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REALM: Genesis

You got here because you want to know informations about a specific item, quest, spell, object or NPC. Use the links below to get the exact specific info you are looking for. Informations are read directly from WoW Freakz database and are 100% correct for WoW Freakz realms

Item Finder - Shows from where you can get a specific item
NPC Finder - Shows the exact location on the map of any NPC ingame, plus detailed info about it
Object Finder - Shows the exact location on the map of any object ingame
Spells - Shows spells basic info and comprehensive mechanics
Quest Helper - Shows where to start/end a quest and what quest chains need to be done
Zone finder - Shows all spawns for a specific zone
Factions - Shows all factions and info about them
Currencies - Shows all currencies from game and what to do with them

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