squashling100A HElementalShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 26
Boneship Reveler100A HUndeadShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 27
Orukan100A HHumanoidLunarfall6.2.2 2
Dread Fertilizer100A HUnspecifiedShadowmoon Valley6.2.2 30
Spectral Spinner1A HWild PetLunarfall6.2.2 38
Ghastly Rat1A HWild PetFrostwall6.2.2 140
Ghost Maggot1A HWild PetLunarfall6.2.2 24
<Pet Vendor>
1A HHumanoidElwynn Forest7.1.0 1
<Pet Vendor>
1A HHumanoidSilvermoon City7.1.0 1
Hag of the Crooked Tree110A HHumanoidVal'sharah7.1.0 1
Duroc Ironjaw110A HHumanoidDalaran7.1.0 1